Thursday, May 26, 2016


Obama is using his Pacific tour through places like Japan and Vietnam to assure these countries that really want the TPP passed that he will do everything he can to destroy this nation. Swell. I have read the TPP and it is every bit as bad as many have said. It does contain some good things, like removal of foreign tariffs off of numerous items. The bad news is the rest of the pact sucks and even that which is good, only brings in a paltry $57 billion in added revenue. The job loss however will reach into the millions and be far worse economically. So why pass it if is so bad?

Because you no longer live in a free country. It has been sold to corporate America without any peep from the media or the zombiefied public. We let it happen. But many of you are wising up to that fact and as our voices are being ignored, violence is the inevitable consequence as being seen at Trump rallies nationwide. People who hate Trump, HATE Trump. The same can be said for Hillary. I expect violence pretty much anywhere these two start showing up, with Trump taking the lead right now as he is flat out dangerous. So is Hillary, but for far more stable, albeit much more evil, reasons.

The funny part is that all the remaining candidates say they are against the TPP, with really only Hillary being the one who might flip flop. Trump and Sanders would never sign such a shitty agreement and have said so many, many times. The TPP is a corporate sell out and should Obama actually sign this, he will be officially the worst president ever because unlike Bush who narrowly did the same thing, Obama will end this country as we know it. Things like free speech, environmental regulations, our economy and jobs will all disappear in a heartbeat. This pact ends American sovereignty and gives corporations all the power. Don't like it? Then instead of suing, you'll be forced into an arbitration you don't want where the judges and lawyers are literally interchangeable. Good luck getting a fair ruling that way. It is even feasible they could go after guns, as language in it could be interpreted as allowing foreign entities to sue for gun violence in our country. That could bankrupt our system.

The TPP is dangerous; more dangerous than any single piece of legislation has been debated on. And Obama and establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle are clamoring for it. Harpy de jour Claire McCaskill, one of the traitors that helped the GOP pass the TPP, is now claiming that no one wants Debbie Wasserman Shultz out as DNC head and she can't understand all the vitriol against her. That has to be the least smart statement I have heard for some time. Lots of democrats, even within the party have complained about her and some have publicly said they want her gone. Here's the tone deaf part: a majority of Americans want her gone. You work for us. But as you have forgotten that again violence is coming.

We are going to see riots the like of which we haven't seen in decades. And it is because our government is not listening to us at all and then lie to our faces when they actually respond. Most people buy this crap. But millions more do not and they are very, very angry. Bernie Sanders is not wrong when he says a revolution is coming. His is peaceful. The alternative is not. Trump is an asshole psycho who will utterly destroy this nation. Hillary will make baby steps compounding the problem until the whole thing falls apart. Either way, we all die. That isn't a choice. It's a suicide note.

And then they wonder why a lot say they won't vote for either and I can't blame them. They are both terrible candidates. But because our media is spineless and corrupt they gave us these two whether we liked them or not. And now we have no choices at all.

The end game appear to be near which sucks because I like power and food. What is coming is going to be dark and depressing no matter what we do. And that is as fatalist as I can get. Pray something big happens because odds are we all so screwed otherwise. The TPP is looming overhead and there is a solid chance the President will pass it after the election in a lame duck session where all awful bills get passed with no repercussions. The only one I can be sure of, if he does do such a thing and American falls apart because of it, there won't be a black president again in my lifetime and racism will increase ten fold. That is a sucky legacy so I hope it doesn't happen so I don't have to listen to some right wing yahoo accurately tell me now W. was the second worst president ever.

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