Wednesday, May 25, 2016


If you have voted in the primaries for a democratic candidate your vote mattered squat. Exit polls for the democratic primaries have been way off the mark, too far off too often to be anything more than blatant poll manipulation. If this was due to faulty data examination then we should see the same problems on the Republican side right? The problem with that is that no exit poll on the GOP side is off by more than 2%, which is within a widely accepted margin of error. So why is the democratic side off by an average of 17% while the Republican side isn't? Because one side is cheating, the other side knows about it and is saying nothing (Trump brought up the rigged nature of our election but immediately dropped it after securing the nomination as everyone always does) and a result, Hillary will be appointed our next president like just like the last few. Only this time they aren't even trying to hide it as the MSM ignores doing it's own job as watchman.

What are exit polls? Having been perfected, exit polls world wide are almost 100% accurate. The way they are done is easy. They ask a diverse group of people after voting who they voted for. Every possible instance is taken to ensure that every group is represented (white or black, male or female, specific age and so on) so that it is statistically impossible to not mirror the actual vote total by no more than 2-4% off. Anything more than 4% is suspect, and anything over 6% is fraud. At least eight is 16 primaries on the democratic side were off more than 6 and most were off by double digits. This suggests fraud.

Our media, many of whom have paid a single data polling group to do the work, have ignored the fact that the data they and others are propagating have fixed the data to mirror the exit polls, using statistical tricks such as adding imaginary voters and how they voted in huge numbers that affected the raw data. Then the had the nerve to tell people that this is how it is always done which is a total lie. You might do it if the margin of error was only off by no more than 4%. If you changing how the data is read when it is off by a factor of 12%, as many states were, you are rigging the data.

In Germany, no exit poll over the last five decades has not been off ever by more than three tenths of one percent. However, in Austria just this week, their exit polls showed a massive amount of fraud that likewise is getting little press. I am guessing the 4000 invented people, all of whom just happened to vote for the not far right guy, are the same people who helped swing the 2004 election when they must have showed up in Ohio to do the exact same thing. Who are these people and how do they keep voting in world wide elections? The only other possibility is that governments across the planet are cheating people out of their honest vote and how likely is that right?

Voter fraud is a real problem. Only the politicians have convinced Idiot American that people are showing up to vote in someone else's name. That never happens. The main reason for this scare tactic is to make it harder for people to vote which affects both Democrats and Republicans equally. With the elimination of the Voter's Rights Act, more than just poor black people are being turned away from the polls. It is affecting everyone. The results from this last round of shitty run primaries and caucuses, along with states that illegally eliminate independent voters from voting, make sure the person the powers that be want is the person who wins.

And in this election, if these numbers are indeed accurate, we do not need to worry about Trump being president short of some catastrophe that destroys Clinton's candidacy (Always a possibility knowing her past). But anything less than that and the election is already being showed to be rigged beyond words.

You no longer live in a free country. Your vote has been eliminated. Your life is under constant surveillance from a government who sees us all as threats. Fun.

So if you want to live under the new corptocracy that is coming (or fascist rule if Trump somehow pulls out a win), keep voting for Hillary people. New Jersey, CA and the rest of the states that still have a primary, STOP VOTING FOR HILLARY. They still can't rig a landslide and that is what is needed to get Bernie in there. But again, not enough will, the vote is rigged and our lives will suffer as a result.

American loses the right to bitch if they don't stand up like I have here. Demand your vote matters or face a dark future. Your choice.

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