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I don't even know where to start. We are in real danger of losing this country and no one seems too concerned about it. You will when we either see civil war rip this nation apart or storm troopers hold the country hostage as a fascist state rises anew. The worst part is a lot of you seem fine with this. There are way too many in this nation accepting Russia as an ally, even though their goal is not altruistic toward us in the slightest. If they succeed, it won't be wine and roses and death and destruction. Same goes for current health care bill which will end health care for all but the rich. I have never witnessed such rampant stupidity ever. There is no way we don't head over a cliff because way too many of you are beyond redemption. Hillary was right. Half  this country is deplorable and maybe it's time to face that reality. The sad fact is the other half from the far left is also insane and equally repugnant. Somewhere between those two factions lie the rest of us, a sane but precious few who are watching the world circle the drain, incapable of doing anything but witness what is going to occur. If there were more sane people, we would have a chance but the lunatics are now running the asylum. Now listen closely because we are rapidly running out of time. As the left and right are refusing to listen to anyone but their own questionable beliefs, and with trust gone among just about everyone and everything, there is only one way this goes and that is violently. When words no longer work, fists come out. And those fists have guns, armies and nuclear weapons. Great. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Horror movies- We already witnessed the implosion of the film comedy this year with tepid entries like Baywatch, Rough Night and the atrocious CHIPS (watch at your own peril). Now comes another slew of equally horrible horror movies with this week's release of Wish Upon, yet another tired PG-13 horror flick that is not scary, not well done and to be honest, a screenplay that should have been flushed rather than made. How many movies do we have to sit through where people make dumb decisions that no one in their right mind would make? Scary noise in a dark room when I know a monster is on the loose? I better investigate. Idiot. This is on the heels of equally awful films like the Bye Bye Man, Underworld sequel 3290, Split (If you saw the previews, you saw the whole movie), Resident Evil sequel 3290, Rings remake 3290, It Comes At Night (not to this film whose BO was piss poor), and The Mummy (NOT a horror film really). Other than Get Out, there have been NO good horror movies. I have heard good things about the Annabelle prequel coming soon that is supposed to be way scary. It is also rated R which helps. The rest avoid like the plague.

9)Sean Hannity- This traitor to America (you heard me, if you defend Trump and his Nazi bullshit you are a TRAITOR to this country) gave the most soft balled questions to Don Don (damn you The President's Show for beating me to that nickname I was waiting to use today) and he still fucked it up. When Don Jr. swore he told the truth about everything, Hannity said that was the end of that then. Only it wasn't when it came out that there were way more people in the room, including a Russian spy and documents that may have contained anti-Hillary information. As always, this blowhard offered no retraction and is STILL going on about this being a hoax which it isn't. When this all blows up and Trump is proven a traitor, this ass better get his butt thrown out the door too. History will not be kind to the enablers when this all comes out.

8)Kelly Anne Conway- Propaganda Barbie thought it would hilarious to whip out some visual aids she made, trying to mimic Bob Dylan via Bob Roberts. On these cards she made she rhymed a few words together to make light of the growing Russian scandal that these asses are doing everything to deflect from. It's not collusion, it's illusion and a delusion she showed. Wow, that's is so funny (insert heavy sarcasm here). There is a reason this woman never made it as a stand up comic. Watch her sets from years back. They are awful. I used to do stand up decades ago and while I wasn't great. I was way better than her. If I am better than you at a profession I realized I wasn't suited for, you really suck.
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7)Libtards- My God there are way too many of you out there who fit this bill. It's bad enough I have to deal with the cult of Trump but the cult of Hillary is proving to be almost as dangerous. I keep getting blocked in Facebook from liberal idiots who will not face facts in that Hillary CHEATED in the last election. That is not open to debate. It happened and there is 100% proof it it. They fired Debbie Wasserman Schultz over it and had Donna Brazile removed for giving Hillary the debate answers before hand. And yes, regardless of what you've read or heard (which is always a bad sign for people who don't understand how something works), Bernie would have won handedly in the general election as there have been hundreds of people who came forward afterward, including dozens of people I know personally, who would have voted for Bernie but HATED Hillary. Chances are high that he would have won all the states she lost and probably gained a few like NC and Florida as well. But that didn't happen and now we are stuck with the end of everything. Get with the fucking program liberals in that neoliberalism is dead. Long live the new progressivism.

