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While a Donald Trump presidency is still a long shot, thank God, if he does manage a win it will be all the fault of one worthless entity: our fucking news media. I used to work in the news business and let me tell you it's shady as hell. Stories get buried because the owner is friends with the accused, or it will hurt his portfolio, and so on. And now, years later, it has gotten so much worse and blatantly partisan. News should be based on facts not commentary. as this site tries to do. The media as of late is ignoring huge stories that have gotten zero press. a lot of which involves Trump, making me question how effective major news outlets are anymore because regardless of station or paper, they are all guilty of massive propaganda and a drive for ratings over truth. There's only two days left to the Apocalypse and these guys are herding us right to the edge. Let's see the runners ups for what might be the last Sunday of normalcy.
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10)Movie Reviewers- I used to be a professional film reviewer for almost five years for a medium sized New England newspaper. I was always professional and never judged a movie by its genre (I also worked in the entertainment business for a long time so there is that as well). I wish today's realm of idiots doing this job had half the integrity I had. Never in all of my life have I seen more films that I loved shot down as garbage by a group that doesn't seem to understand film making at all. Then the films that they love, I watch and find to be the most boring piece of tripe I have ever seen. When we look at the best reviewed films, half are kids movies, four I have never heard of, two I agreed with that I have seen (Captain America and Finding Dory), one I want to see (Hell or High Water) and other seven I don't care one whit about. Just looking at the plot lines to three of them made me want to chug coffee just to get through the synopsis. Meanwhile films like Inferno, Don't Look Back. Hardcore Henry and a dozen others I saw this year which all got horrific reviews, were much better than they said. Both Inferno and the Jack Reacher movie were all based on books I liked and everyone else called them garbage as well, showing book reviewers aren't any better lately. The point is don't NOT listen to reviewers anymore as they, like the media they work for, have lost all credibility.

9)AirBnB- If you don't think the TPP is dangerous check out this story. A person suing for racial discrimination had his lawsuit thrown out due to arbitration rules stuck into the fine print of their rental agreements. These are becoming more and more prevalent as companies realize they can skate on obligations by only allowing arbitration which greatly favors the corporation over the plaintiff. The TPP will let that explode until none of us are safe.
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8)Harvard Soccer Team- These guys thought it would be hilarious to make a "score card" for female soccer players, rating them on their looks and assigning a sexual position to each. It strikes me as odd that these guys got into Harvard but had the common sense of garden gnome. They really didn't think this was going to get out eventually. True, it had stayed a secret since at least 2012, but when it did come out, heads were going to roll and the whole schedule was cancelled for the year. Idiots.

7)Todd Kohlepp- I find it strange that whenever a new serial killer is caught, it is almost always the guy you thunk it would be. It is rarely the mild mannered man who lives next door. Usually, the guy has a dangerous past, looks sketchy as hell and Todd Kohlepp fits that category to a T. Arrested for the deaths of seven women and the kidnapping/torture of another, this fat fuck is going to get the death penalty and deservedly so. Bye bye loser.

6)Bridgegate- Two of Chris Christie's top aides were convicted for Bridgegate and face several years on prison for it. However, the media was as always asleep at the wheel connecting any of this to Christie, which was so obvious jurors said so after the trial that they wondered why charges were never brought against him as well. Then the FBI ignored proof he was guilty, making me wonder why we have these assholes at all anymore as they are single handedly destroying this country with the pro-Trump nonsense. Christie was guilty as hell and no one said boo about it. This country is toast.
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5)Donald Trump- The media made a lot of hay about an "attack" on Trump that turned out to be nothing more than a boisterous Republican non-Trump supporter, who got busted up because some panicky moron yelled "gun." The media played it over and over, even though anyone who could read saw there was nothing that happened as the MSM conveniently ignored facts until it suited their purposes to tell us what I already knew. The Media really is lying to you. Trump will hopefully lose as demographics spell doom for him with a huge Hispanic vote that is apparent in early voting. If that continues he's done. Good.

4)Black People- It has not been a good week for black people unless them winding up in walled off ghettos is their thing. Early voting has been way down, but that may reflect a dwindling of polling stations, especially for early voting, and we may still see an uptick on election day. However, some people like Louis Farrakhan are stirring up the elect Trump plot for some inane reason as he recently called Hillary Hitler. She may be a lot of things but the person more closely aligned with Hitler is her opponent, dumbass. Go back to Calypso singing before you kill us all. Racist. Then we had Dave Chappelle go off on Hillary the other night while singing praises for Trump. I am curious to see if he will still be hosting SNL next week after that. Black people must vote Hillary as the other guy will bring back slavery.

3)Donna Brazille- Yet another black person behaving badly. The one thing Wikileaks exposed is how corrupt the DNC really is. They rigged the primaries for Hillary and have got caught red handed here. Brazille was fired from CNN this week after more emails came forward showing her giving Hillary the answers at debates beforehand. Cheater. The fact she was pissed that anyone questioned her integrity when this came out a few weeks back is especially funny. It's also why I think Hillary is going to win. She is going to cheat if she has to, Trumpians are going to notice and this whole country is going to go tits up. Swell.

2)FBI- These assholes are trying to start a coup and should be vilified for it. However, since our worthless media is ignoring of all it to focus on emails I do not care about, they are getting away with it scot free. After Comey released a vague letter that did nothing but inflame rumors and outright lies ( I am looking at you Fox news), Hillary's numbers plummeted. And then, just for fun I guess, the released documents related to the Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich which was done for political purposes and not a payoff. Clinton was trying to get Israel to the peace table and this was one way of doing it. I guess the FBI cannot read. They certainly can't do law enforcement worth a damn.
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1)The MSM- Wow, do you guys suck! You reported about nonsense while ignoring actual stories going on right under your nose. Fox News said they have confirmed reports the FBI was about to indict Hillary, and then had to back track it a day later when it turned out to be nonsense. That didn't stop Trump and his people from shouting that from the mountain tops, convincing people it as true. They have ignored all the problems with the FBI who seem to be steering the election, which is against the law and, afterward, I hope charges are filed for once to get rid of these traitors. Instead we have countless bullshit stories about emails that mean nothing, no stories about the Dakota pipeline protest, nothing about the largest gas pipeline explosion in US history, no story about why the woman dropped her suit against Trump for rape years back after she got death threats. Nothing. Just hour after hour of Clinton bashing for the sole reason to keep the election close, at least on paper, and get eyes glued to the networks on Tuesday. Vote Hillary in Tuesday. She may suck hard but she's still better than Trump. Congratulations MSM, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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