Sunday, July 19, 2015


Holy Christ, I know it was only a matter of time before Trump said something of Palin level stupidity but damn did he step it in this week when he called John McCain a non-hero for his POW capture. Even if there may be some truth to that, which I will get into later and still have serious doubts about, calling out McCain without any proof (the birther crap all over again) will serious damage his popularity among the military and their millions of supporters. How long before he becomes flavor of the week and his numbers plummet? Let's see those runner ups.

10)The Emmys- Do Emmy voters watch the same fifteen shows year after year and keep voting for just those because while there were some welcome surprises this year (Amy Schumer and Tatiana Maslany come to mind), most of the nominess were for shows that lost their luster years ago. Homeland and Downton Abby had no business being nominated for anything as most fans, myself included, realize their quality had dipped dramatically in the past few seasons to such a point I don't watch them anymore. Mad Men was widely criticized for its final season and who in hell thought the atrocious Killing Jesus deserved anything but a wide range of Razzies? No love for longtime comedies Big Bang(which is still awesome) show some signs they have moved away from just nominating the same things year after year, but to ignore comedies like Brooklyn 99 and Fresh Off The Boat for shows few have watched like Kimmy Schmidt and Transparent is not going to attract the viewers as the Oscars have been doing for years with the same results. I am not saying popular shows should only get the nomination and that's it, but nominating niche shows that a handful of people watch is also kind of frustrating. And a lot of nominations are just bizarre. Lily Tomlin was nominated for show almost every critic hated. So why the nod? And while black people are thrilled with the number of nominations, I notice a lack of Asian and Hispanic nominees, many of which I feel should have been up there in place of people like Edie Falco (her show is NOT funny by the way). I'll still watch, but will have little interest in what wins as most of it I and much of America do not watch.

9)The Loch Ness Monster- As a kid I believed in the Loch Ness Monster. Then I went to college, talked with real experts on the subject and realized that it was most likely bunk. The famous picture we all know was a hoax as revealed on the hoaxers death bed when he showed the model he used which was nothing more than a dinosaur head on a toy submarine. Now comes the latest twist where a Loch Ness monster hunter who has been at it for 24 years gave up this week and told the world there is no monster there. Bet he feels awful that his life's work was ultimately meaningless. The Loch Ness Monster is not real. Get over it believers.
8)The Duggars- TLC finally cancelled this awful show in which two mentally deranged loons try to break the world record for children while screwing up the planet at the same time which is already WAY overpopulated. Josh Duggar, who did molest several people as a kid, including his own sisters, didn't help himself with his anti-gay rants that equated homosexuality with pedophilia. We all know what this means then don't we? Josh Duggar is actually gay. It's what you've been preaching dumb ass. I find this way funny.

7)George W. Bush- Turns out the worst President of all times is ultimately responsible for destabilizing two regions, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. I have blamed Clinton for years for this, not knowing it was actually Captain Dumbass that did this which can hardly be surprising at this point. North Korea didn't get the bomb until 2006, well into his Presidency. And what steps did he take to stop this you ask? Nothing. Absolutely not one thing. Imagine if it happened under Obama's watch. The Republicans would have been screaming for his head. Jeb may be worse than W., at least if you look at his horrific past that includes fly by night business schemes that never worked and helping his brother lock in the election in 2000 when he was Governor of Florida. The Bush name must NEVER be in the White House again.

6)Mexico- This week, the biggest drug deal on Earth "El Chapo," escaped from the Maximum security prison in Mexico through a tunnel better built than most Mexican infrastructure. The prison is state of the art and a combination of chutzpah and corruption allowed his escape, far better than the two idiots who broke out of a NY prison and then stumbled around the wilderness with no plan. Mexican people have thrown their hands up in disgust as this is just par for the course in a country barely holding on anymore and whose trust has vanished. Sound familiar?

5)The Klan/New Black Panthers- These two hate groups held competing rallies in South Carolina this week. The best part is that both had less members than Justin Bieber's entourage. It's hard to get worked up when a handful of racists are competing against the hundreds that showed up to denounce them. The Klan is barely held together anymore with less than 4000 members nationwide, almost all of which are mouth breathing morons who have no organization and fewer teeth. The New Black Panthers has even less members and little support from black people in general. I love watching racists fail.

4)Germany/Greek PM Tsipras- This week, with the help of the current Greek PM, made average Greeks take it up the ass without any lube at all. After the voters said NO loudly to any more austerity, Tsipras turned around and did it anyway after the country was blackmailed into doing that or else risk being ejected from the EU. Nevermind the fact that every study down on this subject say this approach will never work, they did it anyway, because the one percent demanded their pound of flesh. The Greek government is glad the average citizen has no guns because if they tried that crap here there would be a bunch of dead politicians the next day. This won't end well no matter how you look at it.

3)Republicans and Iran- As expected, the ink hadn't even dried on the Iran/US pact when the GOP came out swinging on how bad a deal it was, even though they hadn't ever read it yet. Almost every expert on the subject, regardless of party affiliation, said it was actually a pretty good deal that will keep Iran from getting a bomb for ten for fifteen years. What's not to like about that? The alternative is Iran accelerates their programs with no oversight and a massive war ensues. As always the GOP has no plan for what to do instead of this treaty, which is all the seem to be capable of. They hate whatever Obama does, but offer zero ideas of what to do instead. The GOP is a joke at this point and their supporters are fucking morons! Stop voting for Republicans unless you want the country to be a smoking husk.

2)Eric Holder- He was going to take the top spot until the Donald opened his big, fat mouth. Holder was the worst attorney general in American history and that is saying something when you have to compete with Janet Reno and Alberto Gonzales. His tenure was filled with failures like the Fast and Furious probe that went horribly wrong, to his inability to stop huge corporate mergers, to his terrible approach of going after the banks that sank the economy of which he prosecuted a total of zero. Now comes word that this ass of huge proportions is going to work for a huge bank, obviously pay off for not doing his job while in Office. This revolving door needs to stop with a law that states no one in public office can profit or take a job for x amount of years if they did business with them while serving the people. I have had no compete clauses for some of the worst jobs I have ever worked. Why don't people like Holder get the same?

1)Donald Trump- Trump went after McCain this week for not being a war hero because he was captured and tortured by the Vietnamese. Ouch. The GOP jumped all over this, conveniently forgetting they did the same thing to John Kerry, who helped that controversy by failing to get in front of it. This all started when McCain called Trump crazy, which led to the inevitable as Trump does not like being criticized by anyone and lashed out as only he can. Now while it is true there have been rumors that McCain committed treason while a POW, I have never seen hard proof of that. It is true he did one anti-American propaganda piece but as anyone who has ever been tortured (like me and that is a literal statement), everyone reaches their breaking point. Mine was when the dental assistant would hold me down by force as the dentist continued to drill without Novocain. It is beyond agony. At that point, I would have sold out America too. The official word is after this though, McCain refused to do any more which led to more torture. That sucks. I while I think McCain is a little loony, he is more stable than most running for President this time around. Trump may have done real damage to his credibility with this, as McCain, no matter what you think about him, is a true hero for what he did for his country. So congratulation Donald Trump you are douchebag of the week.

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