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This was a major turning point for this country. For the entire world to see, we witnessed the Republican party, urged on by Trump, try to kill health care for millions. The Republican party is now officially the fucking NAZI party and should be treated accordingly. If you identify as Republican I can say from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself. HARD! If one reads the history of Nazi Germany, of which I am an expert on, you will see dangerous parallels between the two. The only difference is that Hitler was a great speaker and could convince people to do things beyond their morality. Trump doesn't seem to have that hold except the truly stupid, of which there seem to be way too many of. The Republican party must go. Their supporters should be held equally accountable. If Trump keeps doing what he is doing, the country, hell, even the world, may end. Right now there is a 30% chance none of us see the end of the year. Let's see those runner ups in a truly awful, awful week for rank dumbness.
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10)Emoji The Movie- What. The. FUCK. HOLLYWOOD! I used to work in the movie business. I was a set designer on Amistad. I worked on independent films like King Midas, music videos for various bands and even did some award winning PSA's. If John Rowland wasn't such a greedy dick, my movie studio in CT might have actually happened. I tried for years to get screenplays I wrote made but hit nothing but walls. And then this movie comes out that shits all over actual writers trying to make it. Reviews have been savage, earning one of the lowest ratings ever on Rotten Tomatoes. And yet, it will still make 27 million at the BO because Americans are too stupid too know better anymore. It will still bomb however, in a year of epic failures. Make better movies for God's sake.

9)Foxcomm deal- Above I mentioned my movie studio deal that was killed by blackmail from the Rowland administration. I also became aware of a tactic by government and industry that is set up solely to steal money from taxpayers. A business will ask to build something and in return they will get a kickback in some form worth millions and no guarantees of actually building what was agreed on. So the government gets a promise of jobs that is always over-inflated and sometimes non-existent. The business ponies up a bribe of some sort, usually in the millions to the politicians and the like, in the form of some legal mumbo jumbo. The government then gives the company much more in tax breaks and sometimes, cash back. Foxcomm is known for taking the money and running, which is exactly what happened to the movie deal in CT when the bid was given to a competitor who built nothing but got 12 million in tax payer funds after giving Rowland 4 million for the privilege. All in all, it was a loss. This deal is the exact same. Even if they do build this plant, and there are no guarantees on that, the cost will be over a million dollars a job, hardly a bargain. This was used to make Trump look good by a terrible deal few will take the time to understand and all they will hear is Trump jobs good. Sigh.

8)Fox and Friends- Equivalent to North Korea propaganda, this moron parade has gone on long enough. Anyone watching this shit show and thinking you are watching anything resembling news is too stupid too live, let alone vote. Right now, it's become the Donald Trump apology hour where anything the president has done is explained away with all the precision of a three year old autistic kid. They hit new lows this week complaining about the failure of Trumpcare, somehow unaware that if this bill went through, Civil War was inevitable as sick people would have attacked Republicans with little care to their survival. When you face death, prison doesn't look so bad anymore. Brian Kilmeade, the only person on Earth that can make Steve Doucey look smart, actually said, "Thanks democrats for making healthy people pay for sick ones." Somehow this assholes doesn't know how insurance works. This show is for fucking morons only and if you like this program, please feel free to find a gun, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. PLEASE!

7)Anthony Scarmucci- The Mooch got his start as communications director this week and things went swimmingly as all Trump appointed have been right? No, this Italian extra from the Godfather went after Reince Priebus with gusto, spewed venom at everyone on a weird interview with a newspaper on the record and came across as a kind of clone of Trump. His mannerisms are very Trumpian and if he continues down this path, won't last long in this position. His wife filed for divorce this week, saying he has naked political ambition that she wants no part of. Good for her. I wish more were like her.
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6)The Cult Of Hillary- There are some violent morons out there lately defending this evil bitch and actually blaming Bernie Sanders instead. I have scoured the internet and can find NO evidence Sanders is this corrupt individual some like the site Cannonfire is spewing. The worst thing is the Vermont college closing involving his wife but having seen my ex-wife go through something quite similar, I am not rushing to judgement and declaring them both guilty like some are. There are a lot of reasons that college was going to go belly up and may have nothing to do with her at all. At worst, she was guilty of a bad business decision and if that's all, our president is far worse than she is at that. Hillary Clinton lost, not because of Sanders, but because she didn't win the primaries. She cheated and I can prove that in states like MA where her odds of winning the way she did are around one in 350 billion. Explain to me how every electronic voting machine went for her and all the ones that weren't electronic didn't here? Nothing suspicious about that. And that pattern was repeated nationwide. Had Sanders been the nominee, he would have win handedly. I can prove that as well. Hillary is a corrupt corporate puppet who will say whatever to get elected. It's time to either jettison the corporate wing of the democratic party or start a new one. These two thoughts cannot occupy the same space anymore.

