Thursday, May 12, 2016


The main reason I write this blog is not only to inform the public what is going on but to also serve as a record of things I predicted correctly. Logic is a powerful tool and I believe in using that above all else, no matter where the evidence may lead. It's why I have grown to despise modern media as they seem to lie with rampant regularity. In just the past few days I have read articles telling us how great the US economy is doing, ignoring countless data points that say otherwise and that US exit polls are accurate, even though I know for a fact they aren't. They might as well be trying to convince me that the sky is orange even when I can see it is clearly blue.

In one of the worst disasters in Texas history, the West Fertilizer Co, exploded killing 15 and wrecking a lot of the town. Now while Texas has a long history of skirting regulations, and this company was definitely not up to code on some things, people I talked with familiar with the case said from day one, they had suspicions the fire was set on purpose. The date, April 17th, is also an anomaly as this is the same time period that death and destruction seem to happen a lot during the final two and half weeks of April, which are also the feast days of Baal. Take from that what you will. Considering we know Bohemian Grove, which the rich and powerful meet at, has a giant statue of Moloch is it so far fetched to think that ancient societies may not still exist within humankind? The demon part may be bogus but believers we all know can be a crazy bunch of loons.

The media latched on to the story for all of five minutes before moving on, not even delving to much into the lack of regulations the building had or the lax zoning laws that idiotically allowed apartments, a nursing home and a school to be built within a blast zone. One suspect, Bryce Reed, was a paramedic at the scene who was later found in possession of pipe bombs. He got 21 months for it. Could he have started it? The lack of sprinkler system, which were not regulated at the time, lent to the problem as well. But Texas, a state of "limited" regulations, is going to experience more problems like this if they continue down this path. I said at the time, I thought the fire looked suspicious due to the date, and another factor I no longer remember but had something to do with extremists, natural or foreign born. It was years ago and I am too lazy to look it up. But the fact remains I was right.

Caitlyn Jenner is another. For the record, I do not care if you are gay, straight, bi or asexual. It makes no difference to me and support your right to have sex with whatever consenting adult you want. Same goes for transgenders. Knock yourself out. If wearing a dress as man makes you whole, who I am to say boo. In the long run, it doesn't affect me at all. However, from day one I thought Bruce Jenner was playing a fast one to stay in the public eye and keep raking in money doing absolutely nothing. Sources I still have in the entertainment industry told me that they thought he was faking it too. Now comes a new book that says that may actually be the case. Apparently, Jenner is sick of being a woman and wants to go back to being a guy. That is not how this works. You are giving a slap to the face to any true transgender who would never go back because they genetic makeup won't let them. These people strongly identify with their new identities and would sooner cut off their hand than go back. Jenner on the other hand was never a true transgender, at best a confused idiot or at worst a manipulative dick, and the evidence is starting to appear that that is true. His show was boring as hell, his star fading again, so why the charade is what I am sure he is thinking. What a loser.

Lastly, much has been made about the Qunnipiac poll that shows Trump ahead or tied in three key states. It is also the ONLY poll that shows that. We call that kind of poll an outlier as it is not representative of every other poll that shows Clinton way ahead. The media is going to try to sell this as a close race, which they did the last two Presidential elections and they were runaways, for ratings. But the truth is Hillary is going to win, because there is no way the powers that be allow it otherwise. Our corporate master have spoken.

One last prediction before I go is that Obama and Congress will sign the TPP after the election during the lame duck session where horrific legislation is always given. It will be one giant middle finger to the country before Queen Hillary is coronated. Whee.

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