Monday, November 28, 2016


These assholes are behaving like they won a commanding election when in truth, they squeaked out an electoral win either by cheating or human stupidity. They lost the popular vote by two million and counting. That is NOT a mandate. So in return, all the crappy ideas that voters have thumbed their nose to over these past few years have all come roaring back. So get used to another Depression and no help if you aren't rich. These douchebags are going to kill millions when they destroy health care which is all but guaranteed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Refugees- One thing that I have come to accept as truth from the right is that there can be NO more refugees coming here for any reason whatsoever. Unlike the right however who have racist reasons for not wanting them here, I believe economics is a far better reason. This country is broke as it is and helping people out from god knows where while we starve is insulting and stupid. We spend a lot, billions on these programs that could be better used to, I don't know, giving Social Security participants a raise or giving homeless veterans a place to sleep that isn't the street. Why can't we help ourselves before being generous with people too dumb or cowardly to fight for themselves. Pick a side guys. If Christians were blowing people up, there wouldn't be a Church standing within ten miles of my house and any fundamentalist would be executed post haste. But not these dorks. Today, a Somali refugee appears to have attacked the Ohio State University with a car and a machete, wounding six before being brought down by a hail of bullets. With Trump about to take office, Muslims in this country are headed for internment camps if it gets too bad. Bet on it.

9)Fidel Castro- He's dead. Good. Any contrary to way too many Tweets and Memes out there, communism and fascism are opposite ends of the spectrum. One is far left, Castro, and the other is far right, Republicans. Democrats are center right by the way so calling them Communists is the equivalent of calling me black, otherwise known as way off the mark. Read a fucking book once ina while America.

8)Maggianio's Nazi Dinner- Unbeknownst to the fabulous pasta restaurant, an alt right group rented out their ballroom space and proceeded to heil Hitler AND Trump in a frightening display of hate and rage. Yeah, Trump isn't Hitler and then this shows up with surprisingly little outrage. This country is doomed.
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7)Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions- These two HATE weed and would like it gone for good. Not going to happen guys unless civil war is what you are looking for. Sessions who is in line for AG might go after legal weed but would face a huge backlash over it, especially if he got rid of medical pot too. Hoards of sick people n your doorstep will turn public opinion against you hard and could lead to violence. These guys haven't even got into office and already things look bleak. Come on recount.

6)Recount haters-First off, let's be clear that this has almost no chance of turning over the election. However, we should make sure than no fraud happened, especially as it has been alleged that Trump received more votes than actual voters in Wisconsin, which happened before in 2004 in Ohio between Kerry and Bush, and for which three people went to jail. It would seem statistically impossible for ALL the mysterious voters to have gone Trump's way if "error" as the state concluded was responsible. You should be aware that even the recount efforts in many of these states are far from transparent for the most part, which is why I expect little to change. If by some miracle it does, and Hillary becomes president, expect civil war soon after.

5)Trump and Illegal Voters- Still behaving like a retarded monkey, Trump alleged that he would have won the popular vote too if "illegal" voters hadn't stolen it from him. The problem with this accusation is there is zero evidence that it occurred. As a matter of fact. people who have looked at this election said at best, dozens may have voted nationwide that shouldn't have. That is a far cry from millions and gives us a taste of what Orange Hitler has in store for us.
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4)Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos- Trump's pick for this post is a billionaire with no experience in public schools and a love of public for profit education. This could be disastrous to the country if charter schools with no regulations start dumping stupid kids on the street with no hope of doing anything with their lives expect have a worthless degree. States could see money fly from public schools and into people's pockets as this nation somehow gets dumber. This pick may help that along greatly.

3)Standing Rock- This force against protest shows us everything wrong with this country. No company should be allowed to build on sovereign land. Our drinking water shouldn't be up for sale. And the police should not have military weapons. The media has been less than stellar reporting this, our government has done little to stop this and these people should seriously think about bringing their own weapons because this is going to end in a bloodbath one way or another.

2)"Fake" news- Many are complaining that fake news sites cost Hillary the election. And while there is some truth to this, the MSM has been every bit as complacent with constant lies or non-reporting about things that matter. They let Trump walk all over them for ratings while bleating incessantly about emails and Benghazi which amounted to nothing. Throwing stones at glass houses much?
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1)Repulicans- These fuckwads are acting like 90% of the country voted for them. You barely won. Now we hear about an end to Roe V Wade, tax cuts for everyone BUT the middle class, more arrests for minor crimes, especially in the black community, naming Muslims second class citizens and a host of other far right nonsense. If they outlaw abortion or weed, expect resistance and violent at that. Don't think all liberals are peacenik fools. We aren't. I know quite a few with a lot of guns. Go too far and expect trouble. If they go after Muslims, gays or immigrants in the way they want, again bring body bags because that is a recipe for disaster. When more than half the country disagrees with you, it is going to end badly. It seems they also want to wreck entitlement programs, healthcare and other things that most of us need to survive. Trump and Congress may literally kill half a million people two years from now. How do think that will play out when they courts are against the people too? Rage and lots of it. We stand at the brink of civil war whether you want accept it or not. And these idiots you put in charge are leading the way/ We are all dead and this is hell. Congratulations GOP and their voters you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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