Monday, May 30, 2016


It was quite the toss up this week with both front runners doing real damage to themselves. Trump showed himself to be a flip floppy coward, just what America needs for their leader, while Hillary demonstrated that every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Can we have a do over because these two will kill us all. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Bill Cosby- The greatest serial rapist in American history will now face trial for his crimes finally. The former funny man is still claiming it was consensual ignoring the fact that the victim is obviously and vocally gay, not to mention that he has admitted in previous court cases he drugged and raped women. What a pig. I hope he gets ten years. Will he tell convicts to pull up their pants then?

9)Dylann Storm Roof- The spree killer of a bunch of innocent church goers in South Carolina was told this week that the state will be seeking the death penalty. Good. This racist prick deserves to be hung from the tallest tree. And if he was going to be all big and brave, shouldn't he have gone into the inner city and shot at drug dealers and gang bangers? But no, instead he went and killed people who appeared to be pillars of society who juts happened to be black and, of course, unarmed. What an asshole.

8)Ken Starr/Bank of America investigations- The former prosecutor had a bad week when he was forced to step down as President of Baylor university for failure to investigate sex crimes by the football team. However, he is still a law professor there and will transition to "chancellor," a position he has held in the past. Yeah, that will teach him. Meanwhile Bank of America was given a reprieve on the billion dollar payout for mortgage fraud because some douchebag judge said the fraud happened so long ago, it didn't matter any more. What a fuckwad. This is what passes for justice in this country now. If you are rich and powerful, you can kill someone and get away with it. Just ask Robert Durst, OJ Simpson, or Robert Blake about that. And if you are a corporation, you have card blanche to run rampant over existing laws with impunity. Welcome to Amerika.

7)Debbie Wasserman Shultz- This fucking bitch better be on the unemployment line come November. What total retard is voting for this cunt? She is a corporatist to the highest level, has done a crapjob as the head of the DNC and is single handedly going to give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton. It is because of her that the exit polls are so far off as she is conspiring to rig the election in her favor and Hillary. Fellow harpy Claire McCaskill needs to go as well with her support for the powers that be as seen in recent interviews. Why are so many female politicians in the Senate corrupt as hell? The only people I can think of off the top of my head who aren't are Liz Warren and Kristen Gillibrand. The rest suck hard.

6)Chris Kyle- The war hero and subject of American Sniper was revealed to be something of a fraud after parts of his biography came into question. Now while he did indeed some medals for his valor, he claimed to win more than he actually did. This is inexplicable. Why lie about having more medals than you earned, especially when something like that can so easily be checked? Even his fellow soldiers were surprised by this as it made no sense. What a way to ruin your legacy by falling to tell the truth about something so inconsequential. Hillary should be studying this as to how NOT to lie. She could use some help in that department.

5)Bob McDonald- How is it possible that everytime someone gets a primo job to help fix the country, they immediately show they have no business being there. This week, the guy hired to fix the VA compared long wait lines to Disneyland and how no one complains about that. Apparently, he hasn't been to Disneyland mid-summer with five kids? And no one who is waiting for a ride at Disney is trying not to die at the same time. Unless they are going on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups which may be the most vomit inducing ride I have ever been on. Are we getting dumber as a species or am I evolving beyond human understanding?

4)Austria Elections- Once again, exit polls show that the far right leader may have actually won in recent elections. Just like places like Ohio in 2004 or 2016 in Arizona for the Democratic primaries, thousands of non existent voters were added at the last minute to tip the scales for the other candidate. And just like here, few said boo about it. Unlike here, the loser is fighting about, accusing the government of fraud. Expect the same outcome when Trump loses and he tries to expose the whole process as corrupt and illegal. Either he gets eliminated in an "accident," or mass rioting as people figure out their vote doesn't matter. Either way, expect mucho trouble.

