Sunday, May 21, 2017


This administration is caught in the worst version of Groundhog Day ever witnessed by mankind. President Man Child is busy play acting president to Saudi Arabia, a trip both successful AND a failure if that was ever even possible. His aides must have taken away his cell phone and/or Twitter account because we haven't heard a peep from him after he accidentally may have impeached himself this week. No joke, he actually did this. Even I who has correctly called almost point for point how this administration would self destruct am astonished how rapidly it took. I thought it would be a year and a half before he would start self detonating, not four scant months later. But it has gotten so bad that impeachment is an actual possibility that wasn't nearly as remote as it was even a week ago. Contrary to what you have heard, there are rumblings behind closed doors about what to do with Trump and while there is no consensus to dump him yet, their fear about what this man is capable of and how far they might get dragged down is heavy on their minds. We are all but one scandal away, one that may even be trivial, that might be the straw that broke the camels back, the same that happened to Clinton when the Comey email drop detonated her chances when undecided voters broke nine times out of ten toward Trump which gave him the election. Trump is at that same junction right now where even the slightest breeze will upset this apple cart. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Civil War Monuments and their supporters- I have three words for anyone who thinks these statues are a good idea and they are: ahem, GO FUCK YOURSELF! For the talk I hear about "snowflake liberals" and "whiny Millennials," there is always a story like this that makes me see that you assholes are no better. You LOST the Civil War and losers don't get participation trophies, at least that what you scream at liberal schools that idiotically do this too. But here you are demanding the same thing. Hypocrites all! Go to a place where a war has been lost and see if there are ANY statues to the defeated and there are NONE and with good reason: to the victor goes the spoils. This NEVER should have been allowed in the first place but demonstrates how no war is ever lost when the ideas that sparked such idiocy are allowed to flourish. I am NOT saying we shouldn't have free speech. We should, even hate speech which contrary to people on the left IS protected. What we don't need are statues making heroes out of villains as one taken down was a KKK wizard and proud hater of black people. REALLY? And it's just coming down NOW? The Civil War is over and you lost. Now can we move on please.

9) Joe Lieberman- How to describe my feelings for this man? Let me think. I guess you could say to quote Cheers, "I would rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil." than even contemplate this ass as head of the FBI. He is a greedy, corrupt douchebag who helped turn the democratic party, along with the Clintons, into the shit fest it so now. I LOATHE this man who has not one decent bone in his body and who I am fairly sure will burn in hell for all eternity for his sins. As you can tell, I FUCKING HATE HATE HATE Joe Lieberman. I didn't vote for Gore when he took douche nozzle here as his running mate. And before you start thinking it's because he's Jewish, relax and know that has nothing to do with it. He, almost by himself, is responsible for your outrageous cable bill when he deregulated the industry and sent prices skyrocketing almost overnight. He helped kill single payer. His ONE vote kept Congress from lowering the Medicare age to 55. And that is just a taste of the crap this dick did for years to not just to the state of CT but the nation. And now Trump wants this crony (he works at a Trump owned bank) of his to take over the FBI? Oh HELL NO! Thankfully most of the democrats seem really against this but even if they all say no, the Senate is still held by the Republicans and a bare majority will do. If he does get in, this country is SCREWED! Joe Lieberman is a man who CANNOT be trusted. I know first hand what this fuckwad will do. If nominated, call your Senators and demand they vote against him. And if he does anyway, do NOT vote for him in November no matter what. Your lives depend on this. Lieberman will kill us all. That is not a joke. He is truly dangerous.

