Thursday, February 18, 2016


Our society is broken and Republicans are leading the charge. The entire Republican party thinks not having a Supreme Court Judge for the rest of this term and all of the next is a great idea. It isn't and it spits in the face of that Constitution they say they love but only when it suits their needs. It could also blow up in their face spectacularly. Let's see those runner ups in an abbreviated week, many of which are back AGAIN!

10)Malachi Love Robinson- I love when black people beat the odds and become a doctor or a lawyer or any other professional occupation. It shows that with some hard work and studying, regardless of race, it is possible to make it out of the ghettos that some of these people came from. That is the American Dream and while it is definitely dying, it is not yet dead. Or you can just grab a lab coat, rent an office and proclaim yourself a doctor as this 18 year old idiot did. Robinson was arrested this week for practicing medicine without a license in Florida, because where else would something like this happen? Damn those pesky regulations that keep us safe from this kind of thing.

9)Ted Cruz and his supporters- One poll this week put Cruz ahead of Trump for the first time. However, every single other poll has Trump way ahead still meaning this poll is suspect, and not necessarily for nefarious reasons as there are statistical reasons for a poll being this wrong. But, anyone actually supporting this idiot is as dangerous as this man is. Ted Cruz is crazy and exactly the kind of fool who will end mankind on some random thought. I can see it now. Cruz becomes President, gets in a snit with Russia and suddenly "Jesus" is telling him to unleash nuclear hell on them so He can return. This man is the worst choice for President. Bet on it.

8)Kanye West- Can we have one week without this loser on it? Oh that's right I am white so I can't comment on his black ass, or so he tweeted this week about magazines run by white people to stop reviewing his music. Guess they don't like crap, Kanye, because most critics I've read, black people included, think your new album sucks moose puckey. And his recent meltdown at SNL was caught on tape, including racist statements about white people. What an ass. Will you idiots out there STOP supporting jack asses and talentless hacks like this moron and others like R. Kelly and Chris Brown? Feel free to get rid of white people who suck as well like Sam Hunt, Justin Bieber and whatever tween sensation is popular right now. Just STOP! Find better music and much better role models.

7)Martin Shkrelli- Is this Groundhog Day because I feel like I've already written this article? This time Karma swung back and dickless here lost 15 million dollars to a scam artist. Shkrelli thought he was buying Kanye's new crappy album to lord over people, like his Wu Tang Clan album he recently bought, and instead lost a ton of money in Bitcoin no less. Good luck getting that back. I could not be happier.

6)Scalia Conspiracy theories- He died in his sleep. End of story. He wasn't killed by Obama. He wasn't killed by space aliens. He wasn't killed by the Illuminati. That last one is my favorite because in that scenario, dead Leonard Nimoy is the head of the origination after faking his demise. I kid you not, that is what they believe. They must be Ted Cruz supporters.

5)Government Statistics- You know it is betting bad when the stats you see given by various organizations don't match reality. We hear the unemployment rate is just under 5% which is a lie. If we use the same stats as other countries, including ours if we go back far enough, the rate rises anywhere from 10 to 23%. If we count people no longer collecting unemployment, or U-3 stats, we get a 10% rate, which Bernie Sanders is echoing at his whistle stops. If we include people who have given up for more than a year, or U-6, used before 1980, we get 23%. That is nowhere near the rosy ideas we are being given and the fact that American consumers are no longer buying anything is troubling. WalMart is losing money hand over fist, driving the stock market down today almost single handedly. Most retailers, including Amazon and Apple, are all losing cash as disposable income is disappearing for most people. And without that income, the US cannot continue much longer. If we gave everyone a raise, and demanded taxes from the richest, we could get going. But that isn't going to happen unless enough of you start demanding it.

4)Hillary Clinton- After yet another hacking cough at a rally, you have to start to wonder how healthy is Hillary? Bernie may be older but her health seems a bigger concern. She is also starting to see a pattern of loss which she is already downplaying. For example in Nevada, her aides have claimed that if she loses, it's because Nevada isn't a "diverse state," because "80% of the state is white like NH and Iowa." Only that is completely untrue. recent demographics shows 10%  black, 28% Hispanic and 10% Asian. That does not add up to 80% white no matter how you look at it. She may lose more and more states as Bernie gains support and at that point expect him to have a "heart attack" or a car crash or something as the Powers that Be panic about a Trump/Sanders contest where they have no clear winner.

3)Jeb Bush- The Fat Lady is about to sing, loser. He is at the bottom of every poll, with literally no bounce, which means after all the people left the race, their supporters went anywhere BUT Bush. Ouch, that has got to hurt. He was not helped but his idiotic tweet of a gun with the tagline AMERICA underneath leading to a flurry of Tweets back that were not in his favor. He got upstaged by his brother at a recent rally where the former president has an inexplicable 90% approval rating in South Carolina suggesting lead poisoning is rampant throughout the state. Jeb is toast.

2)Tayyip Erdogan- One of the most dangerous leaders on the planet may be about to start WW3 for no other reason than he can. Dumbass, along with the Saudis, are debating on a full scale invasion of Syria to get rid of Assad, and by some unknown method I am unaware of, ISIS as well. So either the US has lost all control of these two countries, one of which is part of NATO, or we are silently encouraging it. Either way, an attack will involve a NATO member attacking Russian forces. That can't end well for anyone. Pray cooler heads prevail.

1)Republicans- The Republicans sure love the Constitution.They scream they are the only protectors of the sacred document but then trip over themselves to see who can piss on it first. And boy did they let a stream of pee out this week. The entire GOP seems hellbent on denying any choice for the Supreme Court until the next President is elected, almost a year off. Nevermind the Constitutional problems such a thing presents, these assholes are shooting themselves in the foot. They are already coming across as obstructionist douchebags. Imagine the fun that the democrats are going to have when they refuse someone they should nominate for nothing more than petty politics. People on both sides of the aisle hate that. And that may wind up punishing the Republicans hard come November. And what happens if a democrat wins? Will they wait another four? And what's to stop democrats from doing the same thing if a Republican wins? This ends badly for Republicans if they wants to continue this, losing them the Senate a possibility as they have five states up in blue regions. Kelly Ayotte is not popular already in NH and any small push could unseat her. So congratulations, Republicans you are indeed douchebags of the week.

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