5)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- If you voted for this cunt in this last election you are everything wrong with this country. This total bitch (if you can't tell I fucking HATE HATE HATE this woman more than even the president) might as well as have a sign around her neck that says "I AM CORRUPT." It really can't be more obvious, yet she still is in office. For how long remain to be seen after a weird story that has gotten little press at all. Her IT guy, was arrested this week, Imran Awan, for bank fraud as well as being investigated for ties to Hezbollah and Pakistani Islamic groups. When it came out in February that the Feds were looking into him with good reason he was fired by everyone except Wasserman. Why? And why did Wasserman hire Awan's wife, brother and sister in law, none of which were qualified for the job? Considering he is also being investigated for extortion charges as well, one has to wonder that a guy who had access to all her emails, wasn't being blackmailed herself which may explain why she was so mad about a computer DC police has confiscated recently. This woman is corrupt as hell and it all may come out soon. When it does anyone who voted for her should be forced to wear a sign that says that and how much a moron they are. Impeachment charges are being discussed as we speak which may make her the first person outed from Congress since the 18th century.
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4)Imam Ammar Shahir- This is why the world hates Muslims. This fucking asshole went off on why Jews deserve death for what is going on right now in Israel as they try to stop moron Muslims from killing innocent people. There wouldn't have been a need for increased security if two cops hadn't been stabbed there recently. If he lived in say Gaza, I get it but this dick lives in California. FUCK YOU! I am surprised his mosque hasn't been burned to the ground by now. Now he apologizes as if that matters. The government should be seizing his temple, bulldozing it and putting a Jewish Rec center in its place. I have ZERO patience for calls of violence against religions you don't like, unless they preach violence like this jerk and then I don't care. Free speech does not allow you to incite violence and crap like this is why people look at Muslims like alien species. Go the Fuck Away if you can't abide by our rules.

3)North Korea- As the missile program appears to be hitting it's end game, so is the world. War with this country is inevitable, something I have been saying since college. Sooner or later we were going to go to war and the two times peace was possible, the fucking Republicans soured it. The world is about to end because the GOP keeps putting people into office who have no fucking business there. Let us take a look back at the "great" Republican presidents of the last fifty years: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, Trump. Notice a pattern. They all sucked at their job yet idiot America keeps voting them in. That stupidity may now end us all. At some point soon, we are going to attack North Korea. Bet on it. And here is something I am hoping Trump will do that other president have been too much of a pussy to do and that is fight a war as if your survival was at stake and wipe the other side from the Earth. If we do have to attack there is only one way to win and that is to knock North Korea off the map. There entire country should be a hellscape thirty seconds after we strike. There shouldn't be so much as a tree left standing. Anything short of that may end the planet. Trump is just psychotic enough to maybe do this and if he does, may actually prevent the end of the world. Strange times.

