Thursday, June 16, 2016


Lately, the far left is making me just as angry as the far right. The far right is still harping about background checks, immigration, health care and anti-gay nonsense. Unfortunately, the far left is turning that same corner from reasonable demands to batshit, crazy ones.

Take the Daily Show. I have been watching that show religiously since Craig Kilbourne hosted way back in the 1790's. Last night might be my last show. It started with the only two white performers with a very unfunny bit about how white people will decide the upcoming election. That has been the way of the world since the country was first founded. We are a white majority country. Even if Hispanics become the dominant race as some studies say, they will be mostly white-Hispanic as that's where the demographics lie. George Zimmerman, to use a lousy yet accurate portrayal, is a good example of that. Where is the humor in telling white people that our opinions suck, just because some like Trump over Hillary and not without good reason? I may not agree with voting for Trump but I sure as hell understand. Then, the next bit after that was about Alabama and the corrupt assholes they have at the top of the heap in government there. Nothing about race there right? Nope, Roy Wood went off about he was so happy white people were involved and not black because you know, Alabama. ENOUGH WITH THE RACE BATING!

I'd rather watch John Oliver, Sam Bee and the far superior Larry Wilmore, who is black and even when talking about race, isn't beating it over my head. White people are the dominant race here. If black people don't like it, go back to Africa. No one is keeping you here, Slavery ended. So either shut the fuck up about this nonsense of get to what the real problems are. And that is not to say that black people do not have real problems as they do. But telling me over and over it's all whiteys fault is getting old fast.

A few weeks back they did a different bit that was all pro-Hillary and anti-Bernie and even the audience didn't find it that funny. This show needs a shake up because it's ratings are going to slide.

Then there is the fact that few black people, not even Larry Wilmore, seem to understand the level of racism coming from the black community. When that gorilla was shot at the zoo a few weeks ago, lefty black racists went nuts saying if the kid had been black they never would have shot he gorilla and that "white privledge" was to blame somehow unaware that the kid in question WAS BLACK. Oops. Now we have these same losers crowing over the fact that the poor two year old who got eaten by an alligator was white. What kind of asshole is happy when someone of a different race dies? Racist ones. I am hard pressed to find to any tweets where white people are high fiving each other over the latest black child killed in a crossfire in Chicago. Quite the opposite actually. So why are black people doing it with immunity?

There is a great video out there where a 16 year high school student and a BLM supporter are getting into an argument over Trump. Both are black but the fact that the BLM supporter is twice his age shows that not all Millennials are stupid but most BLM people are. The BLM guy calls Trump's wife an illegal alien, which she isn't and is called out on it. Then a white woman comments that Trump kicks black people out of his rallies. The young man correctly says that he does that to white people too. After being asked to show any proof that Trump is racist toward black people, the lefty crowd had no answer because he isn't. Toward Mexicans yes. Black people not so much. Then the discussion turns to white cops shooting black people in mass numbers before the Trump supporter corrects him in that twice as many white people are killed every year than black. So those lives DON'T matter I guess to the black community. This is why I understand why some are voting for Trump. He may be a loon and totally unqualified for the job but his opponent is not much better. We choose again between stupid and evil and both suck. I'll choose evil most likley, but I also know I am setting myself up to fail if I do. Jail time awaits when copyrights protection for journalists disappear as seen overseas with similar laws.

Then we have a Professor from UMass Dartmouth, Jack Strauder, who says he has traveled the globe and has "discovered" socialism doesn't work and people who want socialistic ideas, like Bernie Sanders, are setting us up to fail. And what countries did he visit? Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, Eastern Europe and the like. Thanks for that update Captain Obvious but what Sanders is proposing isn't pure socialism, which definitely does not work, but a hybrid of the two which does. What a dick and the fact he is professor says lots about why our kids are growing up stupid.

And look what PC nonsense has gotten us: at least a couple of terrorist attacks that never should have happened. The latest one was a psycho who was reported by multiple co-workers and an ex-wife to be mentally unstable and the security company did nothing because he was Muslim and didn't want to be branded racist. WTF?

On CNN the other day, former CIA head Michael Hayden said as much. He noted that the Fort Hood Shooter was known for having extremist views within the military but they did nothing because he was a Muslim. Are you kidding me? So a bunch of people died because you didn't want to be accused of racism? Unbelievable. Tell that to the spouses and children of the soldiers this fuckhead killed. He also noted that ISIS reach has not been curtailed because we refuse to see this as a war. We keep hearing about not being "disrespectful" to Muslims by the DHS, but in doing so are not keeping this country safe. Omar Matten should never have gotten a legal gun ever. The wife of the San Bernadino shooter should never have been allowed in this country. The Tsarnaev brothers should have been watched much closer and weren't. Why? Because we don't want to be seen as racist country. Well that and a pack of smokes will give you lung cancer.

More attacks are coming and I don't need to be Donald Trump to know that. The issue is if just one idiot does something stupid which could be anything from a WMD somewhere on Earth to the death of one man, like the Pope, and there will be no safe place for any Muslim, including the innocent and I definitely do not want that. But the possibility exists. So unless we are willing to start treating this like a war, we face the possibility of a choice. Millions dead or billions if we do nothing. Start taking out cities were terrorist groups have control. Tell Muslim nations to stop with the anti-American nonsense coming out of their governments or face our wrath. Get rid of the Geneva Convention which seems to only apply to NATO. Will this attract more terrorists? Unlikely, if they keep dying. We keep fighting wars because there is too much money being made by it. If we can end a war, like Afghanistan which has gone on for a mind boggling 15 years, think of the money we can save and the American troops no longer in harms way. I know people who have been there. They all say the same thing: It's pointless as there is no clear path to victory.

Let's end these pointless wars and use that money to help those who need it here. And if millions have to die for that, so be it. It's far better than the genocide coming otherwise.

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