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There is no normal anymore. Our president is scum and a third of the country is fine with that. Maybe we should all apologize to Hillary as her "deplorable" comment doesn't seem so mean and vindictive now. Welcome to the new bottom floor. There will undoubtedly be a new level next week because that is where we are at. This country, and the world, is now becoming more and more tribal, and that is not good new for anyone. OTHER is becoming way too many groups as blacks, whites, rich, poor, Democrat and Republican all take sides against one another. Violence is coming. Bet on it now as the steps needed to be done haven't been these past 25 years. I have been the Cassandra of this era and this blog proves that. Go back and read what I said would happen when this blog first started, more than eighty percent of it actually happened just as I said it would. We could have had a paradise had bigotry and stupidity not taken center stage. I had dial it up to 12 this week and I know I am missing some people because otherwise this column would be 37 pages long. Let's see those runner ups.
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12)Professor Lisa Durden- People like her are why we are standing at the edge right now. This black waste of space went on Tucker Carlson to defend a black only meeting for Memorial Day saying "Boo Hoo, you are all just mad because you didn't get to play your white privilege card." She was fired soon after. MLK would abhor what this racist was saying which is that black people and white people should be separated which is the exact opposite of what he, and I as well, believe in. What dumbass didn't realize is that if the courts allow black only spaces, by law, they have to allow white only spaces too. How well do you think that would play out in today's super racist America? Hope you like the days of Jim Crow because you are actively asking for that. The fact she is professor does not fill me with hope for mankind.

11)Loretta Lynch- Speaking of dumb black women, can someone please explain to me how year after year, president after president, no matter who is the AG at the time, they are borderline mentally challenged? After the whole stupid Bill Clinton on her plane fiasco, something that directly helped Trump win, now it is being alleged that she interfered with the Hillary email scandal too by telling Comey to address the thing as a "matter" and not "an investigation," and even possibly hamstringing the whole thing. Even Democrats are calling for an investigation and if she is actually found guilty, could land her in jail for five to ten years, even though that is highly unlikely. But in today's upside down world, who knows?

10)John McEnroe- Dumb ass shot his big fat mouth off this week when he suggested that Serena Williams wouldn't even make the top 700 if she was playing against men. Didn't we already settle this decades ago when Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs? I watched that as a child and was routing for her to beat the misogynistic Riggs, which she did handedly. I would pay good money to watch Serena beat any of the men, which I know she would. That woman is a fantastic athlete who doesn't get the love she should. Her sister was in an fatal accident this week (she's fine, the other driver not so much) and is getting sued. I studied what happened in the crash and see that this is a blatant money grab against someone rich. The other driver was as much at fault as Venus was. I wish them both nothing but the best and want to see them win some more tournaments just to stick it to people like this.
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9)Kennedy- I fucking hate this woman. I despised her on MTV. I hate her even more now that she is on Fox News. Her nails on a chalkboard voice is bad enough but she has all the intelligence of a ten watt bulb. This dumb bitch actually went on a tirade about the health care bill CBO estimate for how many will die and asked how can we know any of that? According to her, we all will die someday and no one knows when so why worry about it. There are so many things wrong with that statement I don't even know where to start. First off, there is this thing called statistics that can estimate how many people will die in any given year from just about anything. Just because you're too stupid too understand how science works, doesn't mean it doesn't work at all. Second, I can take everything any one person does in their life and come up with a pretty good guess what their life expectancy is. Considering Kennedy is too stupid to know any of this, chances are her life span won't last long as stupidity has a way of evening the score.

8)James O'Keefe- The conservative film maker struck again this week, now going after CNN, which seems to be par for the course this week for just about everyone, CNN included. This fuckwad who uses deceptive video editing to make his point went after a CNN producer who stated he though the Russia thing was bull, a theory echoed somewhat by Van Jones in a later video. Turns out the first guy was a health and science producer out of Atlanta, making his opinion worthless, and the Van Jones one edited heavily. A third video allegedly showing them editing out footage of "proof" of voter tampering, but was in actuality some eyewitness testimony with no verifiable evidence. This guy is a dick and everything he does should be ignored. He is the very definition of fake news.

7)CNN and the NYT- The above story aside, these two have done real damage to journalism these past few says with reckless reporting that undermines everything they should stand for. CNN is struggling due to the sheer incompetence of the idiot in charge Jeff Zucker. To this day I don't understand why hire a guy who ran NBC into the ground to do the same to your network which is exactly what happened. Because this balding moron cared more about ratings than news, he gave us Trump on a platter. Swell. Now, he's facing an ouster because his network seems to not be ale to report the news accurately anymore. They are making Fox News look good in comparison. Hot on the heels of several stories that turned out to be inaccurate, like almost everything with Comey's testimony before it happened, then they screwed up an investigative piece that was totally wrong. Three got fired for a story tying a Trump aide to Russia, based on sketchy evidence that never should have been used. This is not how to practice new gathering and I would know as I work as a reporter still. The NYT story was far less worse, involving an op-ed story that never should have been published that alleged that Sarah Palin using violent language helped spur the shooting of Gabby Gifford. None of the facts in the piece were true which means the NYT is not editing its work well enough. The fact they are firing all the people who would be helpful in preventing this from happening again does not bode well for the quality of information we will get from now on.

