Monday, February 29, 2016


To say things look bleak would be an understatement. Statistically speaking, there is at least a 60% chance that these two utter wastes of space will get the nomination. Trump will win because Republicans have had it and are willing to burn the house down at this point to get some attention. Hillary will win because Democrats are dumber than dirt. When the liberals start becoming every bit as stupid as the far right, you know there is something in all of our water supplies making us that way, a fact I am only half kidding about.

Water problems are becoming endemic throughout the country and not just in Flint, Michigan. States all over the US are having problems. How many times on your local news have you seen some town who has to boil their water because of some issue? Lots I am guessing, especially if you live in fracking places like OK, CA or PA. Our infrastructure is failing, yet almost none of the candidates, other than Bernie Sanders, are talking about it. Not even Hillary.

We stand at a precipice, looking over, watching the sand dissolve beneath us. But instead of getting the hell away from the ledge, more and more of us are peering over. This spells disaster for us all because of the still apathetic nature of today's youth will doom us all. They are not voting in mass numbers needed to swing an election. And without their support, older people are going to give us Hillary or Trump. Both sides could end us all.

This country needs massive changes. Band aid fixes that Hillary proposes may prolong our agony another few years at best, but eventually, this house of cards will come down until wealth equality is addressed and soon. Stop and Shop is trying to LOWER wages and benefits for their employees, setting up an issue with the union. If they had no union, this corporation would have just done it anyway. This is par for the course as business now sees workers as truly expendable, thanks to offshoring and technology. Neither Trump nor Hillary is likely to address this situation with any meaningful way.

Does anyone seriously think that either of these two will save this world? Trump would be a live grenade with foreign powers and almost certainly antagonize countries like Iran and North Korea. I guy like him will start a war without even knowing it. The fact that the military is already letting him know they won't follow orders that are considered war crimes says a coup is possible if he goes too far. Just what we need, another civil war. Awesome.

Hillary will give lip service to the banks, but will in no way reign them, leading to another, much worse economic collapse, as jobs disappear in mass numbers over the next few years and wealth becomes a stranglehold by the rich. We could soon live in two very different societies, one very rich, the other very poor. That may be unsustainable depending on how angry and how big the lower class is. If they keep poisoning us however, that may be on purpose to keep us docile and sickly. Tell me that is far fetched?

Isn't it odd that the two candidates currently winning are both mightily unpopular with the general public? The turnout for this election could be record lows for either side, although I think the democrats would suffer worse as she is Martha Coakley who lost two easily winnable races here in MA simply because of her unlikable factor. There is a good chance that if Hillary runs opposite Trump, he wins. And then what? Yet retards are voting for her in droves, brainwashed by the corporate media that Sanders is a dead duck, when in reality, he stands the best chance of becoming president, as many polls show.

I would like to personally give a big FUCK YOU to every millennial who didn't vote and to every black person that voted for Hillary. Congratulations, you may have killed us all. If a Republican wins, I seriously have to look at getting out of here stat. I would suggest a lot of you do the same. But it's not too late. Vote for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday. He is literally our last and only hope. Any other result, get your wills ready because you are going to need it.

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