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What happens when you rig an election and you still lose? 2016. Clinton deserved to lose for running a campaign as if white voters didn't matter, acting like a shrill corporatist at every possible instance, misreading the electorate in general, and actually believing her fixed polls. Trump won not because he was a gifted politician or even likable. He won because he wasn't Hillary, a thoroughly detestable person. I told people that not nominating Bernie was a death sentence, further driven home when she inexplicably picked Tim Kaine for vice president which made her base evaporate. I said that this was Martha Coakley all over again, for the third fucking time, and I was right. How many times does something not have to work for allegedly smart people to catch on? The Democratic party either needs radical change or they lose my vote for good. I'll sit home and watch the world burn instead. Let's see those runner ups all of which was tied to this crap election that is thankfully over.
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10)Pollsters- I can only do my job if media does theirs. The polls this year were for the most part garbage. I don't know if they were rigged intentionally or not, but only Reuters and the LA Times were mostly accurate while just about everyone else, including Fox News, wildly missed the mark. The hate against Hillary was always treated as an aberration and not the norm as it turned out to be. It seems impossible that that level of vitriol against her that was seen in the final outcome never materialized in any poll. The only other explanation is that the polls were weighed down either by preconceived notions (no way are Hispanics breaking over 30% for Trump when they actually were) or intentional deception by a media caught red handed colluding with the DNC multiple times. Either way, I'll be changing my algorithms to compensate for that in the next election as polls can no longer be trusted to tell us the truth.

9)The Media- As seen above, the media directly conspired with Hillary Clinton to win the election which included fixing poll data, colluding with the candidate for approval over stories written about her, asking soft ball questions during one of the handful of times she actually talked to the press and a dozen other things that smell and look bad. Current head of the DNC, and traitor to the country Donna Brazile, gave Hillary questions in advance before the primary debates, the same debates Debbbie Wasserman Schultz scheduled at weird hours so few would watch. But the media never really talked about any of that, focusing in her emails 24/7 which as it turned out, probably wasn't the best strategy. You guys suck and thanks for giving us President Trump.
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8)Joe Arpaio- One of the best things to come out of this election was that racist Sheriff Joe from Arizona finally got kicked out of office after seven terms there. He is facing jail time as well for disobeying a judges order to stop racial profiling which he did not. Good riddance until of course Trump nominates him to head of the Border Patrol.

7)Electoral College- This antiquated relic was designed to give more power to rural Southern voters as well as a stopgap to keep from despots winning. So much for that last part huh? This is the second time that a minority of voters won the presidency, and the last time was 2000 so we remember what happened that time right? This thing needs to be scrapped once and for all and I have been a supporter of it until this time when it just doesn't make any sense any more. Popular vote wins. Can we please change some of the Constitution already that makes no sense in a modern world please? Trial by jury can go as well.

6)The FBI- Polls show that the last minute introduction by James Comey's letter, which turned out to be nothing, was the final straw for a lot of last minute undecided voters when nine out of ten broke for Trump. This stampede cost her Wisconsin, PA and MI. Thanks to these losers, we now have President Trump. Great.

5)Third Party Voters- In a repeat of 2000 again, third party protest votes cost Hillary the election in states like Florida. Had half of Johnson voters and all of Stein's gone her way, she'd be president. 2000 wasn't that far back, yet a lot of idiots might as well as voted for Trump or stayed home rather than waste their time voting for someone who had a 0% chance of winning. Maine became the first state to allow ranked voting which means you pick who you want for first choice, but if they lose, the second choice gets your vote instead. That way you can vote third party but not waste it if they go belly up. I hope the rest of the country follows this surprisingly sane idea from Maine.
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4)Minorities- Hispanics, Asians and the young all voted for Trump in surprisingly high numbers. Black people stayed home. In case you weren't paying attention, you are all so very, very screwed now. You should have treated this like the devil was at your door because things are going to go badly for all of you now. Blacks are going to get arrested in record numbers and thrown into a private prison, something Hillary was against, for the rest of your lives where you will literally relive your slave days. Congrats. Gay people can look forward to being crammed back into the closet with legal discrimination coming in some states. Hispanics are going to get deported left and right until our restaurant and agricultural industry collapse, as they did in Alabama and Georgia when they tried that. If you are one of these groups and voted for Trump or stayed home, just remember Hitler had Jews who voted for him. Remember how that turned out?

