Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Wow, that was a beating yesterday. Trump and Sanders wiped the floor with their nearest competitor and some reached the sobering reality that this primary was over for them. Rumor is that Chris Christie will be dropping out soon and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina will soon follow considering how badly they all did the last two states. John Kasich got a life line thrown by coming in second and may be the new establishment heir after Marci Rubio's self imposed meltdown sent him to fifth place in NH. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz continue to foul the Earth and both may do well down the road.

The Democratic Socialist annihilated Clinton in a race she lost by over twenty points. Oddly, she did just about as well as Bernie despite the shellacking she got as Super Delegates are all in her pocket, basically splitting the total. That's how our elections work now. We vote for what we want while behind the scenes they are already scheming how to keep power. If this election has even a hint of impropriety, after 2000 and 2004, we may well burn it to the ground anger will be so rampant.

South Carolina and Nevada loom large as Trump appears to be the unstoppable force I always knew he would be. Nate Silver, who must be looking at numbers way different than mine because he keeps insisting Trump will fail and predicted a fourth place win for him in NH. Oops. If young people and women continue to flock to Bernie, who just raised a huge sum of money right after his big win as Clinton contemplates a campaign shake up, he cannot lose regardless of how many Superdelegates they get. The wild card are black people and Latinos.

Polling suggests they are way more for Clinton than Bernie which flies in the face of reason. Clinton and her husband have done just as much harm to black people as Republicans. It was Bill who started the incarceration train way back in 1994 with his "tough on crime" attitude that was nothing more than a way to put poor people, mostly minorities, into prison. He also got rid of welfare as it was and threw people into the streets instead, with a rise in homelessness as a result.

Maine is claiming that even though there are "countless" low paying jobs, people would rather starve than work there after food stamp cuts got rid of 16,000 people. First off, there are not that many low paying jobs in Maine. There are not that many jobs period up there. If you don't believe me, look up entry level, low paying jobs on Craigslist and see that almost all require experience or a college degree. What happens when you have neither? In Maine, you starve. This is the legacy of the Clinton regime.

Clinton did nothing but hurt black people at every opportunity when Bill was president. Now you idiots are supporting his wife who will do the exact same thing if elected? Is there lead in ALL of your water supplies because this is fucked up. You don't see Jews looking at pictures of Hitler and saying "Well, at least under him the trains ran on time."

We can only hope that saner voices from the black community appear, like Killer Mike, Professor Cornell and now even Ta-Nehisi Coates have come around to Bernie (Coates is a very good author with the idiotic belief that reparations for slavery will ever happen). But black people better realize that Bernie will help them while Clinton will keep the status quo going, a reality that will not happen no matter what the powers be want.

As we speak, Deutsche Bank is hanging by a thread, not helped by the fact the CEO had to come out and tell people the bank was still rock solid, which is akin to Kevin Bacon in Animal House right before he gets trampled. The last time we heard this kind of rosy language from a troubled bank they were called Lehmann Brothers and Bear Sterns. Remember what happened with them? If Deutsche goes under, it could take the world economy down with it. Their exposure to derivative loses are more than three times the GDP of Germany alone. It would be a major domino that will cause a world wide crash and cause a Depression the likes of which mankind has never seen. Wheeee.

It may be why war is becoming so loud, with many trying to start WW3 stat. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are seriously talking about attacking Syria and getting rid of Assad. Nevermind the fact that the Russians are there and that Turkey is a NATO member, it's full steam ahead if cooler heads do not prevail and for once John Kerry is the voice of reason when he asked them if they thought an attack on Russian forces was a good idea. It's probably the only reason it hasn't happened yet.

The world is spinning out of control and some yahoos in this country are looking at Hillary, Kasich, Trump, and God help us all, Ted Cruz with idiotic answers. Bernie is the only sane choice here. Hillary may lose in a general election. She is that unlikable. We here in MA saw it twice with Martha Coakley who lost both times to a Republican in what should have been cake walk wins. Hillary is just like Coakley: unlikable and unwinnable. Bernie has no skeletons, Hillary is a Walking Dead marathon. Her Goldman Sachs speeches are going to come out, or her email scandal will sink her, or some yet unknown problem and then it's game over and hello President Ted Cruz.

Vote Bernie 2016. It's your last and only hope.

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