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You can't go five minutes lately without some sort of scandal engulfing the current administration. I have been following politics since I could read and I can tell you I have never seen this level of arrogance and incompetence from the highest office. When you can out-douche such notaries as Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson and Bush the Lesser, you've not only crossed the Rubicon, you've teleported to Mars.
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Turns out Don Jr. may be the real embarrassment of the Trump family, which must have made Tiffany and Eric sigh in relief that it wasn't them. Not only did dumbass change his fucking story a hundred and seventeen times, when caught in said lie, he released a treasure trove of emails that to say are damning would be an understatement.

Here's a quick review of what we know. Don Trump Jr., Paul Manafort (campaign manager at the time) and Jared Kushner met with a high level Putin ally with the express intent to gain info against the Hillary campaign. The denials have been laughable. They have said the woman is not connected to Russian hierarchy in any way. Right. No one, and I mean NO ONE, in Russia gets to any position of like this without ties to the Kremlin. It is fucking impossible. They might as well as said she was made of silicone and came from Omega Seven. That would be more believable. A rudimentary search of her background shows she works for a law firm that doesn't appear to exist beyond a circumstantial level. The firm has NO website, or published phone number, yet this woman has high level contacts that are not in dispute. As all positions in Russia are doled out by Putin, her statement and that of Trump that she is some low level flunky is nonsense.

The meeting was first denied it ever happened. Then it was they met but nothing of importance was discussed. Then it was a quick meeting about Russian adoptions. Only after the NYT told him they had his emails did he release them first and wow are they telling. For all the garbage that Hillary got about her emails, none of which contained anything of importance regardless of what the GOP keeps harping on, these are devastating. Not only did Don Jr know who he was meeting, a lie he keeps repeating, but he went there specifically to get damaging info about Hillary. WTF? That is the most unamerican thing ever.
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The emails go on to paint a picture that destroys their narrative that the Russians weren't involved. Collusion is front and center here and trying to spin this won't work, thus the reason the president has been invisible (other than Twitter) for the most part until he leaves for Paris tomorrow, a fact the White House staff must be thrilled with. But hidden among all of this is the fact that while Don Jr. may be in legal trouble (iffy but possible), Jared Kushner IS in legal trouble, and big time at that. This is the second meeting with a Russian that he didn't mention on his security clearance form and the latest one may be the final straw here. DC loves to go after people for lying on the security clearance forms and he faces five years when Mueller recommends his arrest, which he will now do with an almost 100% guarantee. As Trump is likely to also be indicted as a co-conspirator (there is no fucking way he didn't know about this meeting as claimed) and guilty of obstruction, his presidency is now almost certainly on borrowed time.

I can tell this because behind closed doors, the GOP is idiotically planning for President Pence. The fact of the matter is even if Trump gets impeached, Pence is likely to be swept out with them. He is not innocent in all of this either. And then when this occurs, time becomes a factor. I have a feeling none of this will occur until sometime late next year, considering how slow the levers of Washington work. If it happens after the 2018 elections, Nancy Pelosi could be the next president. Before and it could be Paul Ryan. Both make my nuts shrink. But Pence ain't going to happen.

This has been a very bad week for Trump who is getting very close to a point where Republicans are going to throw him overboard. Many Republicans, including resident morons like Trey Gowdy, was horrified by this meeting and they have to start wondering about blow back in 2018 when the democrats start painting the entire GOP as awash in Russian spies. That patriotic bull the Republicans are always spouting may be in short supply at this rate.

Here's one last bit that few in the media have talked about: we have no fucking idea what really went on in that meeting between a Russian and the top Trump team members. How do we know a deal wasn't made? Isn't it awfully convenient that the emails Don Jr. wanted released at the end of the summer came out just like he said? Why did Trump seem to know Hillary info about to be released, as his speech and Twitter rants prove, unless he had help from the Russians as alleged? As these people lie like breathing, everything they say should be held suspect. This is the smoking gun and not a "nothing burger" as Fox News and others had contended. There are crimes for anyone with eyes to see and hard proof now exists thanks to Don Jr. being the moron of the family. Once again, Eric rejoices, even though he has own legal problems stemming from charity fraud in the state of NY.
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Trump is corrupt and, most likely, controlled by the Russians. There is ample evidence of that now and saying there is not enough proof is disingenuous at best, traitorous at worst. The country faces its' end of we don't find the courage to stand up and demand the resignation of Trump and most of his cabinet. If we wait, and he finds some excuse to declare martial law, it will be far too late to end our slide into fascism. Fight people as if your life depends on it because it does. If Republicans have their way, millions will die, mostly people who idiotically voted for them. I keep telling people to remember that Jews voted for Hitler and look how that turned out.

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