Monday, April 25, 2016


If you are a black man in today's world, you know the system is stacked against you. It may not be racist per say but economics as there are plenty of poor white people getting screwed by the system too. Ask the subject of Making a Murderer how he is doing being railroaded by the cops and he'll tell you him having so called "white privilege" did little to keep from being tossed behind bars again for a crime he may not have committed. Our system is set up to keep poor people locked away for the smallest of crimes, thus keeping for profit prisons, full while rich people buy their way our of paying for any crime.

Just recently, Margret Hamburg, a former FDA commissioner, was arrested for killing 5000 people. Just kidding, she was actually arrested for illegal stock trading, conspiracy and RICO charges, none of which seem to care about the 5000 people she helped murder by allowing dangerous drugs on the market for profit. If someone from a lower economic status poisoned 5000 people with tainted drugs they'd be facing the death penalty. Hamburg will be lucky to see jail time. This is happening and has been for decades. Black people may have celebrated OJ Simpson getting away with murder, but they also lost all power to bitch at the legal system being racist. OJ proved it wasn't. Economics matter more.

Tom Brady just found that out after the 2nd US Court of Appeals just overturned a lower court ruling and his four game suspension is back, even though the track record for over turning any of this is less than 1% in the past. In a two to one decision, two morons who shouldn't be on the bench said there was "overwhelming evidence" Tom Brady cheated. Where exactly is this evidence because I sure haven't seen it? Neither has anybody with a science background either. So let me get this straight, two schmucks decided to rule AGAINST the player and with the NFL mostly because Brady destroyed his phone, which according to statements made by the league, he was never told not to do, the league had all the relevant info already from the other phones in question and would have led to a dangerous precedent that no player in the NFL was going to honor by handing over a phone with sensitive info on it.

I would like to single out judge Denny Chin who said evidence of ball tampering was overwhelming and most likley Brady knew about it. Nice of a judge to make a ruling without a shred of proof. This ass should be bounced from his job because if he is too stupid to make a ruling based on facts, which there are none in this case, he is too dumb to be a judge, let alone an important one. We have got to find a way to start getting rid of dead weight from the top echelon of society because their idiocy is killing us.

Let us hope they decide to appeal this crap decision to a higher group with a bigger IQ and some science knowledge. Again, if anyone had scientific proof Brady cheated, I will recant my position. As I have yet to see such evidence, good luck with that.

This goes all the way to the Supreme Court who have made some of the worst decisions in US history lately. Both liberal and conservative have made giant judicial mistakes, but it is the right that is really amping up the stupid with things like Citizen's United. Now comes word that the highest Court is looking at an appeal by convicted felon, Robert McDonnell, the ex governor of Virginia. He was convicted of bribery and now his lawyers want a clear definition of it. Like Citizen's United, bribery and corruption has been defined as only if the politician gets a big bag of money with a giant dollar sign in it for a promise of something else. McDonnell is arguing he did get something but offered nothing in return. Right. He may be screwed because the lower courts upheld the conviction and with a four to four tie the best he could hope for, thus upholding the lower court decision.

These cases are just a few of the many out there. Some judges have been removed for sexual harassment, some for sentencing people to prison to make money, but there seem to be too many who just suck at their job. Judge Barbara Bellis of CT just made a ruling to allow the Sandy Hook survivors to sue gun manufacturers, even though the guns were sold legally. Nevermind the fact this ruling may bankrupt all gun manufacturers, it may also bankrupt ALL manufacturers. Car companies won't last the month when everyone hit by a drunk driver sues the car company which will happen as legal precedent will be set by this. The fact that Bellis didn't understand this says she is incompetent to be a judge and should be removed from the office stat.

Our legal system, like everything else, needs a civilian review board who has the power to remove anyone from the bench should their rulings prove dangerous, greedy or both. This country need a Tal Shiar, an Obsidian Order, a Section 31 (look up Star Trek for more on those) or the like that has no power outside of making sure the government functions right. They should have card blanche to go into any government or corporation and look at whatever they want. Do wrong, and get arrested and/or removed from office. The scales are tipped all one way and we are losing. Even our justice system no longer works as it should. Collapse is coming if we don't start taking radical actions. Bet on it.

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