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This guy is going to be a permanent host of this column if he keeps flailing wildly like he did this past week. His insult of the Muslim family from the DNC is STILL in the news and that was a week and a half ago. And that was just one a dozen things he did wrong this week. Since Friday, he has been mercifully silent, most likely since Reince Priebus duct taped his mouth shut. His numbers have been free fall all week, Ouch. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Sean Lucas- There are a lot of weird conspiracy theories involving the Clintons. Some are straight out of an insane asylum. But one that is very odd is the trail of death these two leave in their wake. In just the last few weeks, three mysterious deaths surrounded the presidential family, on top of a list that may be as high as fifty people going back to the seventies. Now having looked at said list, some are a stretch to believe were killed under mysterious circumstances and fall into the realm of coincidence. Others are not so cut and dried. A few weeks back, a UN official set to testify against Clinton died by "accident" when a barbell fell on his neck. Possible. But then just recently a DNC staffer was found murdered in DC with nothing stolen. Rumors suggest he was on his way to the FBI to report something bad about the DNC and Hillary but that is speculation and the two could still be just an odd coincidence and Republicans looking to make up a story. The third death this week however is mighty suspicious. Sean Lucas just filed a lawsuit against Hillary and the DNC for vote rigging and I was following the case closely. Lucas was found dead in his bathroom this week at the "old" age of 52. Once is coincidence, twice is suspicious and three is a conspiracy. Did all three of these people die because the Clintons said so? It is not out of the question.

9)Paul O'Neal and the Chicago Police Department- Another day, another dead unarmed black guy. O'Neal was an idiot, driving at cops, attempting to run them over and then trying to escape on foot when his car was disabled. All of that was caught on camera. What wasn't for some inexplainable reason was why the cameras cut out when they shot O'Neal to death, even though he had no weapon at the time. Video shows the cops confused as to whether he had a gun or not showing that they are human but still doesn't excuse the cameras being turned off when needed. Just as bad, according to police rules, they are forbidden from firing at cars, even ones driven right at them, unless being fired upon which they never were. There has to be one simple rule for cops with cameras: short of a provable camera malfunction, if the cameras is EVER turned off during an arrest where someone dies, you go to jail. Period. This nonsense we keep hearing about cameras not working when they should is a giant lie. Any cop who does this at the very least should be fired with prejudice.

8)Zak Bulhan- This Somali/British guy went nuts in a very popular tourist area of London and stabbed a few people, killing one. The press went into overdrive to hype the crazy angle, which he was, but the fact he is a Muslim from Somali is also quite telling. He was only one of several attacks that happened this week, the worst of which was an attack on a priest in his own church by two psychos. Wouldn't they be just as crazy as this guy? Aren't all terrorists somewhat crazy?

7)Hamyd Mourad- Speaking of crazy, France has lost it when it comes to terrorism. It is hardly surprising they keep getting attacked when you hear news like this. Last year, the offices of Charlie Hebdo was attacked by three idiots. Two were charged, but the getaway driver, who professed his innocence was let go, to much fanfare in the press. Turns out Mourad was a lying sack of shit who was trying to cover his own ass and the French thankfully kept an eye on him (unlike the priest killer who was being monitored but whose tracker was turned off for several hours each day for no apparent reason). He was arrested this week for trying to get Syria and join ISIS. Oops. Maybe next time try arresting the ass hole when you had him dead to rights.

6)Allen Ivanov- Yet another member of Generation Wuss incapable of accepting defeat. This 19 year old douche went to a house party and shot and killed his ex girlfriend, Anna Bui, and two of her friends. A fourth victim was shot in the arm. So let me get this straight. At 19 you decide that you will never find another girl ever and would rather she die and you spend the rest of your life in prison, That's is fucked up reasoning. I have had many a girl break my heart and while part of me did want some of them dead, there was no way I would ever gone through with it. Prison sounds awful, especially if you are going to be there literally forever, or at least as forever until you die behind bars. What an idiot.

5)George Zimmerman- And the idiots keep on coming. Zimmerman was beat up this week which unfortunately makes him a victim AGAIN, but this time he was literally asking for it. Dumbass went to some bar and loudly started telling people who he was, who he killed and how proud he was it. A large black man took offense at it and then punched him in the face. Pussy then called the cops and the attacker was arrested. However, the owner of the bar says Zimmerman started the fight over a tattoo he didn't like, the two argued , but no punches were thrown. Any way you look at, Zimmerman is a giant dick. He may have gotten away with murder, as he should have as the evidence was on his side, but this guy needs to shut the fuck up.

4)Obama, $400 million for Iran and the critics who hated it- This week Trump went off about how he saw a nonexistent video showing a ransom being paid to Iran to get the hostages back. Now while the timing was suspect, it turns out the two were most likely unrelated. The 400 million in question was paid way back in 1979, when the US and Iran were on great terms. Then came the revolution and all that changed and we kept the money they paid us. This has been held up in courts for decades since but the UN was going to side with Iran and cost us billions more in damages and interest or pay now and forgo all of that. Obama did the right thing here and the Republicans are making more out of this than there is because they are after all Republicans.

3)Reparations- The BLM movement outlined their ideas for going forward and had some good ideas, a few bad ones and the worst, reparations for slavery. First off, no one alive today was a slave. You have to go back several generations and a 150 years for that. Second, what about the Irish which were slaves, otherwise known as "indentured servants," which is slavery with a fancy name? They were here decades before black people were even thought of as slaves. Shouldn't we be included then? The fact of the matter is this will NEVER happen. It's as likely as the right to return from Palestinian refugees. This is a topic that makes white people mental. Stop even talking about it. It's a lost cause.

2)Republicans- They are in a full blown panic mode as Hurricane Trump is decimating their chances at winning everywhere. Heavy hitters like Ryan and McCain may lose the primaries let alone the general election. The Senate is looking more and more likely to go blue with red states going the other way and, as Ryan pointed out this week to party insiders, they may even lose the House which is looking very shaky. Solid red states like Utah and Texas are turning pink from solid red. Georgia and Arizona and actually in play and they haven't gone blue in decades. Meanwhile, Hillary is a stone's throw away from running away with this thing as her numbers in key states have shot up drastically this week. If she wins PA, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin, it's all over regardless of whatever swing states the Republicans get at that point. Hillary is up almost double digits in all four states. It's not looking good for anyone on the right this election. The Trumpster fire is spreading.

1)Donald Trump- This man is single handedly destroying the party. He has had one disastrous week where mere hours would pass before he would say something dumber than the last. He insulted the military, crying babies, the GOP leaders like Ryan and even came against sexual harassment filings, suggesting women find other jobs if they get groped or the like. Like that's possible in today's job environment. Meanwhile the top GOP donors fled, the head of the RNC went bananas, and even Paul Ryan looked about ready to snap his neck. They thankfully got him to STFU and stay on message but how long can that last? This man is a sinking ship and he's taking the Republicans down with him. He's worst moment came when he kept asking why we can't use nukes during a security hearing. Three times he asked. That is not a man who can become president if he doesn't understand the principles of MAD and starting WW3. Anyone who votes for Trump is voting to end the world just so you're clear. So congratulations Trump and his supporters at this point because you are all douchebags of the week.

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