2)Republicans- God you're a sorry lot. It was an epic fail with Trumpcare that is still around somehow. Word is Lindsey Graham has some new proposal which would block grant federal health care money to states but to be honest there is very little chance this sees the light of day. Murkowski and Collins have seen a huge outpouring of support for their down vote and considering they have both been attacked by Trump, will have little reason to change their vote for this plan either. McCain won't be back until September at the earliest and without him they have no chance and even with his vote, he is unlikely to back the measure. Mitch McConnell's job is in jeopardy as members wonder if he's up for it, as no major legislation has gotten through Congress at all so far, and none seem forthcoming. Infighting has gotten stronger and if the weak and spineless democrats can get their act together, could win big in 2018. There has been a flood of new candidates in EVERY district across the country now for democrats and the House, which should be protected, is very much in play. One district in OK has the democrat ahead by 48 points. IN OKLAHOMA.! Even Ted Cruz's seat is now considered in play by a democrat wisely running on a platform of legal weed and single payer, which Jon Ossoff should have run on. Chances are good that is if we survive to 2018 it may be a bloodbath for the GOP nationwide.
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1)Trump- This guy had another very bad, no good, awful week. If you try to remember what happened a week ago, it might as well have been a hundred years back. This guy is a trainwreck and he's taking us all with him. So let's review.

MONDAY- Trump tweets attacks on Jeff Sessions who he wants gone to affect the Mueller investigation. That night he goes to the Boy Scout Jamboree where he decides to mimic Triumph of the Will and indoctrinate these kids into the new Hitler youth while telling them inappropriate stories about boat orgies. He also went off on Clinton, a daily ritual at this point.

TUESDAY- Sessions gets bashed again in an early morning tweet storm. As Trumpcare is being debated, Orange Hitler also tweeted about Clinton crimes, the filibuster being worthless and Sessions being a dick. None of this earns him any friends in Congress. That night he gives another speech where he proclaims to be the greatest president other than Lincoln. Right.

WEDNESDAY- Another early morning tweet sets the government on edge as he waits nine minutes to finish a thought which could have been about anything from gays in the military to an attack on North Korea. When he finally finished he decided to say transgender servicemen were no longer needed, to which everyone was horrified by. Logistical issues aside such as what to do with those already deployed abroad, not even conservatives wanted this. They desired an end to using taxpayers money for surgeries (which is a valid point), not a total ban. Way to read the room moron. The military said unless he gives them a formal request, not a tweet, the ban will not go into effect. The first of several Trumpcare bills dies including both their replacement idea and the repeal only deal. None get 50 votes or 60 in the few cases that many was necessary.

THURSDAY- With attacks on Sessions increasing, Lindsey Graham tells Trump there will be "holy hell to pay,'" if Sessions is fired. Word is rampant that he looking into ways for a recess appointment and there is a way he could move Sessions to DHS and nominate a successor while skipping Congress. If he does this though, it could mean trouble from his own party. Word is Tillerson and McMaster are both debating quitting even though both have publicly denied it. Who can blame them? After a late night Scarmucci tirade to a newspaper reporter bad mouthing everyone not named Trump, the last attempt at health care "reform," a skinny bill is proposed. Senators hate it and most vote for it out of spite, in some vain attempt to get it to conference. But three hero senators kill the bill, with a dramatic flourish from John McCain as he gave the thumbs down and now my new screensaver. I love the pissy look on McConnell's face as he knows this is about to blow up in his face. Priceless.

FRIDAY- Trump cries and whines about losing. I am sure tired of all this winning he promised. Aren't you? Reince Priebus quits after a week of beratement from Scarmucci and Trump, joining last week's quitter, Sean Spicer. Trump then went on to give a speech about the dangerous MS-13 gang, and proceeded to tell cops that beatings of guilty people, and even some innocent ones, was all right in his book. Some cops loved it. Most, like the great police commissioner here in Boston, were outraged and said so.

That is a seasons worth of West Wing right them in seven days. Trump is talking about destroying health care which if he does will spell the end of his presidency and quite possibly his life. I am NOT advocating violence against the president who I in NO way want to see harmed physically. Trust me when I say it will be far more satisfying if we see him and his brood in orange jumpsuits. But if he fucks up health care, which he would if he stops payments to insurance companies, he is going to get the blame, along with Republicans and when sick people start dying because of his idiocy, this overarmed, psychotic nation will be lining up to take shots at anyone they dislike. We already saw this once when one loon shot up the GOP baseball practice. Health care ends and times that by a million. Plus we have to worry about North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and a zillion other hot spots popping up everywhere. Our Imbecile in Chief is not ready for any of this and chances are good his bumbling idiocy will kill us all. So congratulations Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week. Again.

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