Monday, April 11, 2016


It is truly sad to see a near constant deluge of the "now what?" attitude 99% of mankind lack in a complete inability to plan more than one move ahead. Chess must be a dying art because everyone from the President to dishwashers seem to have a zero sum ability to plan for the future, a tactic that will lose you chess stat. We as a people keep doing things either without any forethought as to how those actions will affect our future selves or a lack of ability to predict what those actions are most likely to do. Either way, mankind is proving one short step from oblivion as this personality defect is lethal. It's why we have madmen like Kim Jun Un trying to get nukes as radical Islamic terrorists figure out new ways to destroy the West and not always by violence. It's also why your spouse can drive you mental as they try to reason something away that you as the smarter one has already destroyed with logic.

The President came out in a interview that stated his biggest mistake was not having a follow up plan for the invasion of Libya. To be honest, he should also add not breaking up the big banks, arresting anyone for said banking collapse and not focusing on higher pay and better jobs first things in office. All of this shows a stunning lack of the "What then?" theory. If you decide to do something, you should accurately predict how this will affect everyone down the line. I do this buying groceries so you would think the leader of the free world might devote more than a nanosecond to a decision of that magnitude. But he didn't, like most people have done in the past, and now Libya is a destabilized hell hole further funneling Islamic terrorism.

More troubling is that current front runner and most likely our next President, Hillary Clinton was a huge champion of this once saying about the invasion stating "We came. We saw. He died." What she failed to mention was that we had seen this story play out in places like Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt by this point and none had ended well. So what idiot does something that we can we see doesn't work, yet we enthusiastically do it anyway? Normally, this is behavior reserved for the Republican side of the aisle whose stunning lack of progress on any of their basic principles would make most NOT vote for them, yet somehow they still get into office.

Look no further than the morons who live in Kansas, a front runner for dumbest people in the nation. Their governor, Sam Brownback, sent the state into a death spiral with his trickle down theories, which once again have been a proven failure, yet still won re-election where his state continues to fail. Mississippi signed their own death warrant with a horrific anti-gay bill that is costing them concerts, businesses and eventually, the governor's job, when the state economy collapses. Or take neighbor Alabama whose governor is being impeached for a sex scandal which will be tried by an Attorney General under indictment for dozens of ethics charges and a state Supreme Court justice once removed from the office for illegally displaying the ten commandments at the courthouse. What is wrong with people who vote Republican down the line, even though these same people are corrupt douchebags stealing, lying and boinking their way across the state house? The democrats may not be much better, but anyone is better than these losers.

Why is it so hard for people to comprehend the idea that consequences have actions? Why is it George W. Bush wasn't an unique moron but just more of the same from a ruling class hindered by reality? And why is it world wide?

Belgium recently screwed up royally by it's failure to properly interrogate the Paris Bombing suspect. Because of them treating him like any other normal criminal, people died. There lack of a "what then?" moment literally cost people their lives, including four Americans. Europe in general is slowly waking up to the idea that the Muslim "refugees," is more invasion than escape. More than half of these people are coming from non-war zones, escaping economic poverty, which is not a reason for asylum. If you want to conquer a people, move large numbers into an area you don't occupy, have lots of kids and change the makeup of the nation. It's why Israel rightfully won't allow the right to return. It's also why we don't have tens of millions of Muslims coming here. Does no one else find it odd that not one, NOT ONE, refugee has seeked asylum in any Muslims nation. Why is Turkey a stepping stone to Northern Europe? Because this isn't about seeking a better life but spreading Muslim nonsense to a world wide theater. And this spells disaster because anyone aware of the "What then?" theory can see that dropping people of a radically different culture into another with no support is a recipe for disaster and eventually, genocide, if things go radically wrong as the are wont to do. This is like mixing oil and water and expecting a different result. It won't end well.

This is something the Europeans have discovered and have slammed the doors shut on any further refugees. The vacancy sign is off. And migrants mad about this have tried storming the fences only to get driven back by tear gas and rubber bullets that some of the bigger pussies of the planet have screamed bloody murder about. Better than using real bullets, dumb ass.

The point of all of this is no one contemplates their actions anymore. The GOP has no voting for Colorado, just giving Cruz the win, and then act shocked when people are rightfully pissed about it. The same goes for Sanders who keeps winning elections but somehow is losing more and more delegates. We are not ALL stupid and many see this for what is: a rigged election forcing us to have two people running we don't want. If this was fair, it would be Trump versus Sanders. But because it isn't, I expect Hillary versus Paul Ryan. And because of that, the "What then?"theory suggest a lot of chaos, rioting and more and more people not believing in the system anymore. And when that hits critical mass, what then will be the end of everything.

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