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There was a whole lot of crybaby syndrome going on with Democratic voters, many of whom never bothered to show up which would have prevented all of this in the first place. You lost. Go home. The DNC is no better by behaving as if it was business as usual by elevating corporatists like Chuck Schumer to positions of power while conveniently ignoring the people's choices of Sanders, Warren and the rest of the Progressive wing that has been shut out again. ENOUGH! Here is my pledge. I will not vote again if these are the choices you give us. I give up. Either have a party that has a smidgen of the values most of us want or be prepared to be in the desert until the Republicans destroy this country once again, which appears to be exactly where we are headed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)The Weekend's Movies- I used to work in the movie business. One of the reasons I left was the sheer level of morons you have to deal with on a regular basis. They all come from money, have elite school resumes and are always dumber than dirt. To prove my point, let's take a look at three epic failures that died for very different reasons. The first, Edge of Seventeen opened to rave reviews, a red hot young actress as its star and James Brooks directing. It only cost nine million to make (add a lot more for advertising) and even getting that back may be a stretch as it cratered at 4.5 mil. Why did a movie that had a 95% rating on rotten tomatoes crash and burn you ask? The Harry Potter spin-off opened the same weekend. Only a brain damaged idiot would open a film where your target audience is going to see the other flick (Beasts skewered 45% young female in demographics) especially when it was supposed to open September 30th and got pushed for unknown, and obviously inane, reasons. Another disaster was the never should have been made Billy Flynn movie which didn't even crack the top ten. Ouch. It cost $40 mil pre-ads, so it's obituary as one of the biggest flops of the year is cemented in reality. That one million gross must be staring at them something fierce. The last disaster was the why did they even bother film Bleed For This, yet another boxing movie no one was ever going to see, joining Fists of Stone as a genre that needs to go away for a while. Audiences sure are.

9)Dubai- Come to beautiful sunny Dubai, We have endless beaches, great night life, and what else, oh yeah, if you get raped don't come crying to the police because they will arrest you. That actually happened to a German tourist who you can bet will never set foot in a Muslim country for the rest of her life. Neither will a lot of other people idiots. Muslims are really treading on extremely thin ice now that Trump is president and right wing ideology is spreading world wide. You guys are pissing the world off who have had about all they are going to stand with you. One wrong move and every superpower on Earth will move against you. Time is running out to join the 21st century.
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8)Muslims refugees in Europe- A translator has come forward and claims that a majority of the people she sees in Germany refugee camps show a pure hatred for Christianity and are saying loud and clear they are using this migrant situation to spread Islam. Whether this is true or not, it does appear to be somewhat true. Most refugees going to Europe are not fleeing war but economic situations and perhaps invasion. It would be insidious way to get inside enemy borders. Pretend to be helpless and strike when told. Again, that is just one possibility and not a statement of fact that refugees are coming to get us but it is something we should be aware of. As Trump is president now, I have a feeling there won't be too many refugees, if any at all, for the next four years and that may not be such a bad thing.

7)Duck Dynasty- Thank God, this waste of space on TV has been cancelled. They will of course replace it with something far worse.

6)Jeronimo Yanez- The cop that shot Philando Castile was arrested this week for manslaughter after video of him shooting the victim for no reason went viral. I still can't get over how calm his girlfriend was while he was dying next to her. Her steadiness and camera work led to this guy getting arrested so kudos to her and I am sorry she had to lose her love to this dick. I hope she finds someone nice who the cops won't shoot.
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5)Kanye West- I FUCKING HATE THIS ASSHOLE! If he were to get shot tomorrow, I'd send the shooter flowers and a thank you note. This utter douche spent nearly an hour at a concert this week lecturing the crowd how much he liked Trump and while he didn't vote, he would have voted for the Orange Hitler. He then went to say he would run for president in 2020 which is somehow even more frightening than Trump running things. Your music is bad enough, don't subject us to a presidential run as well.

4)Trump voters- You won. Stop rubbing it in our faces. Racist and sexist graffiti have exploded nationwide. In Natick, some guy got death threats from an unknown neighbor about having black and Hispanic friends over. Adam Yauch's memorial was vandalized with anti-Semitic language this week in NYC. There have also been unconfirmed reports of frat boy and creeper types grabbing women by the pussy because Trump said so. I have a feeling this is only going to get worse. Mike Pence got booed by the audience at Hamilton and even a lecture from the cast when the play was over. In retaliation, some drunk loser had to be removed for screaming Trump support while the play was going on. Those tickets aren't cheap. Calm down and stop behaving like apes. There is plenty of time for that once Trump assumes power.

3)Trump Team picks- For someone wanting to drain the swamp, he certainly seems to be picking a lot of establishment people. They are steady stream of white nationalists, establishment wonks and banking corporate idiots. Trump spent his day yesterday slamming Hamilton and SNL, actually demanding equal time to which Alec Baldwin shot back to go be president and leave the show to the professionals. The election is over and equal time doesn't happen. These guys are on borrowed time because all of my research says that the SNL cold opener about Trump being unprepared was dead on and if he can't fulfill at least a portion of his promises, his people will turn on him like a rabid dog. He's got six months to a year to show progress. If he can't, like the Democrats failed when they held power for 14 months, the backlash will be bloody. Either they get swept out of office in 2018, or literally swept out of office when an angry mobs comes for their heads.

2)Democrat voters- WAAAAAA! YOU LOST! Get over it. If you didn't vote, voted for a third party candidate or voted for Trump and regret it now, too bad. There is no way back machine, no do over. This is what we have and we have to try to live with it. Your protest was noted so go home, regroup, and figure out a way to push the democrats away from too far left policies (anti-gun is a killer) and toward progressive policies like raising the minimum wage and fixing social security. And here's a helpful hint. In 2018, actually show up and vote these losers out.
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1)Democrats- These people seem incapable of learning. They just got walloped in the election because the person they hand picked and rigged a primary for turned out to be every bit as bad a candidate as we all knew. Hillary was dead woman walking (and looked it) from day one, yet they still forced this zombie down our throats, telling us to grin and bear it. Well, the public had other ideas and voted in a monster instead because they HATED this woman. Right or wrong, that was a hurdle she was never going to overcome. So many people I talked to say they didn't vote for Trump, they voted against her. She was the establishment person in a year when that was a huge liability, which I wrote about several years ago, and was proven as fact. Since they lost, they have done nothing to right the ship and seem hell bent on business as usual. Robert Reich said it best that unless the democrats conform to a the fact that we aren't voting for this crap anymore, a third party seems inevitable. Sanders showed it could be done with low level money and no corporate interests. Much like the Republicans, the democrats have six months to a year before I and everyone else abandons ship. The sad fact about this election was that no matter who won, we lost. Hillary would have been barely better when the status quo fixed nothing, trade deals that favor the rich multiplied and corporate fascism became a reality. Instead we have classic fascism to look forward too. Fun. So congratulations Hillary, Chuck and the rest of the democrats too stupid to read the tea leaves. You are all indeed douchebags of the week.

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