8)Anthony Weiner- Speaking of hate, we are going to see a lot about democrats this week because just because the Republicans and King Cheeto Fart are sucking up the airwaves, we cannot forget that the other side is acting equally contemptible with little press about any of it. First up, is this ass who helped deliver us Trump because he simply cannot keep it in his pants. The irony of last name, the continuous fuck ups, the fact his wife didn't divorce him after he got caught for a third time, all gave us what we have now. Karma however found him guilty of sexting an underage girl and is likely to get two years in prison, a quick divorce, the strong possibility he will never see his kid again, the knowledge that when he gets out his life is over and will have to register now as a sex offender. The worst part is as much as this guy was a true asshole, and he was, he was also a good politician whose personality got in the way. This was a far fall from a huge height from which there is no chance of career survival. I honestly have no idea what the hell is going to to do for work when he gets. Better hope for a book deal dude. Or porn. There's always porn.
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7)Nancy Pelosi and democrats in general- If Hillary Clinton had done half the things Trump had done, Republicans would be frothing at the mouth and even if they didn't have the numbers to impeach, like the democrats now, they still would have been demanding at every juncture. Vice versa and a few democrats are like that while the rest are all like "simmer down people we are a far cry from impeachment and can't jump the gun." That's not the point. You don't actually start impeachment proceedings, but you demand the OTHER SIDE do it for the good of the country. They won't, but again, not the point. By doing this you set the narrative that the Republicans are obstructionists and if things go bad, can be tied as in cahoots with Trump when he inevitably goes under. Instead, we have the dingbat of the party, Pelosi, who is so old and out of touch we can see her age on stage like milk. Lately, she is giving these horrific speeches were she is either drunk or having a stroke but there are like a dozen at this point and the MSM ignores all of that. She says she isn't ready for things like legalized pot, single payer or any other action that will give the democrats the House and Senate come 2018. She needs to go along with a lot of other during the primaries. If we don't, this country will not survive.

6)DNC- Not that any of that might matter because a lawsuit against the DNC for vote rigging is going on along to a complete media black out about it. Shocker. In it the DNC is actually arguing that as a "private" company, the DNC has the right to install whoever they want as their nominee voters be damned. Think about that for a minute. How does that make this a democracy? It will be fascinating to see how the judicial branch handles this landmine because how it is settled will affect us all. If the DNC is allowed to cherry pick it's candidate, voting doesn't matter because, like Hillary, the candidate is pre-chosen and then they lose because they pick people the people didn't. Say what you want about Trump but he won the primary fair and square. The actual election however showed string anomalies to affect the vote in TRUMP'S favor but as always no one says boo about it later. I have a feeling this isn't going to go the DNC's way though which means in the next election, we may have a better shot at getting someone in who isn't corrupt or an utter moron.

5)MSM- No story on the DNC. NO story on Pelosi not being able to speak. And then you wonder why people do not trust you? Start reporting the news. That is likely to get worse however as the Sinclair group, a uber right wing media group, is going to control something along the lines of 72% of the media TV markets and are actively exploring a new news channel that will be to the right of Fox. Joy. A recent guest in Bill Maher was an executive from this group and he was truly stupid. Get ready America, it is about to get a whole lot worse.
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4)Roger Ailes- This fat pig died this week and is almost certainly in hell spinning on a spit with an apple in his mouth. Ailes destroyed this country and helped give us such things as George W. Bush, tax cuts, 9/11, the crippled economy, several unwinnable wars, and now Trump. Thank God you are dead and I actually danced and giggled a little when I heard you were gone. Bye bye you sick fuck!

3)Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort- Word is these two are super screwed. Indictments are allegedly in the works and that rumor seems to be true as grand juries have been verified that are actively looking into these two. It is rumored that they are both going to be indicted for crimes (possibly things like violation of the Hatch act, wire fraud and the like) that also allows asset forfeiture which will give them incentive to make a deal. Louise Mensch has been somewhat accurate here and some of her more far fetched ideas, like Trump about to be impeached any minute, need more scrutiny but this particular story appear true from various MSM sources as well. If they turn on Trump and may indeed do just that to prevent their families from being destitute, Mensch's story doesn't seem so far fetched anymore.

