Sunday, May 15, 2016


If you ever wanted proof the GOP has no direction beyond that which way the wind blows, the Republican party went from "Over my dead body will I vote for Trump," to "Better him than Hillary." On this point I do not disagree as I find her almost as reprehensible as Trump. However, as I have stated for decades when voting, always pick evil over stupid. Stupid gave us Bush for eight years and look how that turned out. And while Trump is not stupid per se (he is very bright about a lot of things), he also has zero experience in government which is way different than running business. This week was just a taste of what he can expect under the intense spotlight of a presidential run and it has not been pretty. And we are just getting started. Let's see those runner ups in a very busy week for assholes.

10)States against Transgenders- This week Obama put a smackdown on religious bigotry and told every state that all public schools have to accommodate transgender students. You would have thought he raped someone's kid for all the vitriol he got for that. Pat McCory had a fit, Texas' Lt Governor said he would rather eat sand than do what the President asked and that was just a few of the choice words headed his way from intolerance gone mad. This was never a problem, like voter fraud, and is being used to pump us the right's idiot voters who hate gay people, probably because a lot of them harbor secret gay feelings and hate themselves for it. Every state stands to lose billions, and hundreds of thousands of jobs if they don't do as they are told. Republicans had no problem watching Ronald Reagan do the same thing to states that refused to follow his agenda, but now since President Blackenstein is running amok, it's a problem. Transgender people are people. Never forget that.

9)George Zimmerman- God I hate this man. I hate having to defend such a giant dick who was legally acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Since then, he has numerous run ins with the law, including a battery charge against a former girlfriend, which begs the question, who is dating this guy? Is your self esteem that low? This week, dumbass put up his gun he used to kill Martin with for auction. Now while he has every right to sell his possessions as he sees fit, this was so provocative it's hard to fathom. Just to add more fuel to the fire, the most hated man in America, Martin Skrelli, has offered to buy the gun as well. If we figure out a way to get OJ Simpson or Charles Manson involved, we'd have quite the trifecta. GO AWAY ZIMMERMAN. At least Casey Anthony had the good sense to stay out of sight. Follow her example and slither under some rock already.

8)Trayvon Martin apologists- Since Zimmerman has crawled out his hole to show his face once again, the internet trolls against Zimmerman have also surfaced. Recently seen in Beyonce's latest video, Martin is once again back in the spotlight as America's idiocy is put under full display. The left, much like the right, likes to misrepresent what actually happened, especially in this case. I followed every aspect of this case and wrote about it for the newspaper I worked at at the time. There is NO aspect of it I don't know. And the evidence strongly points to Martin attacking Zimmerman, and not vice versa as the left keeps telling us. Zimmerman is a dick. He's also not guilty of murder. Get over it. If you can prove different have at it. But I almost 100% certain such evidence does not exist.

7)Greece- Greece voted for a government that was going to alleviate austerity programs and bring stability back. Months after getting into office, they reneged on the deal so bad new elections had to be held and somehow the same government the people felt betrayed them stayed. Did they change their ways? Hell no! Instead they passed even further pension and service cuts which history shows cause more problems than it solves, yet the did it anyway. Meanwhile, Iceland which did the exact opposite of the EU is thriving with their bankers in jail and their politicians in the unemployment line. Greece should be happy they don't have guns because I have a feeling this would have ended differently. Then again, so do we and we do nothing no matter how much we get reamed. People are sheep.

6)Philippines- Not to be outdone by the US, this week the island nation voted in a guy that makes Trump look cuddly. Rodrigo Duterte won in a landslide even though he constantly talked about his sex life in graphic detail, insulted the pope, runs death squads that have killed thousands and even admitted in a TV interview he killed at least three people. And he won. Big. It goes to show you stupidity is worldwide. It also shows that if we had free elections, Trump might have a chance. But as this election is already bought and paid for, expect Hillary to win outright.

5)Caitlyn Jenner- Rumors have started to appear that Jenner's experiment with being a transgender is coming to an end. A new book says he is sick of the whole thing, while insiders say that it is because of his Christian faith which doesn't allow homosexuality. Not with men mind you, but women. So you are still straight, but want to dress in women's clothes and maybe one day get a sex change? Right. I can see why so many are so confused about transgendered people because Jenner certainly is. I still think he did all of this for publicity and money.

4)South American Female Presidents- It's been a bad week for the Presidents of Argentina and Brazil this week. Brazil's current leader, Dilma Rousseff, was removed from office and is now facing impeachment hearings for corruption charges. Argentina's former president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner is also facing corruption charges as well. She is also thought to have killed a prosecutor who was looking into her for wrong doing (which in an earlier article I attributed to Rousseff. My bad) which over half the country thinks she did. I would also like to point out the nonsense that women will do a better job running a government that men. We are all greedy pigs regardless of sex. This proves it.

3)Russia and Doping- Recent evidence has surfaced that strongly suggests Russia cheated during the Olympics in Socha. Shocker. This is the same country that used East German women athletes that looked like they literally had balls. The funny part about this is how the testing is done. Apparently the home countries take the samples and send them to the Olympic Doping lab for testing. What is to stop them from sending the lab fake samples then? Athletes should be tested randomly during the event not like this which allows for rampant cheating. Get real and fix this or else just make everyone use steroids to level the playing field. I am kidding about that last part.

2)TSA- Homeland Security needs to go. They have ruined the Secret Service. Now they are destroying the TSA. Because of idiotic staffing shortages, summer traffic is causing problems at all major airports nationwide. Lines stretch for hours and lots are missing their flights because of it. The TSA and DHS, in their infinite wisdom laid off 7000 employees as they thought most would sign up for the expensive pre check program. But as most people only fly a couple times a year, if that, it's not worth it. As a result of this reality, way fewer signed up for it and now the lines are huge. Who could have seen that coming besides everyone? Like the Secret Service, because of how badly they run things, hundreds quit every week, most within their first year. That is way too much turnover and it has to be fixed. But as DHS has been incapable of fixing even the smallest problem don't bet on it.

1)Donald Trump and the GOP- Regardless of the polls you keep hearing, Trump is unlikely to win. First and foremost, I have no faith that this election is run honestly as the exit polls keep coming back way off which our media has been truly silent on. Second, even assuming the vote is real, demographics suggest Trump will lose and lose badly. Women and minorities are going to vote for Hillary overwhelmingly meaning Trump will need at least 70% of the white male vote to win which is not likely. He hasn't helped his cause this week with several big missteps. The funniest was the fact he posed as his own publicist at least twice in the past, using the aliases John Barron and John Miller. Audiotape confirm it WAS Trump and the names, especially John Barron (the surname his son's now), suggest strongly it was him as well. Then he told one reporter that his taxes are no one's business, which they are. This dogged the last Republican nominee, Mitt Romney and don't expect this to go any better. Between this and Hillary's speeches, we are never going to hear the end of either until they do. Trump has a bigger problem because people will speculate why he is not releasing them, while we already know why Hillary isn't releasing hers. And mystery can lead to rampant speculation. It is also hilarious that Romney and Trump have switched positions about tax returns with Romney demanding he put them out and Trump refusing. This will hurt him down the road regardless of what some think like doofus Reince Preibus, who suggests that people do not care about his tax returns. We do actually and the press is not going to let this go like all the other things that are going to get a bright spotlight pointed at. I don't know if he can survive the beating he is going to take. Hillary's skeletons are already known. Trump's are not. Which is more likely to get the press riled up? The GOP, at least some of them, are backing Trump. That is a dangerous position that could end their party. We will have to see. But for now congratulations Trump and the GOP, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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