Monday, February 22, 2016


The world is losing its collective mind. Nevada, thanks mostly to an older, retarded demographic and a corrupt union, gave Hillary the win this past Saturday, which may be the death knell for Bernie Sanders. Considering the opposite side is going to nominate Trump, as he looks unbeatable against far weaker opponents, we have to accept the fact that Donald Trump looks good to be the next President of the United States.

Now, while it is way too soon to pronounce a clear winner, especially considering the fact that VP's can make or break a candidate, Hillary could still pull off an upset if she picks a real progressive like Sanders or Warren for the second spot, and only then does she have any resemblance of a chance. If she picks another establishment douchebag, I have a feeling Trump wins in a landslide as democrats stay home in droves, giving Republicans complete control of government and the end of the country as we know it for at least two years, boldly assuming we last that long. To say things look bleak would be an understatement.

We can thank unions, who for some inane reason are all backing Hillary and did so overwhelmingly in Nevada, for helping them lose Clark County, which is the seat of Las Vegas. Older people, black people and rich people all went big for Hillary. The establishment, led by Harry Reid, backed Hillary as his underlings spread vicious rumors about Sanders that I heard first hand, such as one local congresswoman who claimed that she was backing Hillary because Sanders has not done anything in Congress for thirty years, conveniently not remembering any of his many accomplishments, such as getting bi-partisan legislation passed that helped fix some of the problems at the VA. His stance on voting against idiotic legislation is also a plus.

Black people must have super unleaded for water in their drinking supply because there is no other reason to back someone whose husband put more black people in jail and into poverty than any Republican. Bernie has been fighting for civil rights for decades. Hillary will fix nothing and says so. Cornell West called Hillary the "Milli Vanilli of politics." In other words, she offers only lip service but no real solutions. Like Killer Mike, West is a Sanders supporter, making him smarter than just about any of the sold out Black Caucus members who have gone on a nonstop tour of douchebaggery in slamming Bernie Sanders and questioning his civil rights accomplishments as grand douchebag John Lewis recently did. Guess who had to backtrack those statements when proof came out Sanders was where he said he was during the Civil Rights protests of the 60's?

BLM hit a new low this week when the Nashville chapter had a fit when a local library refused to ban white people from the building as they held a rally. Screaming about "white supremacists" these assholes are not helping their cause. The library officials explained to them that they are a taxpayer funded system and they could no more deny white people into the building any more than they could force black people to drink from a specific black only fountain. Black equality is fine. Black supremacy dickwads however can fuck themselves.

If we have a Hillary versus Trump campaign, there is a solid chance Trump wins as well as keeping control of the House and Senate for at least the next two years, perhaps even a super-majority. If that occurs, the fabric of this country will fundamentally change for the worse, perhaps irreversibly. Get off your lazy asses America and vote for Sanders this Saturday in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. If Hillary gets the nomination, chances are very good she loses.

And on top of all that we have two regions about to get into a nuclear war with one another. North Korea is acting its usual belligerent self as South Korea and the US are about to organize the regions biggest war games ever. Ever since they fired that rocket that barely worked, tensions have been sky high. The fact that Kim Jung Un is one of the most dangerous men on Earth, and whose sanity is questionable, makes this a frightening idea.

Even worse, amidst a total media blackout, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have massed hundreds of thousands of troops and hardware on the Syrian border, threatening to attack Assad. Saudi Arabia also announced they have nuclear weapons, the West has known about this for years and they will use them against Assad of they have to. Putin responded today to that threat with one of his own, reminding them that Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world and they are not afraid to use them. With Erdogan being crazy and corrupt, along with Western governments being complicit in this, all point to WW3 being just around the corner.

The world is changing rapidly and not for the better. Voting for Hillary is just speeding up the process.

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