6)Judy Sanders- Bernie's wife is in trouble for a college land deal gone wrong and I can say that while this may be a witch hunt, it also doesn't look good either. Judy was a dean of a college in Vermont when she asked for a bank loan to expand the campus. She got the land, but then defaulted on the loan and the college was closed as a result. Records allege that she falsified info to get the loan which was supported by donations way over inflated from what she would actually bring in. There are also allegations that she forced a group home off the land with little notice and that Bernie called the bank pressuring them to approve it. If true, my faith in my mankind is officially shattered and have to realize there are NO heroes anymore. Sigh.
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5)NRA- Anyone belonging to this group should be ashamed. I used to know lots of people who were members and even I supported their notion of being anti-gun law to a certain extent. Then they became a fundraising wing of the Republican party and this group became less about guns and more about advancing GOP ideals. Since then, I know very few who still belong, This week, they hit a new low with an ad telling their supporters that the thing they need to worry about now are violent lefties out to gun them down. Please. We need to ratchet down the violence, not start another blaze. This ad was because since Trump won, gun sales have plummeted as no one is coming after your guns anymore, as if they ever were. The backlash against this ad was severe and rightfully so. Advancing a white agenda using guns as a talking point is a sure fire way to get many people dead. Morons.

4)State budgets- If you want to see what dysfunction looks like, I give you the states of Maine, NJ, CT and Illinois. What do three of the four states gave in common you ask? All have dick Republican governors and a democratic congress. CT is the outlier in that they are just incompetent after having 27 years of some of the worst governors in the nation. That state is so fucked and voters have no one to blame but themselves, me being one of them as I lived there for most of that time. I warned people about Lowell Weicker and John Rowland but Cassandra here was ignored and guess what, they sucked just like I said they would. CT is hopeless. The other states have a different problem. In those states a Republican wants to make draconian cuts to the budget that the Congress isn't down with. As a result, states like Illinois are flirting with bankruptcy, as NJ and Maine close their parks for the 4th, which will cost the states billions in lost revenues. That'll teach them for not wanting little kids to starve. People should be surrounding their homes, demanding their heads for this but Idiot America is too busy playing Candy Crush to care. You will when all this comes crashing down around you and you wonder why.

3)Democrats- Holy God, you do see the house is burning down right? Not people like Adam Schiff or Chuck Schumer who, everytime they talk to the camera, act as if everything is fine and we shouldn't be panicking something fierce. Thanks God for people like Bernie and Warren who bitch to high heaven like they should. Kudos also to rising star Kristen Gillibrand for joining the precious few who realize that single payer is the way to go. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be facing criminal charges and even impeachment for her inference into a case involving an IT member of her group under investigation for data breaches. She is also facing several civil cases involving her cheating for Hillary as DNC head. These guys need to fight, start using words like "demented" and "insane," when describing the president and keep talking treason and impeachment over and over. The GOP knows marketing. You don't. For fucks sake learn already.

2)Republicans- The GOP health care plan is on life support as the more goodies they add to it to attract moderates, the more the conservatives say no way. Funny enough, the goodies they are adding aren't getting the moderates to jump ship either. There is always a chance this could still pass, but at this time, it is going to be very, very hard. Even if it did, there is no chance the House votes it in as the Freedom Caucus will kill it for being overly generous. Some have wanted to repeal Obamacare and replace later, but that would cause chaos in the industry and even Mitch McConnell appears not dumb enough to do that. If this goes through, it will be Civil War as people dying in the hundreds of thousands will propel many to take up arms against the government, a fact that Republicans have worried about as they ask about security. They are safe in the Capital but on their own at home. Good luck standing against an angry mob determined to hang you from the tallest tree for killing grandma.
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1)Trump- WHAT. A. DICK! This week, Tangerine Mussolini suggested repealing Obamacare with no replacement, went after Morning Joe with a series of sick tweets and just today, put up a video of him fighting in a wrestling ring with a CNN logo over his opponents face. Classy. His tweets went so far that even Republicans chastised him for it, a rarity. He also threatened war with Syria, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Fantastic. And his supporters love it. Let's see how much they like it when they glow in the dark from the massive war this tool is going to start or when their health care goes poof. This man is dangerous and apparently, quite insane. Just what we needed, a madman with his finger on the button. We are one good terrorist attack from this world ending and no one seems to care. So congratulations Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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