6)Deray Mckesson- My dislike for the BLM movement is well documented here. It's not that I don't think they have a point, they do in that young black men are getting shot a lot. However, new FBI data shows that over the last two years, white men are now getting shot more than blacks, even accounting for the population difference. This may have to do with the fact that anytime a black person is shot, people show up pissed. Why does that not happen when white people die under the same mysterious circumstances? Because white people don't matter to the left anymore, thus the reason Republicans control two thirds of everything, no one cares when cops are killing us with impunity and no public outcry. Congratulations lefties, you're making this country more and more fascist with every passing day. The head of the BLM, Deray, has been a troublesome racist who's fifteen minutes of fame should be just about up. He's getting sued by Baton Rouge police for instigating violence that killed six police officers. His latest bon mot was to go after the latest Planet of the Apes movie declaring the film racist because one of the apes was wearing a blue vest, just like the one he wears all the time. Unfortunately for him, the vest is a reference to the original movie, in which an ape also wore a blue vest. Oops. It's not always about you. It doesn't make any difference because this world is becoming more and more tribal and if black people find themselves out looking in, they will be wishing to be back where they were fed and happy. Shit like this is making things way worse.
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5)Rick Scott- The Uncle Fester of the South has long been one of the worst governors in the country. How the brain dead rednecks re-elected him, like Sam Brownback, makes you question our educational system. This week, Governor Cue Ball decided it would be a great idea to pass a bill in which ANY bit of science can be challenged by a single parent in the school system. Yeah, that won't be chaos. Right off the bat they are going to get evolution questioned, along with pretty much everything else discovered these last few centuries. Have fun debating gravity.

4)Republican Health Care Bill- Talk about hanging by a thread. Two Senators have said FUCK NO to the bill meaning any other defection and this bill is toast. I have a feeling that after the CBO report tomorrow or Tuesday, at least one is going to join the no rosters. If Ted Cruz's amendment gets passed, all health care becomes unaffordable unless you are not sick. We know this because EVERY insurance company wrote Congress telling them that. And they ARE STILL trying to pass this thing. Heller is the one to watch. It will be political suicide if he goes through with it, and possibly actual suicide as people will start shooting Republicans when their loved ones start dying. The vote was delayed this week, ironically for John McCain to get surgery. The wait won't help.

3)Republican Voters- I can't say this strongly enough. I sincerely hope YOU ALL FUCKING DIE HORRIBLY!!! What the fuck America! There is a TRAITOR in the White House and because he fights for your side that is fine? Fuck YOU! I am sick of hearing things like "health care is a privilege," and "Russia is our friend." I have listened to SO many people who live across the nation who are on Medicaid, Food Stamps and other government assistance and then go vote REPUBLICAN? WTF? And then they are shocked when all of that is going to cut by the same party that has been actively trying to eliminate it for decades. HOW STUPID ARE YOU? STOP VOTING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT YOU DEAD!

2)Don Don- I always though he was the smart one. Nope, apparently he is every bit as brainless of his fucking father. He could not stop lying this week to such an extent that some people like Charles Krauthammer changed his tune and is now addressing collusion with Russians as fact. As he is hardly a lefty by any stretch of the imagination, it shows a start. If we just get Congress and the idiot public to accept it as well, we might actually escape this relatively unscathed. But that seems pipe dreamy as the general public and GOP in general is lock step with the President still. Don Don is a liability. His meeting could bring down the presidency. At least I hope so.
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1)Trump- Another week, another disaster. Even though Chairman Cheeto and his minions keep saying HOAX at the top of their lungs, facts say otherwise. Mark Warner, the leading democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, says he thinks it's nonsense Trump knew nothing about the meeting of which Trump hinted as such in his usual tweetstorm this week that he might have known some time ago. He also went off on non-existent bullshit like Hillary and the Ukrainians (garbage), her emails (yawn) and my favorite, Hillary how she sold all the world's uranium to Russia because she wanted a kickback, or something. None of that was true. What was true was we now have solid proof of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Not fake news but hard data, provided by Don Jr. himself. That is not in contest except by the diehards and cultists. We have a traitor in office, one who appears to aligned himself with Russia and an eager public ready to believe him. This is how Hitler and others got started. So if you sit back and wait, this country ends. Start fighting America because protests and sit ins are not going to do it anymore. I want to see a million armed people surround the White House and demand his resignation. And if he's dumb enough to send in the National Guard or the like, welcome to the New American Revolution. Or you can sit back and watch the world burn. I am only one man, somewhat crippled and old and have little fight in me beyond my words. But what I hope to do is inspire others to find non-violent means to end this national nightmare. We better because the Fourth Reich IS coming. If you don't believe me, feel free to read up on how fascism starts. I write about it a lot. So congratulations Trump, who might very well be the LAST American president, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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