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I have read the most depressing news these past 24 hours that has officially made me give up on mankind. It's over. The fat lady is singing. The country, and perhaps the world is on a collision course with history from which there is very little chance of getting out of this tailspin. 

It's checkmate.

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When did we become a nation where black people think it's okay to murder you for the least provocative reasons? And this isn't some racist rant as most of the people being killed in this murder orgy are also black. I have never witnessed genocide used as a weapon against one's people. It's insanity. A man in Vegas was shot and killed because he didn't hold a door open for a woman. Both black. Dwyane Wade's cousin was killed by accident when the Sorrell brothers, whose aim is apparently as good as your average NYPD officer, fired off their weapons because they didn't like the way a nearby guy looked at them. A Guatemalan man was killed in Philly when he got sucker punched by a black teen. An Asain doctor was robbed in California and then beaten within an inch of his life by two black youths, one of whom was a female. This cannot continue without major repercussions, almost all of which is going to directly effect the black community.

But hey, if you guys really wanted a new direction then you should have gotten off your asses and voted for Bernie Sanders. Instead, you overwhelmingly voted for Hillary and the no change policies she represents. More on that later.

Chicago's police chief has been rightfully exasperated with how things are going because inner cities are crashing and burning with rampant racism, out of control gun violence, and no end on sight, For any poor sap unlucky enough to live in one of these hell holes, sociologically, this was always going to happen. I've known since the 80's that this was inevitable. Why did no one else?

We have to make major changes to fix things now and that is simply not going to happen any time soon. I have a "simple" solution. All we need to do is end the drug war, fire everyone in the DEA (whose budget was revealed at $3 billion and a total cost for all of the drug war at half a trillion dollars and literally no progress ever made on that front), end the death penalty for anyone we are not 100% sure they did it, execute the others in weeks who ARE 100% guilty, change the legal system completely, and you see why this is never going to work. Our system is not only broken, it may be beyond repair at this point.

This means what is coming down the pike is going to be very different from what we have been used to. Things may indeed change radically, but history rarely shows the right direction being the most likely path. There is a 90% chance that by the end of this century, life as we know it right now will cease to be. That is not good news for anyone.
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And why do I think that? First, we are becoming more and more violent, all races included. Two, our government is so corrupt and untrustworthy that the Clinton campaign epitomizes what a lot of us see the country as a whole really is. The primaries yesterday highlight one of two truth that cannot be denied: Either people are too dumb to vote correctly and unless steps are taken to possibly eliminate stupid people from voting, this country will fail OR your vote doesn't matter because the whole thing is rigged anyway. And what brought me to this conclusion you ask?

Can anyone explain to me with a straight face why John McCain, Marco Rubio or, for the love of all that is Holy, Debbie Wasserman Shultz?????? We can all see that Congress is NOT working, has a lower approval rating than head lice, yet we keep putting the same morons right back into power. I get the whole left right thing, but here is a chance to put someone new in there and maybe make things better and no one takes it. A special pox on Florida democrats who not only put back into power one of the most disgraceful, untrustworthy people in ALL of Congress, Republican or Democrat, but also gave a 20% vote for Alan Grayson against his democratic opponent Patrick Murphy when it appears as if Grayson was going to be found guilty of ethics violations and continuing claims by his ex-wife about her getting beaten by him. So let me get this straight: 20% of the vote went to a guy who is not only a crook but a wife beater and that still wasn't enough to dissuade you? Why does always have to be Florida? What is wrong with the people in that state?

The other explanation, which I have zero proof of in these current primaries and am just speculating, is that the whole system is rigged, it doesn't matter who we vote fore, they have already been pre-selected. This is not outside the realm of possibility as the Democratic primaries were rife with fraud. It's also why I am fairly positive that no matter what happens, Hillary will win. If he somehow gets way ahead in the polls, expect a tragic "plane accident," or "heart attack." to fell Trump. Hillary will be our next Queen, er, President. Count on it.
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Lastly, we have climate change that the right has unwisely chosen to demonize. I hate to break to you deniers out there, but our climate is changing. Not weather, which Sean Hannity hilariously mixed up this week on his show, but long term climate changes show drastic and dangerous times ahead. Just this year we have had 8 super rare disasters, otherwise known as once in 500 year events. To show how many have happened, actor Wendel Pierce's home was destroyed recently and I couldn't remember what state he lived in as there were so many natural disasters lately. The chances of these happening by accident are billions to one. Our weather is changing and we can physically see it with our eyes. Yet half this country still thinks it is a hoax. Why? 

In other words, we are screwed. The prospect of better days ahead are dwindling to near zero as we have to worry about terrorism, poverty, famine, war, election fraud and worst of all,stupidity to end our civilization once and for all. Wise up people because if we don't and fast, there won't be a world left to manipulate.

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