Monday, November 14, 2016


He hasn't even gotten into office yet and already some things look bleak. Yes, the TPP is dead and we may actually see an immigration plan that works. Letting convicts roam the street because their home country refuses to take them is unacceptable. I get the feeling Trump will be getting rid if those lowlifes fast. And initially, Trump's tax cuts may actually create jobs and increase wealth. The problem is that it will only be temporary until their method sinks the world economy again as supply side economics is a known failure, yet they keep repeating the same shit over and over.

If you are black, Hispanic, gay or young and either didn't vote, voted third party or, gasp, actually voted for Trump, congratulations, you are officially the stupidest people on Earth. And from what I can see of the polls, a lot of you actually DID vote for that idiot. What does that make you guys? Retarded comes to mind. You are all going to pay dearly for not supporting Hillary, a flawed candidate yes, but like Obamacare, not great but a step in the right direction. Instead, we have done a one eighty and are now barreling down the wrong way of a highway where a spectacular crash is imminent.

How do I know this? Because he has already named Reince Priebus his Chief of Staff and Dan O'Bannon as his chief strategist. Neither of these are exactly outsiders or sane for that matter. Priebus is a dyed in the wool Republican and O'Bannon is leader of the alt-right movement. Other names coming up include Sarah Palin for Interior, Jamie Dimon for Treasury, a climate change denier with no science background for the head of the EPA and Ben Carson for education. Ugh! This means anyone expecting a drastic change to things as usual are in a for a rude awakening and those people are going to be pissed when things go south for them, and the poorer you are, the more your life is going to suck. Add a minority status to that and you are going to be spitting nails.

As I have previous said, we are in the beginning stages of revolution, an inevitablity at this point. If Trump is smart, he better find a way to create good jobs stat once in office. If not, tens of millions from both parties are going to revolt and it will be bloody. Once people realize that neither the democrats or Republicans are there to help them what next? Death and lots of it, is history is any indication. Trump has zero room for error. Anyone who wanted to be president in this environment was delusional that they could fix all that is wrong here. And when the people start to wake up that they GOP is screwing them like the democrats, they are going to kill politicians in mass numbers. The end of this country is nigh people and for all those morons protesting out there, here's a helpful hint. IT'S FAR TOO FUCKING LATE FOR THAT! You should have held your nose and voted for the demon because instead we got a moron instead. Evil only kills what it has to to get what it wants. Stupid kills everyone.
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So enjoy what might be your last Thanksgiving and Christmas because odds are really good that they WILL be the last we ever have. Next year, everything is going to start going to hell. It won't take long for the bottom to fall out and people to go from pissed to violent. Bet on it.

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