Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I have long said that that the fix was in and Hillary would be our next president. I have hard proof that this exactly what is going on. Your vote doesn't matter and this witch is going to be in charge of us regardless of who you actually support. Fear that.

How do I know? Math. And a lot of people out there are noticed as well. I want to give a lot of love and a huge shout out to Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon for pointing out how bad things are getting and why they have no love for the super fake Hillary. Yesterday, Robbins posted a meme showing exit poll data versus actual results and I was stunned by how far off they were. Exit poll data is almost always accurate as they take place after someone has voted, follow strict rules as to who gets asked and how many thus avoiding a glut of middle aged white women asked over all other classifications and genders for example, and should be within a small margin or error. Anything over 4% should be seen as suspect. These numbers are all of by double digits. NY and MA are way off. Arizona was off a whopping 33%. Not possible. The only possibility over how this could be this off is fraud.

So I started digging as I do poll data for a living. What I found was shocking. Other than Vermont, which was dead on (.9%), and OK (which was off by around 7% in Bernie's favor) all the rest were off by huge margins for Clinton. To understand it better, I looked at some of the exit poll takers. One was CNN and we all know how well they can be trusted. Their exit poll data for NY was a travesty of math, fixing their data to match the outcome. That is not how polling works. According to their own data, their math from their exit poll didn't match anywhere near the final outcome that they were seeing, so they "adjusted" their numbers so that somehow the last 84 respondents became 122 and they all voted for Clinton. WTF? This changed the exit poll data to mirror the numbers instead of asking why the final tally was off by 11%. Now to be fair, Hillary still would have won by 4 points here but if they were cheating this bad just by rigging votes, how many people were disenfranchised by being an independent and not getting to vote? It is also telling that only 22% of the public showed up to vote. Thanks dicks.

The raw numbers from NY show that old people, black people and rich people voted for Hillary. You guys get no right to bitch when things fall apart. Same goes for anyone who failed to vote. Screw all of you.

This type of election rigging is going on throughout the Democratic primaries. You know where it doesn't seem to be happening? The GOP. Before some of you get all self righteous, the only reason it ISN'T happening is that whoever gets the top spot is a sacrificial lamb. Why cheat if it doesn't matter? The right is going to lose and they might lose big. The Democrats are about to become the new party of Big Business after the right imploded in petty bickering and religious claptrap that the Establishment has no love for. It's costing them money and that means good bye. The GOP is toast. The Democrats are about to be the new authoritarian group, wielding social justice to keep your asses happy. Just as the right used abortion and gay bashing to keep power, they will now switch to the opposite all the while stealing from us with gay abandon.

Most exit poll data comes from one company Edison Research. Edison is funded by all six media groups. And then the data gets rigged. Shocker. The chances of Hillary winning NY without fraud is 1%. Her chances for similar results in MA and Iowa, two states I also noticed problems with, are also 1%. That is one lucky bitch. Someone should tell her to by a lottery ticket stat because those are impossible odds. Iowa's last county somehow went for Hillary by a huge margin seen no where else in the state and affected the tally by .7%, enough for her to win. Same goes in MA, where I can't figure out where she got enough votes to win. The exit poll data doesn't match up with the demographics in the area she won. According to the data, almost no young people in the Boston area voted for Sanders. How is that possible? Similar results were found throughout Cape Cod. But Sanders won a majority of the state, and the fact that Boston isn't that big a city, Cape Cod has the fewest residents in the state, and yet he still lost, seems to be outside the realm of possibility. Then you look at the exit polls off by a huge sum by CNN and the same bull they pulled in NY. The final 109 respondents somehow became 114 and they all went Clinton's way. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is not how exit polling is done by inventing people who didn't vote and then changing the results to match the outcome. Unbelievable! The only explanation for these issues is fraud.

Arizona's primary was so bad that a lawsuit has been filled against the state for their vote suppression that may have disenfranchised 150,000 in one county alone. A judge ruled it could through which is good news. All of this could have been not even an issue had that giant dick Scalia, may he rot in hell for all eternity, not helped overturn the Voting Right's Act. And this is happening everywhere.

Chicago eyewitnesses have come forward saying that they saw people changing data to match the electronic voting data which not surprisingly was way off from the hand count. One person says she saw someone erase several dozen Bernie votes and replace them with double the amount for Hillary. That sounds fair. If these allegations are true, the vote could have been suppressed by as much as 18.8%. That's enough to swing an election. The fact that this is on video and we can hear the allegations for ourselves proves this isn't some desperate attempt by Bernie supporters to change the election. The opposite is true in that Hillary is stealing the race.

Colorado got caught fixing the data and now Bernie may win the state after all. What;s funny is that nobody reported this and the DNC tried their best to downplay it to a point of ignoring it completely. Yet, somehow, "missed" votes were found and, shocker, they all went Bernie's way. Funny how that keeps occurring. Even funnier, no one is talking about it anywhere except for Trump calling the system rigged and being 100% accurate about it.

Truth is the next president has been decided for you and it's going to be Hillary. It doesn't matter if you vote anymore, the results are pre-planned. The exit poll data is too far off to be explained by any other method. Let us all bow to the new Queen. She is going to be terrible.

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