2)Jared Kushner- Those that stand too close to the sun have a tendency to get burned. Sources have verified two things about Mueller's probe and that is 1) it's a criminal probe and 2) he's looking at Kushner. He did fail to report a dozen meeting with Russian envoys as required by law before taking a White House spot and had other shady dealings as well. This may mean nothing or everything depending on what he finds. I know I wouldn't want to be investigated here. No good will come from any of it.
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1)Trump- A quick impression of White House staff this week : FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! That about sums it up. Every day brought a new scandal that makes it almost two weeks of drama, none of it good. After last week's disaster de jour, this one was somehow worse. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice several times. He gave the Russians top secret info he shouldn't have. He tried to stop a probe into Russia from the FBI and fired Comey as result, actually telling the Russians just that. It was bad in every possible way. Now that he's away, it's been thankfully quiet. I do love the fact that douchebag gave Obama such a hard time for bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia when he himself did a little courtesy too. So much for those headlines about Trump NOT bowing huh? A quick word about some of his deranged supporters: 25% of them demonstrate authoritarian loving qualities and want a dictator in chief. If you are one of these people, feel free to kill yourself. Please! We don't need Hitler Youth and Gestapo morons running around in this country. We fought a war to stop fascism,not welcome it in. You people are horrible Americans. That is what we are up against. When Trump gets impeached, and we all know it's coming, what will these assholes do in solidarity with him? Is a new Civil War in our cards? It is possible but unlikely. What will happen most likely is just further divisions among an America that will barely be holding together. Trump will kill us all one way or another. So fuck you Trump and his idiotic supporters you are indeed douchebags of the week.


  1. Ok, first off- you have to spell Joe Lieberman's name right. It should be "Lie-berman" with the emphasis on "Lie". LOL ;-)

    Yeah, he's a sack of poo, no argument there...

    IF Trump gets impeached- we wind up with Pence as president. Will we be better off? He's just as corrupt. He may be smarter, but he is a True Believer which means women, LBGT, workers, and most everyone else kiss ALL your rights goodbye. They'll have cameras in your house making sure you say your prayers to the Christian God each and every day. Atheists like me will no doubt be prosecuted...

    It would not surprise me to see women lose the right to vote here. They can't vote in Saudi Arabia, can they? And they will justify it by saying since women are the ones having babies, they can't be objective and should not have the chance to vote for someone who is- God forbid- PRO-CHOICE! Oh, the horror! Don't laugh. There have been rumours of this very thing for several years now.

    Here's how I see it:

    Trump will NOT be impeached until the GOPThugs get what they want. In this regard Trump is a useful idiot. They will milk him for all he's worth.

    What do they want? Roe v Wade- ended. Minimum wage laws- abolished. Environmental regulation, consumer protection and worker protection laws- abolished.

    Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid- abolished and/or turned into a privatized voucher system, which will line the pockets of corporations and provide next to nothing in health care. This will effectively kill off the elderly, the sick, the poor, saving tons of money which can then be redistributed to the wealthy.

    And they also need to enact "tax reform". Tax Reform = absolutely NO taxes for the rich, only for the slobs like us.

    Will the rich EVER have enough, so they don't have to steal it from people just trying to get by? Not likely... :-/

    And you know why Trump supporters love dictators and authoritarian figures? I'll spell it out for you: because they like to be told what to do, and how to think- because they are TOO FUCKING STUPID to do it for themselves!

  2. If that happens, this country will burn.

    1. Just remember- *they* have the Army, National Guard, and the now militarized police force.
      Do you think we stand a chance against them?
      It's tough to rely on a shotgun or handgun when they can just send a drone and obliterate your house.
      Mark my words- military force WILL eventually be used against the American people... :-/

  3. I know a lot of people in the military and let me tell you they are not all going to follow orders and shoot innocent people. Some will, most won't and then it's Civil War 2. If a million people with guns descend on Washington there is little anyone can do to stop them, short of a massacre which never ends well for the people who do them, especially in a country with access to huge amounts of weaponry.