Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Well Hillary "won" the NY primary, helped along by cheating her ass off. At least 100,000 Bernie supporters weren't able to vote in Brooklyn alone due to polling issues all caused by yet another giant screw up by our Supreme Court. With the loss of the Voting Rights Act, it's not just poor and black people being eliminated from voting, but all of us. Polling stations nationwide have been awful with many closed to "save money," ballots are being lost, and other garbage that has no right to be in a so called free and fair election. Syria has better ones. It also doesn't help that 2/3's of the state couldn't vote because they, like 17 other states, do not allow independents to vote in primaries. How is that constitutional? Anyway, get ready for President Hillary because she is unstoppable at this point. With that in mind, let's go back to the Oscar's this year and review the films I have seen which is about 90% of what was nominated.


Every year there are at least two movies that had no business being here. This year was no different.

The Big Short- Easily one of the best movies of the year and one that should have won for not only best screenplay (which it was) but Best Picture as well. A look at the economic meltdown and how rigged out system really is, this is a must see for all of America. This probably should have won overall.

Bridge of Spies- Just like every other Spielberg film of the last 15 years, this movie sucked. And I do mean sucked. I am beginning to think voters are not really watching these films but vote for him anyway just because he was so awesome decades ago. Now it's like watching Hitchcock at the end of the career. A pointless film that deserved zero awards for anything beyond set design.

Brooklyn- The other massive misfire, this film was the dullest Best Picture I have seen since Winter's Bone, an equally awful movie. The entire plot is an Irish girl comes to NYC in the 50's, and falls for a guy, when her old boyfriend from her home town arrives. That's the whole movie. Nothing happens, it's not particularly well shot, and moves at a pace that makes glaciers seem fast. Straight Out Of Compton, Star Wars and Creed got shut out for these painful wastes of time.

Mad Max- My favorite film of the year, I wish this had won. It was non stop action, told a cohesive story with little dialogue or character development, and flat out rocked. I can't wait to see it again.

The Martian- This was far better than one would expect as basically it is one guy by himself for 2/3rd's of the movie. That takes skill to pull off. Matt Damon was awesome in this and I do feel that Ridley Scott got robbed of a directing nod.

The Revenant- Another fabulous movie that should have won best picture. Leo was electric, the scenery was gorgeous to Terrance Malick levels and while I would never see it again, it was a masterpiece of story telling. I highly recommend it.

Room- A smaller film that for once actually deserved to be nominated. Brie Larson should have won for this playing a kidnapped mom trying to keep things normal for her young son. A lesser directer would have set the whole film in Room, instead of freeing them half way through so we see their attempt to get back to normal. This was what was missing from Castaway which stunningly skipped over that part in it's third act. Great movie.

Spotlight- The film that won about the Boston Globe expose on the huge amount of pedo priests preying on young boys. While an excellent film and should have been nominated, I am unsure if it deserved to win. There were at least three better films (Mad Max, the Revenant and The Big Short) that should have won instead. Still, a great film about the dying art of investigative journalism.


Bryan Cranston- Trumbo was far better than I thought it would be and he did deserve to be here.

Matt Damon- The Martian rocked. Nuff said.

Leonardo DeCaprio- There was no way he wasn't going to win for this. None.

I never watched Jobs or The Danish Girl so I have no clue if they should have been her or not but I am thinking not. Michael B. Jordan, just about of the leads from Compton, or even Boyega from Star Wars was better than these two.


Hands down the worst category for nominations

Cate Blanchette- Carol was awful and the performances were not much better. I am unsure how much of this the Academy saw and how many just voted because of her name. This was one of the worst movies I saw this year.

Brie Larson- No one was even close to her this year.

Jennifer Lawrence- I like her a lot but not in this film. She was way too young to play the part and the film meandered all over the place.

Charlotte Rampling- No one saw this film she was in. No one.

Saoirse Ronan- I hated this film from start to finish. I have no idea what anyone saw in it. Pointless, dull and utterly forgettable.


The Big Short- Great film,very good directing. A true contender.

Mad Max- This film should have won.

The Revenant- However, this film was equally genius so I have to give it him for a second win in a row after the incredible Birdman.

Room- Can't argue with this, but I do think that either this of the following entry should have gone to Ridley Scott.

Spotlight- See above.


Christian Bale- Great performance and deserved to be here.

Tom Hardy- Between his nod here for the Revenant and Mad Max, this guy had a great year. Well done, sir.

Mark Ruffalo- This guy could read the phone book and get nominated. What an actor. I can't wait for his next film.

Mark Rylance- In no way should he have won. Never.

Sly Stallone- He should have won for his touching performance in Creed. Shame on the Academy for that.


Jennifer Jason Leigh- This woman can act and still looks fabulous at fifty plus. Another reason to love Tarintino.

Rooney Mara- Why, God why?

Rachel McAdams- Great role in a great movie.

Alicia Vikander- Didn't see the Danish Girl but she just as easily could have won for the overlooked Deus Ex Machina. This is an actress to watch for.

Kate Winslet- No!

So there it is people. A lot of great films and few really sucky ones. Watch the good ones, ignore the bad ones and get ready for Oscar's 2017 which will be here faster than you think.

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