Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Well that sucked yesterday didn't it? Bernie got shellacked because half of the youth electorate stayed home and black people decided that sending black youth to jail for no reason was in their best interest to continue forever. If Hillary wins, which right now is around 80% chance of happening, nothing will change. The status quo will continue, a status quo that is also completely untenable. This country's end looms and voters from both sides of the aisle are responsible.

Let's start with the democrats first. Hillary won big and, no matter what you hear from Bernie who has the money to continue until the convention, she is 100% going to be the nominee now. For anyone black or young, especially those that either voted for her or stayed home, you get NO right to complain when things stay exactly where they are now. No more bitching about black lives matter. If you did, you would have voted for Bernie. No complaining about the price of tuition. It's not going down any time soon. Universal health care? Dead. Legal weed from the Federal level? Not going to happen any time soon? A livable wage? Not going to happen. Thanks to black and young America and a hearty FUCK OFF from the rest of us.

The probability that race relations are about to sink lower than at any point in decades is inevitable as well. Bernie could have kept this race somewhat civil even if Trump turns out to be the nominee which at this point is no longer guaranteed. Hillary will stoop to every dirty trick to win and sling mud with the best of them. Regardless of the nomination, Trump isn't going anywhere as he will definitely run as an independent if he doesn't get the nod. The ads that say, Trump, Hillary and some unknown Republican establishment run are going to make black people look like savages as a newly reborn insurgence of racism is taking place and one in which black people deserve some of the blame.

I regularly associate with people from the lower classes. Oddly, I find many of them smarter than people I know with Masters degrees who vote for Republicans for no sane reason. But my point here is that for all the years I have known them, they have never been racist and still aren't for the most part. But a lot of them have been racial attacked in some way, shape or form BY black people, something I myself can personally attest to. Black people are becoming way more racist lately and it's making white people very angry. No race or sex is better than another. It's why I don't like the feminist movement which I find to be more about superiority than equality. The same goes for things like Black Lives Matter which instead of highlighting the very real deaths at the hands of an out of control police force, they are subjected to race only ideas, somehow unaware that white and Hispanic people are also dying from cop attacks, albeit in smaller numbers but still happening. It is this idiotic form of separation that is preventing us from getting any real reform along with an insane desire for self destruction as seen by voting patterns this past Tuesday.

Trump crushed Rubio out of the race, lost to Kasich in Ohio and now looks likely a brokered convention is possible, the first one since 1976. In that year Reagan lost to Ford, which in retrospect was probably a terrible idea as he was a disaster of a candidate giving us Jimmy Carter, a great human and a terrible president. His domestic ideas were actually not horrible and he was capable of getting people to make peace who never would before, but his handling of the Iran crisis is still having reverberations today. The point here is contested conventions usually go badly and this one could be game changing.

The Republican party is about to die. It was only a matter of time because a coalition of establishment types, religious idiots and the fucking Tea Party was never going to last. And regardless of how things turn out, the GOP is done after this November. Here are three ways this could go: 1)Trump wins the nomination and gets crushed in the general election. 2)Trump loses the nomination, goes third party and Hillary becomes President anyway. 3)GOP nominates someone else, Trump stays home and so does half the electorate pissed at the Republicans for another sellout. None of these spell good things for any Republican nominee short of a terrorist attack or economic tail spin.

The GOP is going to fracture at this point because the establishment keeps trying to sell the public things they absolutely do not want. Paul Ryan, who along with Condi Rice, Mitt Romney and, wait for it, Jeb Bush are being mentioned as possible candidates for president in a contested election. One GOP official publicly said that the GOP picks the nominee, not the voters and he couldn't understand why we had to go with all this stupid democracy crap. He almost literally said all of that. As they pick whoever they want if no one gets the nod, how happy will Trump supporters be when they deny him the spot? Expect riots the likes of which you have never seen and, most likely, violent attacks against politicians by the less stable.

Paul Ryan recently dusted off the same exact budget he has been trying to sell for what seems like forever and it was so pointless that even fellow Republicans refused to vote on it, killing it for what had to be the millionth time. These assholes keep trying to tell people that Social Security and Medicare are bad, yet no one on either side of the aisle is asking for less money for recipients. And this is the guy they think can win against Hillary.

Hillary will all come down to VP nod. Pick someone like Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders and she will sweep the election and possible give the Senate and maybe even the House back to the democrats. This is her only sure win position. Pick someone like awful and establishment friendly like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and face the possibility of President Trump.

Here in NH they have already started running attack ads against Kelly Ayotte, linking her to obstructionism and Donald Trump mercilessly. It was a brutal ad. These are going to be run nationwide soon and I doubt the GOP will survive it barring some outside action of Hillary's awful VP pick. The game will be won or lost on what Hillary does there. The GOP the best they can hope for is not to lose so badly their party dies with it. It is unlikely to survive in it's current state regardless.

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