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Regular readers on this site know I am not one to immediately scream "CONSPIRACY"  at the top of my lungs every time something happens. 90% of all the things you read on the Internet are about as reliable as the Nightly News. However, every now and then things start to look awfully wonky when you start looking at them closely and the events of the past week suggest something very different than what is being portrayed.

The Boston Marathon Massacre has all the signs of one of two groups, Muslims or someone trying very hard to make it look like Muslims did it. The West, Texas explosion has the same hallmarks of a terrorist attack, with the same results. The government seems to be involved in stalling information getting out to the public and, perhaps, even deliberately misleading the public for one very good reason: they don't want a panic. If Muslim sleeper cells are involved in multiple attacks upon the country, the last thing the government is going to do is tell us that. The absolute panic that would ensue would be catastrophic to innocent Muslim families across the country and they know it. This information is going to be kept under wraps for as long as humanly possible.

Let's look at the evidence that is rapidly piling up at this point. The FBI has been suddenly tight lipped as hell about arrests, suspects, even photos of the alleged bombers. A news conference set for yesterday was postponed indefinitely and DHS is still debating releasing photos of the two(?) bombers from crowd photos. Going through the photos comes up with pictures of these two:

They seem to be wearing the insignia and outfits from the security company, Craft. I do not believe they were involved in doing anything more than crowd surveillance. These two however are another matter:

These two may be the suspects that the FBI is looking for. Both are carrying bags and one appears to to have left it at bomb scene one, which fits the description. Look at the backpack he is wearing:

The bottom of the bag appears heavy, pointed and roughly the shape of a pressure cooker bomb. Mind you, this is all pure speculation and these two may turn out to be innocent. If anyone recognizes them though, they should report it to the authorities immediately.


The teen in the photo has been identified as Salah Baroun, 17, and is not considered a suspect at this time. This means there are no good photos seen yet of any suspected bomber(s)?

If two bombers are indeed being looked for, as some reports say, this signifies a bigger deal than some lone nutbag. Over the past three days, we have seen a ricin attack, an attack on a California electric and gas substation, the attempted cutting of an AT&T optic cable, two bombings at the Boston Marathon, a suspicious fire at the JFK Library in Boston and now, a huge explosion in West, Texas at a fertilizer plant. That's a lot of coincidence for anyone.

The ricin attack appears to have nothing to do with any of this. The alleged perp, Paul Kevin Curtis, has already been arrested and that story is a whole other level of weird. Chances are most likely, that Curtis is a raving loon who's arrest surprised no one. He has a history of criminal arrests, all misdemeanors and a supposed mental illness. Curtis was fired from his job at North Mississippi Medical Center supposedly for uncovering some sort of international body part ring. After suing to get his job back, he allegedly was harassed by the police, while the powers that be destroyed his family, killed his pets and burned both his house and car to the ground. According to Curtis, everyone who has tried to help him at the hospital has been fired and two attorneys he hired are both in jail. So either Curtis is a raving loon, a distinct possibility, or he's being framed to shut him up and that ricin was placed there after he sent the letters. It is impossible to know which is which, although I'd still bet on nutbag first.

But that has nothing to do with the West, Texas explosion which shouldn't have happened short of three possibilities. One, it was a freak occurrence where everything that could have gone wrong did. This is the least likely scenario. Two, the owner cut corners to maximize profits and disaster ensued. Very possible. And three, a terrorist attack. Possible. The bad news for the owners is that short of the minute possibility of the first hypothesis, he's is so screwed. If it was negligence, he may face jail time. If it was terrorism, that isn't covered in most insurance policies and he is still out of luck.

Here is the kicker: even if it turns out to be terrorism, I am not entirely sure they will tell us it was. The fire at the JFK Library had the arson squad out there today and, knowing what I know about fire deductions, spotting the difference between a naturally occurring fire and a bomb is pretty apparent. Unless they though something was off, the arson squad shouldn't even be there. The fact that the local police are still not releasing much information about it is a red flag. It has not been confirmed as an electric fire or a bombing yet. Why the delay?

Because it looks awfully suspicious that a huge fire breaks out just one half hour after the Boston Marathon Massacre. It is that same suspicion about all the other events that have transpired over the last few days. The government will cover this up, not to blind us from their own misdeeds, but for the panic this may well evolve into.

There is some evidence that suggests the FBI and others know far more than they are letting in. 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi student who was the first suspect named, is being deported as we speak. Why we have no idea. Maybe his student Visa expired. Maybe it is something else, but it is highly unusual according to terrorism experts. This has happened in the past after 9/11 when Saudi nationals were evacuated from the US before any other plane hit the skies.

Obama also received an unscheduled visit from the Saudi Foreign Prime Minister yesterday. What was so important that they needed to meet this hastily? A scheduled 10 AM photo op between the Foreign PM and John Kerry was also abruptly cancelled at the last minute because Kerry said "he was tired," a fact no one in the press was buying. Associated Press’ Matt Lee told spokesman Patrick Ventrell, “I find it hard to believe that you expect us to believe that that’s the real reason for this.”

It has also come out that Ali Alharbi's last name is well known in terrorist circles and may be one of the reasons he is being deported. He may have had nothing to do with the attack but why take chances. Or are the Saudis getting preferential treatment once again?

There is a chance that the nation is under attack, perhaps by Saudi radicals, which if true, has incredible foreign policy implications that could shake this country apart. It is a very good reason why all this is being kept so hush hush but by doing so, is also putting more and more Americans at risk from future attacks.

We must remain vigilant these coming days. Every thing and everyone could be a target. If there are terrorist cells working within the states, be very afraid if you even look like you are from the Middle East. There are some panicky morons out there and when this comes out, and it will eventually, it may not be safe to walk down the street. The longer the government covers any of this up, the worse the final outcome is going to be.

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