Wednesday, March 30, 2016


You know you've gone too far when even the most mindless drone is starting to wake up to the fact that everything is a lie, nothing is real, and we are being stolen from on levels not seen in human history. The average American is waking up to the fact that this country is no longer a democracy, that elites control us as slaves, and voting is not going to alleviate the problem. That is a dangerous notion to grasp.

People are paying close attention to this election, unlike the last few decades when apathy reigned, and they do not like what they see. Add to that to all-seeing eye of the Internet and the curtain is being pulled back to reveal the real wizard behind it and it is not what people want to see. They are slowly waking up to the fact that their economic situation is more deliberate than accident and they want change and want it NOW! Thus the rise of Trump and Sanders, while the establishment pulls out all the stops to get Hillary, and the status quo. "elected" once again. Only this time, they are cheating so blatantly even the dumbest American is starting to wise up.

Take Arizona for just one example. Thanks to the giant douchebag Antonin Scalia, may he burn in hell for all eternity, the Voting Rights Act was eviscerated and now we are all paying the price. Both sides are closing as many prescients as they can "to save money" (and steal the vote). 60% of polling places closed causing huge lines as the voting areas went from 2500 voters per place to 300,000. This disenfranchised hundreds of thousands and altered the vote dramatically for Hillary and Trump, the front runners. Add to that early voting, which happens WAY too early, and you can steal an election no problem and do so right in front of everyone.

This had led to a massive outcry in Arizona for a do over on June 7th with more polling places and less shenanigans. There was a lot of problems, from witnesses who say they say Sanders votes being thrown out, to the fact that for the first time Independent voters were not allowed to vote in the primaries and those that tried to change their affiliation in the proper time couldn't. This is not just happening here but across the country and a lot of people are really angry and rightfully so. We are being given a sham election that is going to force yet another corporatist stooge down our throat and the people see that for what it is. And that is trouble.

The Cleveland RNC is going to be a zoo. However, as current superdelegates have been quoted as saying they would rather eat fire than vote for Bernie, Philadelphia could also be the scene of massive unrest if the people think they are being given yet another raw deal. The wheels are coming off the car and the elites are still speeding down the highway oblivious to it. This won't end well.

Things didn't end well for the DC Madam who I firmly believe was murdered back in 2008 for her black book which was never recovered and the source of much mystery. That is until the other day in a news story which proves what I, and apparently a major German news source, have long alleged: the media is lying to us on a regular basis and all of it is controlled by government/corporate (ie fascist) powers. This was made clear by this major news story that only Rachel Maddow covered and was ignored by every major paper and MSM source in this country. I found out at about it a few days previous through a back channel and was stunned when it never hit the news.

Turns out, the DC Madam's book of names has been in the possession of her lawyer all these years and he has been fighting a gag order this whole time where he wasn't even allowed to discuss owning it. Seems there are names in there the elites do not want out and have done everything they can to silence him. Well no more as this guy stood up and said ENOUGH! He has said if he doesn't get at least a hearing, which they have been stalling on for almost a decade, about the book, he is going to stand on the Supreme Court steps and just start handing out copies to anyone who wants them. According to him, one of the names in the book is running for President and that demands a release. That would strongly suggest the name is Ted Cruz, which would effectively end his political career. Please, please, please be Ted Cruz because no one will give a crap if it's Bill Clinton, which we already know about his infidelities and he's not really running, or the Donald which will do nothing to stop his momentum. Cruz would be forced out pronto. Oh, the irony if it turns out to be true.

There is corruption in this society on an epic scale and it controls both parties now. In just the last week a dozen former and current Detroit area school principals were indicted for a scheme that netted almost three million dollars in stolen money from what is most likely one of the poorest districts in the nation. You know these guys were NOT Republican.

Governor Malloy of CT just hit businesses with a one dollar per hour tax for every employee who makes less than 15 dollars an hour. And while technically this is not a bad idea, it had to implemented on a Federal level, because all it is going to do is drive even more businesses out if the state, which he has done in record numbers. CT is a crappy place to work or live and most are fleeing as if the entire state was on fire. Half the people I grew up with no longer live there, all for economic reasons, myself included. It was too expensive and there are NO jobs outside the insurance industry. That hasn't changed in over a decade.

But at least he is better than most of the Republican governors driving their states into the ground. Louisiana is barely standing after Booby Jindal (not a typo) and his trickle down economic plan blew up in his face.The same can be said for Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, NJ, Arizona and Florida. All tried their terrible ideas, and nothing worked. Yet somehow, people still voted for them. Or did they?

Statisticians such as myself have been looking at some of the data coming in from the election and have noticed some real problems. Nate Silver wrote and article recently in which he questioned the validity of Iowa and MA and how Hillary won. According to all the data, Bernie should have won handily and didn't. Why? Some of it was due to low voter turnout by young people, but even with that taken into account, Bernie should have done better, especially in Iowa which had a huge youth voter base that did indeed vote. Even more suspicious, she gained a huge amount of support near the end of the counting, much higher than it should have been, short of everyone in these districts voting for Hillary which didn't happen. So how did she win? She cheated. Are you really surprised?

It's why she is going to be our next president and why nothing will change.The status quo will continue until their greed tanks the economy again which could happen at any time. The system is rigged and the film The Big Short proves it. Will America accept being forced a choice for President, no better than a banana republic or will they rise up and demand better? The odds say the latter is becoming a greater possibility with every day passing and that should be giving the powers that be fits about what may happen next.

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