Monday, November 7, 2016


Thank God this thing is almost over. However, no one expects there to be peace and love across this nation Wednesday when half the country is going to be super pissed that the other side won. And if the latest polls are to be believed, Trump has little chance of winning this. The math is just not on his side and that is assuming a straightforward election, which I hate to agree with the orange nightmare on this, but chances are high she will also cheat to win.
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There is ample evidence that, as I had already written about months ago, that the DNC, the media and Hillary all conspired to fix the primaries. Hillary got questions beforehand from the debates, the DNC actively conspired against Bernie Sanders while the vote totals and exit polls all showed signs of severe tampering. The funny part is that even with all that, I am still voting for her because Trump will kill us all. There is no scenario where he doesn't blunder us into a major, world ending war. I may not like Hillary, I certainly don't trust her, but I am also sure she won't accidentally kill the planet. But it also shows that no matter what the polls say, Hillary is going to pull out wins in most swing states, either due to demographics voting en masse against Trump or fixing the vote totals in electronic voting totals. If she wins Ohio, I would be very suspicious of rigging and that is almost certainly going to be the refrain come Wednesday from Trump and his supporters.

Here's the best case scenario. Hillary wins in a landslide, the democrats retake the House and Senate, Ttrump goes away quietly and we actually start fixing what needs fixing in this country. This is also more fantasy than reality. The most likely scenario is one in which Hillary wins somewhat decisively on the Electoral College, barely wins the popular vote, but does so in such a way that vote rigging looks likely causing Trump to scream bloody murder and the rest of his followers reacting violently. This is not good.

Here is my final tally on the election, which has remained somewhat unchanged for the last few months: 322 to 216 Hillary wins. But questions will come up immediately after this is over, ones real and imagined, and then what? This country is going to be severely divided that has an even more polarizing winner than Obama, regardless of who wins.
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One of the biggest reasons to suspect a Hillary win is that she actually has a good ground game going; one that is far superior to Trump's and the RNC. This means democrats have the edge on getting their voters to their polls, which added with huge Hispanic support, means a victory in places like Florida and Nevada and that is game over at that point. Trump cannot win unless he captures states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and flips a blue state like PA or Michigan, both long shots at best. His path to 270 is very slim while all Hillary has to do is win one swing state and the fat lady sings.

The point of all this is to get out and vote tomorrow. Yes, Hillary is a hell beast but at least she won't nuke half the planet because Putin made fun of her hair. We have to give the democrats all the rope to hang themselves with because the alternative, a completely Republican run government, will end the world. The last time these idiots got into that kind of power they broke the world. This time they will end it.

For the love of God vote blue tomorrow in mass numbers so we can fix things like Obamacare (rather than getting rid of it for the crappy Republican plan that barely can be called that), infrastructure, the minimum wage, gay rights, the environment and a dozen other things that the GOP will destroy. Yes the democrats suck. But Republicans are morons and need to be stopped.
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Either way, it's the beginning of the end tomorrow. I plan of drinking heavily. I suspect many of you will be doing the same.

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