Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Orange Hitler had another round of bad days which may culminate in our rioting if this diseased Cheeto fart gets his way. First off, he got pissed that the Democrats dared to take credit for the spending bill, even though they got just about everything they wanted while he got zilch. NO border wall funding, NO cuts to Planned Parenthood, no nothing he campaigned on. The easiest way to get Trump's goat is to upstage him for credit which is exactly what members of government do all the time and this snowflake got his panties twisted into a mighty bunch. This resulted in a storm of Tweets that proved that guy is dumber than dirt.
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Praising Andrew Jackson as one of the greatest presidents (he wasn't), he then went on to say how disappointed the old president was in the Civil War, even though Jackson died 16 years before it started. To make matters worse, he actually asked why the Civil War started as if that wasn't common knowledge to even the stupidest American. Bill O'Reilly, Jeffrey Lord and other apologists have tried to defend this, usually by blaming Obama or Hillary somehow, never to a good outcome. How dumb a person have we elected who doesn't understand basic human history?

On top of that, there is word on progress on Trumpcare, which will allow states to charge more for people with pre-existing conditions. The truly funny part about this is no blue state will enact these changes while red ones will trip over themselves to be the first. It also still has all the old garbage in it like eliminating Medicare once and for all and killing 50,000 a year every year this bill is law. It is still an iffy bet in the House but has even less of a chance in the Senate where they only have a three seat cushion. Last I heard there were at least 16 Republicans who were leaning no or are a hard no. That does not bode well for the bill in the Senate and makes any House Republican who DOES vote for this vulnerable in the 2018 election when people show up in droves to get rid of them.

All of this is assuming the Senate balks and does not pass it. If by some miracle it does, chances are near 100% rioting occurs and several people who voted for this get shot by an angry public, over armed and with little to lose. When people start dying because of GOP interference, it will be the end of civility and the beginning of a new Civil War. Not that Trump understands any of that because he's too stupid to fucking read a book apparently.

But again that may be moot because there is still the North Korea problem that China today told the rouge nation if they go through with their next nuke test, all aid and support will be cut off and the nation will be treated as an enemy. Whether this is an empty threat or not is anyone's guess but as they have been moving massive amounts of troops and hardware to the border and appear to be serious this time. They don't want a nuclear war on their doorstep and all signs point to a military conflict. And here is where it gets scary.

Trump could establish martial law, upend the Constitution and demand war powers, otherwise known as Hitler's enabling acts, that forever change this country and make him a dictator in chief. Several historians have written about patterns of failing democracies and we have all the earmarks of it. There are shock troops being readied on both sides as the left and right no longer even occupy the same Earth anymore. Facts are no longer shared and because of that we see the world in radically, impossible to live with ways. Civil war is coming.
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Tomorrow may see the beginning of the end as Trump is allegedly going to sign an EO that will heavily discriminate against the gay community something fierce. It will allow anyone anywhere to deny services, housing, and other factors to anyone the seller doesn't like. The chances of this bill standing without getting eviscerated by the courts is near nil, with even the Supreme Court highly unlikely to give it the green light. The way it is written could allow anyone to deny service for anything. Black could mean go away. Had an abortion? Hit the streets. Gay? Go pound sand. Christian? Fuck off and take Jesus with you. It would be chaos and these idiots are all set to do it. Even when the courts block it, everyone will see their anti-gay bias and reward them as such.

If we make it to 2018, chances are good the polls will be met with violence. Depending on what our creamcicle president does, we may not even make that far.

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