3)Protesters- You lost. Deal with it. You should have been doing this months back when the DNC got caught rigging the election. You know what we got instead? Crickets. You helped this. It's too late to start crying about it now. Hell, half of you didn't even vote so fuck off. College is going to be unaffordable soon, your health care is going to be non-existent and jobs will probably be scarcer than now. If you survive till old age, a tall order right now as the end of the world seems nigh, social security and medicare are all going to be privatized and long gone by the time you need them. You people make me sick. Fuck you and your protests which are too little, too late.

2)Republicans- I spent a lot of time this week talking with Trump supporters and let me tell you the are both thrilled and pissed still. They are thrilled that Hillary didn't get in. which does some good things like the end of the TPP and a possible end to the war in Syria. However, as many told me, they are STILL furious and if Trump doesn't live up to his promises, they are coming for him next. The fact that he is putting in GOP insiders is already rubbing a lot of them the wrong way and they are voicing it. Trump has no margin for error here. Piss off the wrong group and he's toast. Go against the establishment and face impeachment. Go against the electorate and face assassination attempts galore. When Obama got into office in 2008, he and the DNC squandered any good will by getting very little accomplished even though they had filibuster proof majority for almost 14 months. They got a lot of bills passed but only three of them were of any importance (Health care, Dodd Frank, and repeal of don't ask, don't tell). That's it. Their first jobs bill, which wasn't much of a bill at that, didn't come until almost two years into an Obama presidency. They spent all that time fighting about health care instead of focusing on people who needed work and here we are eight years later and still no work. This will be the test for the GOP here. If they do what the Democrats did in 2008 and go after abortion, gay rights and inevitably destroy health care rather than save it, instead of a good jobs program, those pitchforks and torches are coming out. The chances for violent revolutions are increasing with each passing day and how Trump picks his staff will depend on whether the country follows or revolts. Dangerous times are coming.
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1)Democrats and Hillary Clinton- They did it to themselves. And the voters helped. Anyone who voted for Hillary in the primaries, congratulations, you helped Trump win. There was NO good reason to vote for her other than you wanted a woman as president and it didn't matter who that woman was. Females in this country fucked us as black women voters went for Hillary in the primaries, white women voted against her in the election and now woman have a sexual predator as President. Maybe you shouldn't have been given the right to vote because you certainly did a piss poor job in your selection. And then the women inside the DNC, traitors like Schultz and Brazile who should be hung from the tallest tree, conspired to get rid of Bernie, who would have won handedly in this election as polls had him 15 points ahead instead of tied like Hillary was. But instead of giving us the guy who could have won, your super delegate bullshit gave us the establishment winner that could not win in this climate. So because you wanted a vagina in office, you gave us Trump who will most likely decimate the planet. The chances are high that we don't survive the next two years, Economic collapse, war, revolution, they are all on the menu right now and these assholes caused it. Here are the four moments that cost her the election: the Comey letter, her deplorables comments, passing out on 9/11, and number one, picking that dick Tim Kaine which I correctly said at the time could cost her the election and it did. Trump picked Pense which gave him credibility with the religious right. Had Hillary picked Liz Warren, the only sane choice, she would have won hands down as the progressive base would have been energized by that pick, just like Pence was for Trump. Instead she picked Kaine in some idiotic attempt to win over religious men which was NEVER going to happen, and shore up support with Hispanics because he spoke Spanish. She got clobbered instead. I am sure she tried to cheat here too but you can't beat a landslide and she lost by one. The Democrats have talked about nominating, I kid you now, Chelsea for Congress. ENOUGH WITH THE CLINTONS! Please go the fuck away. If the democrats continue with their pro corporate mentality I am done until a third party arrives and shakes this nonsense up. Evolve or die guys. That's the rule. So congratulations to Hillary for a spectacular loss and with it, this nation. You are indeed douchebag of the week.

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