3)Katie Couric- Proving my utter disdain for MSM, Couric got caught red handed editing footage to change the outcome of the story. In her new anti-gun piece, she asked a group of gun owners how they would prevent guns from falling into the hands of criminals and terrorists without background checks. In the finished video, everyone seems to be humming and hawing about that. But the raw footage shows that they all immediately came up with answers, none of which made the final cut. This is yellow journalism and it is all we have anymore. Couric should be fired for this crap and I think background checks are a good idea. I just don't want idiots like her convincing others that they aren't.

2)Donald Trump- This week, Orange Clown Von Fuckstick backed out of a debate with Bernie because chickenshit is a coward. He knows he'd get clobbered by Bernie and ran away with the tail between his legs. Is this really the guy you want as president? He further went on to say behind closed doors he wants to get rid of Social Security, which is the exact opposite he says publicly. If he is looking to get shot by an angry populace, join with the Republican party and do just that. Neither he, nor anyone who signs that bill will survive the week when angry American decide enough is enough. This is a recipe for war. Go ahead, Try it and see what happens you human traffic cone. His numbers with Hispanics, blacks and women are deep underwater and I still have a hard time believing anyone other than white males will vote for him. Unless of course....

1)Hillary Clinton- What a giant twat this woman is. She has turned yet another minor scandal into a giant deal by her utter inablity to speak the truth at any point of her life. The email thing, like Benghazi, is made up of nothing, yet somehow she keeps these things alive by her own hand. This week, she went on a full court press with the media about how everything was above board and approved, knowing full well that the inspector general report from the State Department said the exact opposite. It's one thing to lie when you have cover. It's another to lie when the facts say otherwise and everyone knows it. Are we determined to have yet another pathological liar like Obama in office? And our other choice is a racist tangerine? Is there any way to move to the Moon? This woman is terrible and a pox on any of her supporters. She will sell us out first chance she gets and again, I expect a lot of gun toting patriots to take aim at her if she does the damage I expect her to. So this is what it comes to: two assholes who will ruin the world in far different ways but both equally awful. We are so screwed. And we deserve it. We let this happen and are continuing to do so. If Hillary and her cronies weren't so obviously going to steal the election, I might be worried about Trump. But she will won't be any better. With the Libertarians nominating Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the GOP stands to lose maybe as much as 10% of the vote. Bill Kristol says he is still shopping around for a third party candidate as well. Will the democrats run a third party person to? Unlikely as they still have that Ralph Nader taste in their mouth that gave us W. So chances are still likely that this bitch will be our next president and, most likely, our last. So congratulations to Hillary and her idiot supporters, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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  1. Yes our whole government is corrupt it's been that way for years what's happening now is they're finally being exposed and the people are only going to put up with so much before the Revolution starts we are not afraid to die for what we believe in truth honor and integrity to which our Administration and the current candidates do not hold we will not let the Muslims take over our country try to go to Saudi Arabia and build a Christian Church try to go anywhere in those third-world shithole countries and build any kind of Christian Church they will kill you dead yet here in America we build mass like there grocery stores on every corner and we don't monitor them and then we wonder why these terrible things happen in our country Trump may be just as bad as any other candidate but he's the lesser of two evils the problem with Hillary and these candidates and all people in power as they get away with bloody murder these are nasty evil people who think they are above the law and approved so far they are they have fooled the political system they are fooling the legal system and they feel that jaded nincompoop average person that runs around with the head up their ass the average person runs around with the head so far up their ass they can't see in front of themselves they live in their own little private Idaho's and don't care about anything except themselves this is human greed at its highest point and these polls that they stayed put out numbers on who's what and what's what is bullshit if these assholes walked around to the average person on the street they would find out that Hillary Clinton is a major douche bag and nobody likes her or that other douche bag Bill Clinton how can you vote for somebody whose husband fucked everything with the skirt in the White House no more Clinton regime no more free rides college should not be free you should pay your way you cheap bastards quit taking food stamps get a fucking job or go jump off a fucking cliff to many people use the government as a free ride