Wednesday, March 2, 2016


It is anyone's guess who will take the White House at this point. Usually by now, you have some sense of what is about to occur like the inevitability of Obama defeating Hillary who had started to deflate badly by now in 2008 or the dread that someone like Kerry or Dole is going to represent your party to a certain loss. There is none of that this time around as two of the most unpopular candidates are about to be the nominees, and for the GOP, their second place finisher yesterday is even worse. Because of this, the world has turned on it's head as the most staunch liberal or democrat is seriously thinking about switching sides. Who will survives this?

Right now, both sides have erupted into a civil war, with the establishment all but gone from the right. The right has evangelicals duking it out with Tea party faithful while the left has democratic establishment fighting against anti-corporation populists. Who do you think establishment Republicans are going to back? If you said Hillary, you would be right and there is plenty of evidence to support that. Hillary takes in more money from Big Business than everyone else combined. Does anyone seriously think that once she gets into office that her far left talk, caused by Bernie Sanders surprisingly strong campaign, will last? Excuse me while I laugh. Much like Obama did, she will give us a bunch of lip to get into office and then conveniently forget all of that.

Another special shout out to the elderly, the Millennials, black people and Latinos for either not showing up or backing a candidate they had no right to. Here in MA, Sanders lost because young people stayed away in droves and the few black people we have overwhelmingly went to Hillary. Fuck off you guys and after this election I don't want to hear one goddamned peep from any of you how the system is still screwing you over because you either voted for it or stayed home. You don't get to complain when you created the problem in the first place.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, may she die of cancer soon, recently decided the Consumer Protection Agency that, should have run for President Liz Warren championed for, was on the chopping block because her corporate overlords hate it. This bitch has got to go and I can only hope that people in Florida wise up and vote her ass out on March 15th. It is Florida however, so there is that. She is single handedly destroying this nation and the democratic party.

Hillary is positioned to receive more money than any candidate in history if she does go against Trump. How effective this will be will be demonstrated over the next few weeks as Republicans go for a scorched Earth policy against Trump in states like Ohio and especially Florida. If it works, negative ads can ruin anyone. If it doesn't, it means people are turning out the media after one too many lies. Either way, it will be a snapshot of the general election.

In the past, when these kind of things happen, parties disintegrate as the center does not hold. The evangelicals, Tea Party and GOP establishment all have different goals and may fracture soon because of it. The left has to deal with a growing sense that the Democratic establishment is not any better than the right's version and continue to push for Sanders-like policies. There is still the possibility that others may enter the race, either as fire wall against Trump in states like NJ, NY and CA, or as a third party candidate, in a desperate attempt to give the Presidency to Hillary which they know will still be business friendly. This strategy also gives them the possibility of losing the Senate and House though if they go too far. Jesse Ventura has said he will run if Bernie loses, but that seems a long shot at best because this will go all the way to the convention and leave little time for anyone to emerge with any real chance. There is also the possibility that Bloomberg will run further muddying the water.

The key here will be VP choice. Pick wrong and either of the top two are finished. Hillary HAS to pick someone like Sanders or Warren or face a possible defeat when all the far left stays home or even votes for Trump. Trump is in a bigger bind. A recent poll has Ben Carson as their top pick, a sure fire way to lose in a general election. He needs a politician of some sort, like Chris Christie, or even better, a military hero plucked from obscurity but with enough medals to snap a tree. Who these two pick will be do or die of they pick wrong. If Hillary picks an establishment person, say Shultz, I am definitely voting for Trump. If Trump picks someone like Fiorina, I may have to learn how to speak another language and flee.

It is way too soon to know how this will all play out. One thing is for certain: it won't be dull.


  1. Are you indicating that you think the presidential election matters one bit to the Serfs? Like it matter that people didn't vote or some voted for one and not the other? Come on man.

  2. Bernie is our only hope to stop what will be the freefall of American society and even that is a longshot at best. Trump or Hillary will end us all. Trump will start a war without realizing it while Hillary keeps the status quo alive until she can't, which is coming soon. It does matter who you vote for because 90% of those running right now will end America. I've been right about everything and how it has played out this election and this blog is proof of that. Voting is our last and only shot at not having a violent revolution engulf us.