Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Another week, another mass shooting. And yet again, we hear the same familiar rumblings. Get rid of guns. Ban all Muslims. Neither of these ideas are any good. So what can we do to fix anything? Here are some simple ideas.

1)Increase background checks- If we had better background checks, almost none of the past shooters would have had access to guns if we had these systems in place because they were known loons. Other than Adam Lanza who stole the guns from his idiot mother, few would have gotten them as they were insane lunatics and left a trail that said just that. It doesn't help that the FBI seems incapable of determining who is dangerous and who isn't as at least three of the past Muslim shooters were all investigated and cleared by the FBI beforehand. Oops. Anyone under suspicion of terrorism by the FBI ever should at least get an alert to authorities that these people are buying guns and new investigations should take place. We need one system that is as thorough as possible. And unlike the NRA who killed this previous bill, anyone on the terror watch list should be BANNED from gun ownership. What a bunch of dorks.

2)Start watching ALL mosques- There should be an FBI agent in every mosque in the country. This is not profiling, it's common sense. Two psychos came out of the same mosque in Florida which should be a red flag for anyone involved. If any Imam is preaching a sermon of hate, he should be replaced by any means possible with another who preaches a more peaceful sermon. They did it on Game of Thrones for God's sake this week and it worked. I know it is just a TV show, but they are also not wrong. Muslims can still be free to worship as they like and they should be able to, but we should also keep an eye out for any troublemakers. Free speech does not cover terrorism.

3)Free mental health services- Our mental health network is nonexistent. What we need to do is screen everyone for serious mental health issues. Anyone diagnosed with being seriously bi-polar, schizophrenic or the like, gets a mandatory trip to a psychiatrist, for free, once or twice a month. That same person will take a drug test each time to prove he is taking the necessary medications. If he isn't, he gets a free one month stay minimum in a mental health facility until he or she is deemed fit for society. This continues forever. This way we don't have dangerous people walking the street and we aren't throwing the sick in prison which is what we do now. That isn't working. Florida recently passed a bill that gives greater access to mental health which has caused their prison population to plummet by 80% for the mentally ill. If Florida can do it, so can we.

4)End the drug war- The main reason we have so many shootings is the drug war. We can end it today if we want. First, legalize pot and hash and the like. Second, decriminalize everything else. Portugal did it a decade ago and the drug usage has dropped dramatically. Third, make heroin free. I know that sounds nuts but it is being used overseas with tremendous results. It destroys any profit for it, killing the drug trade. It ends people stealing for the drug. It frees up prison space. And best of all, no one dies from it. What they are doing is setting up clinics were addicts get free heroin, a safe place to shoot up, doctors and nurses there to prevent overdoses and best of all, free treatment for anyone who wants off. The results are staggering, showing a massive decrease in heroin addiction. The drug trade ends if we do this and we save hundreds of billions wasted on a operation that has been a proven failure. How long do we continue down a path with no end?

5)Severely penalize anyone using a gun for a crime- If you shoot someone and they die, like a convenience store worker, while robbing them, you get the death penalty. And if there is not doubt you did it, you don't get more than a couple appeals before you get a bullet in the back of your head. Televise it. I guarantee after a few rounds of that, shootings will drop dramatically. Make the punishment so severe, no one wants to do it anymore. The free prison space from no longer jailing the insane or drug users will allow for much longer prison sentences for those we should be keeping in prison.

Start with these common sense ideas and watch our crime rate plummet.

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