Monday, December 5, 2016


The far right is becoming more and more unstable. Recount efforts continue and the Trumpians are going hog wild over it. Nevermind the fact that the if Trump has lost (and might actually did lose) these same people would be screaming RIGGED at the top of their lungs and demanding the whole election be questioned. So because your guy won everything is fine? Please. Even if Hillary had won I still would have wanted a recount because I don't trust the election process for decades now. This latest round didn't make me feel any better.
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On top of that, we have an insane idea that a child porn ring was being run out of pizza shop called Comet Ping Pong Pizza in DC that got WAY too much fake news press. This is the fake news the MSM is clamoring about and with good reason: it's totally untrue. Yesterday, a nutbag with an automatic weapon went to said pizza place, intent on "self investigating" said stupid claims about horrors that took place in a mysterious back room that does not exist. This story was everywhere for weeks but, oddly, has since seen a lot of sites remove them after this loon decided to act retarded and terrify innocent people just wanting a slice of pizza. He was, of course, arrested.

This all started because some people thought John Podesta ordered a lot of pizza which some losers decided was code for kiddie porn/rape. Or they like pizza. Which is more likely? This story shows how fake news can get out of hand and why it needs to be stopped. The MSM is just as guilty of misreporting the news because they refuse to acknowledge that things like the unemployment rate and inflation are total lies even though, if they wanted to, could investigate this and discover, like many of us, that the numbers don't match. Instead, they toe the party line and lie to us which is making this country believe nonsense like pizzagate.

There is also some good evidence that this election may have been stolen again by ruthless individuals intent on changing this country to fascist one instead. Thank God Pence reiterated Trump's pledge to not cut Medicare or Social Security which House Republicans are already deciding how to eviscerate. This is why Trump in office scares me less than someone like Ted Cruz who would have definitively destroyed the entitlement programs, at the risk of losing a lot of support from older Americans, as Bush did in 2005 when he tried that to disastrous results when many in his party abandoned the idea when their constituents screamed bloody murder about it. Chuck Schumer reveled in them cutting these programs as it would almost certainly lead to a bloodbath in 2018, which may be in the cards depending on how badly the GOP fucks everything up between now and then. Health care is going to skyrocket in price if they do what they say they are going to do, making many miss Obamacare when twenty million people have no health care, prices skyrocket because only sick people are on it, and hundreds of thousands die. Hope you guys have good protection and life insurance because a third of this unstable, over armed country are going to be PISSED when someone they love dies because of lack of health care, care they once had under Obama. Good luck guys.
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But back to the election, a combination of voter fraud, voter suppression and the FBI may have helped tip this election in Trump's favor. There are allegations that Trump votes were counted twice in some Wisconsin counties, rigged or hacked voting booths and the fact that some counties had more people vote than lived there and all voted for Trump. That is exactly what happened in 2004 in Ohio which three people went to jail over. Good luck finding out about that because most of it has been scrubbed from the Internet. I had to find it on a local paper's archived site. But it did happen as much as the Powers that Be don't want it to.

In true fascism, major media was ridiculed, religion used a weapon and a new group of brownshirts has arisen to champion Trump and super racist beliefs. We saw this type of theft in 2000 as well when the Supreme Court gave the presidency to Bush, even though two justices, Scalia and Thomas, should have recused themselves for conflict of interest. Funny again how Republicans bitch to high heaven when a liberal judge doesn't step aside but says boo when their own guy does far worse. Because of 2010, when people flipped out over Obamacare, which was poorly sold to a skeptical public, and gave the House right back to the GOP, who proceeded to gerrymander districts to unelectable proportions. They spent the last eight years undermining Obama at every instance, a method that seemed to have worked as they now occupy all branches of government again. The last two times this occurred, the country was sent into a tailspin something fierce. If you think that will change, don't. Signs already point to an epic failure sooner than later with tax cuts, tax breaks and an unworkable economic pattern. You voted for these idiots.

The FBI helped when Comey sent that stupid letter eight days before the election which had undecided voters break for Trump nine of ten times. Rumor is Giuliani used the NY FBI office to hound Comey and others, which may have resulted in this outcome. That guy is a loon by the way.
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We know from the exit results that Trump won in 13 of 23 states by a margin wider than the margin of error should allow. A few states, like NJ, WI and NC, were off the charts on how much they missed the mark, by over ten percent. Now this should make the FBI automatically investigate as there is obvious problems, but they are nowhere to be seem, probably because they are in the back pocket of the GOP. Thus the reason for the recount, which our press has ignored problems with and the right calls a "scam." There is good reason to believe either our voting is problematic or our exit polling is. Either way, this needs to be fixed once and for all. Germany had so many problems with their electronic voting they banned it as of 2009. Why can't we do the same?

There is a lot of evidence that this election was indeed stolen. Why is it so hard to accept that a recount is in all our best interests? I don't want Hillary anymore than the rest of you. But if it was stolen from her, shouldn't that matter?

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