Monday, September 5, 2016


Rather than write about the two clowns running for office, there has been a spate of creepy clown sightings in South Carolina. Whether by delusion or reality, these sightings have increased to as far away as Northern Ohio. Having just watched IT again last night, I can't help but be a little perturbed by the whole thing, even though there is a great explanation as to what these clowns might actually be beyond fear and fraud.
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It started last week when several children and one adult in Greenville, South Carolina said they saw clowns trying to bribe them into the woods with money and candy. This was the catalyst that led to more sightings across the town.. One motorist in town swears he saw a guy on a clown mask on the side of the road, wearing a rain poncho who waved and disappeared into the woods. I would never sleep again after that. Two days before that, a woman told police she saw a man dressed like a clown staring at her through the laundromat window and two people at an apartment complex also reported clown sightings.


Then, a woman in a nearby town said she saw a clown in her backyard. Winston-Salem police reported that two kids said they saw a clown trying to lure them into the woods, just like the previous story. An adult with them said he didn't see the clown per say but when he came to investigate the claims after the kids told him what had happened, he said he "heard" a clown, whatever that means. Since then, reports have surfaced nationwide about clowns knocking on their doors or just standing in the dark on the side of the road. A resident of Greenville even took a blurry photo, reminiscent of almost every Bigfoot photo ever taken, of an alleged clown outside his apartment. It turned out that it was a still from a film, like we wouldn't notice. The fake is shown below.

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So what is going on? Are evil clowns invading our reality? Should we all stock up on seltzer water, sneezing powder and huge rubber mallets to defend ourselves? Please.

The first and foremost of these is that some of this could be a guerrilla marketing campaign for Rob Zombie's new film, The 31 which, of course, has killer clown in it. A lot of these alleged clown sightings could be just to generate interest in the film, which let's face it, has worked. It made me want to watch IT again, also because Becky from Supernatural plays young Bev Marsh in it which I think is funny. And it makes me want to see the 31 too.
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The rest are either people making up stories for attention or practical jokers who think dressing up as clowns and scaring the bejesus out of people is funny. Which it kind of is. The fact that there are ZERO authentic videos or photos of any of these alleged sighting make me very suspicious. I highly doubt that evil clowns from hell are coming for us. The presidential election has that sewn up.

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