Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The world may be going to hell in a handbasket but after the gift of Scalia rotting in his grave, God gave me two more freebies, just because I guess, when daily douchebags Kanye West and Martin Shkrelli both had epic meltdowns, and a weird connection between the two. Meanwhile, the dumbest conspiracies in the history of conspiracies are swirling around Supreme Court Justice Scalia's death. They are laugh out loud funny. Continuing to make me laugh, and not in a good way, is the possibility of either an economic downturn to end all downturns and/or the beginning of World War 3, both of which are scarily real.

Let's start with dessert first. Kanye West recently appeared for what might be his LAST SNL ever after reports of tantrums and a conniption fit right before going on state emerged. Lorne Michaels, who people say was "unnaturally calm" (showing everyone what a pro looks like) during the incident, calmed West down who was unhappy about the stage which did suck balls. It looked like a 1960's backdrop with bright lights and swirling colors. The fact his music was worse was a bigger problem.
It also came out that Cry Baby Jones was $53 million in debt due to a failing, way too expensive clothing line. Look it up and see the thousands he wants for a pair of pants. They are pants. Really? He had to go begging to Mark Zuckerberg, on Twitter of course, for a loan of, wait for it, one billion dollars for his ideas. This man is delusional and an untalented sap and way too many of you out there are egging him on. There is a lot of good music out there, if you go looking. Check out Courtney Barnett, Gary Clark Jr., Chris Stapleton, St. Vincent or a dozen other new acts that are far better than this dick.

Speaking of dicks, Martin Shkrelli got scammed out of $15 million dollars this week. Picture someone dancing hard as he throws confetti around when that news got read. Doofus gave $15 million in untraceable Bitcoin to a guy named Daquan, who this idiot thought was a representative of Kanye West, for sole ownership of his latest album, ala the Wu Tang Clan album dickless bought a few months back. Turns out Daquan was Da Gone with Da Moolah. HAHAHAHAHA! He has asked the creator of bitcoin for help tracing it down, but that may be near impossible considering how the bitcoin could be spent or even stored. These are the kind of scams I wish I had thought of because this ass deserved it. If the guy was ever caught and went to trial, he may walk just because Shkrelli is SUCH an asshole.

Continuing with the hilarious theme, right wing lunatics like the continually angry Alex Jones have said Scalia's death is suspicious. Now while he is occasionally right about some things, most of the time he is a dangerous blowhard who peddles unreasonable bullshit to a gullible public. The latest nonsense about Scalia and connections to the John Grishom novel, the Pelican Brief (Great book, lousy movie) about a Supreme Court Justice getting murdered are everywhere. Reports of Scalia with a pillow over his head and no autopsy have fueled baseless rumors. I sleep with a pillow over my head everynight. That doesn't mean I am trying to suffocate myself. Likewise, his health was in poor condition as confirmed by his doctor and the fact he went to the doctors twice that week for health issues. He was 79. Case closed.

Lastly, we have two stories oddly being buring by Western Media which is a HUGE cause for concern. The Zika virus, which I am convinced is a red herring, have led many doctors to publish reports questioning the virus' alleged connection with microcepheliacs, They too have not seen any hard evidence the two are connected, but may be to a pesticide that Monsanto is spraying ironically to contain mosquitoes. Where is that story on the news? So while they scream bloody murder about something that matters little, otherwise known as a distraction, while two much bigger stories are being ignored.

The first is that Deutsche Bank is hanging by a thread and if it goes under will affect the world economy one way or another, bailout or not. No major news outlet is talking about this. When the media says nothing about something big, you can bet it's bad. The Dow continues to separate from the rest of country as stock woes hit the wealthy as Main Street spent right along last month, demonstrating that swings in the stock market matter little to people who have no stake in the game and that is most of us. It doesn't change the fact that we are still starving down here.

Then there is what may be the start of WW3 which only appears in the back of some newspapers and nowhere on nightly news programs. As we speak, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria are about to go to war. As Russia has troops there as well, what this means is a NATO member may be about to embark on a suicide mission in getting rid of Assad and taking the rest of us with them. Those alleged peace talks we keep hearing about was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and the fact that war may break out here at any minute is frightening. This is how world wars start and if we all stopped acting like alpha dogs for one minute, and getting rid of that loon PM Erdogan from Turkey would be a good start, peace may be possible. But not like this and expect this to go south quickly if that snowball starts rolling.

Not to be outdone North and South Korea are having fits with one another after the rocket launch last week sent a tumbling satellite to nowhere fast. But it was a huge provocation and South Korea responded by shutting down a jointly run factory amid allegations the North was siphoning wages from their workers. Kim Jung Un is equally lunaticy and thus between him and Erdogan, not helped by a paranoid, delusional Republican force in this country and an equally unstable Russia, we may not have long on this world. But I take comfort in the fact that Kanye and Shkrelli had really bad weeks. I can die happy knowing that.

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