Sunday, September 18, 2016


The "good" news is Hillary is still ahead in the Electoral College and would probably win by about 40 votes. The bad news is the election is still months away and her numbers are in free fall at this point. Support from black people and the young are slipping and her health is the number one reason she may lose. If she had an ounce of intelligence she'd drop out today and have Bernie Sanders take her place but this woman is so determined to be president, she's willing to kill herself and take the country with her. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Ryan Locte- Just like Hillary Clinton, this ass doesn't know when to just go away. After making Americans look like douchebags worldwide with his drunken antics in Brazil, and instead of leaving the public eye for a short while, went right into Dancing with the Stars. This guy was so unliked a group of protesters tried to attack him live on air. That is hatred. Just go away and take our two presidential candidates with you.

9)Christiane Amanpour- I will admit CNN has actually gotten better recently. The are reporting real news on occasion, asking good questions about various issues and had the best reporting about this weekend's terrorist attacks across the nation, while Fox News inexplicably ran reruns. That being said, I am sick and tired of the news pretending Hillary being sick is a "conspiracy theory," which already blew up in the face before when her "allergies" turned out far more serious. This idiot played the sexism card which is so not the point. This has nothing to do with being a woman. It has everything to do with the president being up for the job, regardless of sex. This election can't end soon enough.

8)Katie Couric- It's been a bad week for female journalists. Couric is getting sued for 12 million dollars for a gun documentary that was deceptively edited. Couric asked gun owners what gun laws they would support and the film made it look like they had nothing to say. Raw footage showed they had plenty of good ideas. This is horrific on so many levels. Your job as a reporter is to report the news, not create it. Chances are quite good she is going to lose this case.
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7)The sugar industry- Just like every other BIG industry, recent documents show that the sugar industry bought off scientists to make bogus claims about sugar intake. This should be illegal because it is literally killing us. You have every right to fund science. You have NO right to dictate the outcome. That is fraud and should be a jailable offense.

6)Wells Fargo- The more things change, the more things stay the same. These fuckers stole customer money, paid a paltry fine for getting caught and the bigwigs responsible for it either kept their jobs (as 5200 others didn't) but also got a huge 124 million dollar payout for the executive in charge of all of this. No went to jail, no wrong doing was given, and nothing will change because it is far more profitable to rip people off when you know there will be a very small consequence.

5)North Carolina- The Republicans in this state seem to be trying to drive all business somewhere else. Their anti-transgender bathroom bill has cost them hundreds of million of dollars, hundreds of jobs (which will increase to tens of thousands when they lose their lawsuit), and now both the NCAA and ACA have pulled out of sporting events in the states, saying they do not support the anti-gay laws passed there. Recent polls show a huge group of losses for Republicans there, unlike the rest of the nation where Hillary's health scare has driven blue states toward the red.

4)Matt Bevin- This asshole is one of the worst governors in the country.  For the SECOND time, Bevin has said armed insurrection against the government may be the only way to save it should Hillary get elected. That is beyond dangerous telling a bunch of inbred gun owners that shooting a presidential candidate is the only way to save the world. For the second time in six months, calls for impeachment have arisen. This is our future. Kentucky voted in a dangerous lunatic just because he was a Republican. Hello, Trump. It is telling the first thing this dick did when he got into office is eliminate any investigative body to look at corruption at an executive level. Shocker.
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3)Terrorism- This weekend a pipe bomb exploded on the Jersey Shore during a road race for Veterans, two pressure cooker bombs in NYC were found, one dud, one that wounded dozens and a Muslim idiots who went on a stabbing spree in MN before being taken out by an off duty cop with his personal gun. So much for that idiotic statement that no attack has been stopped by a civilian with a gun, which has happened at least 13 times over the last ten years. While there is no proof yet the NYC bombing is Muslim extremists, chances are pretty good it was. And the fact that all three happened on the same day suggests a co-ordinated attack. Mark DeBlasio is being rightfully vilified by the press for not saying this was an act of terrorism, which it obviously was. If this continues, expect two things: A lot of dead, innocent Muslims and President Trump.

2)Donald Trump- He did not have a great week, but is gaining ground because no one believes Hillary is all right. However he did suggest another weird Matt Bevin-like comment of having Hillary's bodyguards disarm because she is against the 2nd amendment (which she isn't). He then tricked reporters into coming to his new hotel where he spent thirty minutes fawning over before declaring that Obama was born in this country and that Hillary started the whole debate in the first place, for which there is NO truth to. Behind the scenes rumors states Trump was livid over the fact that all the stuff about his hotel was deleted from the TV Newscasts and that his ending the birther debate wasn't handled better, His numbers are rising people. Worry.
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1)Hillary Clinton- All the polls want change. Big Change. And Hillary isn't that and this might be enough to make her lose. Because she has NO real reason for being president rather than her own selfishness, voters are taking notice. She has no bold policy changes which is what voters are demanding, no ability to connect with voters on the campaign trail and no explanation as to why they hid her illness for so long, even after everyone knew she was sick. Because of this, black people and the young are fleeing her in droves, to either Trump or a third party, a dangerous scenario for her. I don't know who is advising her but it isn't working. She needs to release every health record she could get a hold of, hold a press conference that goes on for days if necessary, and make some new policy changes like ending the drug war, fixing drug prices, going after Wall St, or any other progressive action that will win her some votes. The small stuff she is suggesting isn't enough and voters realize that. The fact she looks like death warmed over all the time now doesn't bode well either. So congratulations Hillary for sinking the planet for your own greed and power mad status. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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