Sunday, March 13, 2016


It was a close one between the two presidential front runners but Trump's fascist rise overtakes Hillary and her nonsense that has hit epic proportions. If you have any doubt that this country is toast, watch the Trump rallies devolve into basest human instincts for violence and confrontation. If we have Trump versus Hillary in the end, a lot of people are probably going to sit home, allowing the worst people to run our government and ourselves into the ground. If you are not voting for Bernie, our only hope regardless of what the MSM and sites like Cannonfire are spouting, you're voting for fascism, which both sides now seem to accept either willingly or subversively. Anyone with a brain will know which is which. The polls say Sanders is more electable, will draw in new voters rather than shed them like a wet dog and actually try to make this nation better. The other two, as well as pretty much anyone on the GOP side, will kill us all. Don't vote to end America. There is way too much at stake here to be flippant with your vote. Let's see those runner ups in our dying world.

10)Wounded Warriors- When I worked as a reporter, I did several stories about Wounded Warriors and the good they did. That was seven years ago, and since then, the new CEO's were instead running this charity into the ground. The CEO and COO were fired this week after reports of lavish spending came to light, using 50% of their revenue on expensive parties and trips. I had heard this last year from some veterans I know who said they knew first hand that this charity was no longer on the up and up and I had found nothing to support their allegations until just recently, just before the story broke wide. This is why I never give to any charity I am not sure how the money is spent. A lot of them are scams now. And I do mean A LOT! Donate at your own risk.

9)Chiptole- Anyone who still eats here is too dumb to live. Yet another restaurant here in MA was closed after an outbreak of Norovirus which so far has only sickened three employees. Why are just Chiptole employees even coming down with Norovirus? It's not like McDonald's or Subway has seen these kind of problems, so why just this one restaurant chain? Who eats at a place where there is a good chance you are going to get explosive diarrhea from? How dumb is America? The top two executives saw their pay dropped by almost half because stock prices have plummeted, as well as sales, showing not all of this country is dangerously stupid. I want to stand outside one, filming people going in, as I laugh hysterically. This is why Trump will be our next President and God help us all then.

8)ISIS- I HATE FUNDAMENTALISTS! No matter the religion, these people suck. This week, Muslim extremists took a serious blow for their cause when a flash drive containing 20,000 names of suspected terrorists was given to the US by a defector. Preliminary studies suggest it is accurate, containing names from the French attackers and others known to be Islamic extremists. The defector was disillusioned by the amount of rape and murder and brutality he watched and decided to escape, smuggling the data out of his baby's diaper. This could be a fatal blow to a real group of douchebags. I find it funny that Obama this week took out a training camp just as a new group of recruits was graduating. "Yeah, we are terrorists and I can't wait to attack the Great Satan and what is that whistling noise?" KABOOM! Grow up and realize that religion is a lie to keep you enslaved.

7)Jessica Alba- I have always liked Alba. She may not be the best actress but she is fine in the right role and very easy on the eyes. Lately, she has also been a good business woman for the company she founded, Honest Co., which turned out to be the most ironic name she could have found. She built her reputation of herself and this company on being accurate about their ingredients, especially the fact that her laundry soap contains no sodium lauryl sulfates, which she is allegedly allergic to, Then the WSJ did two separate studies with two different companies and both came back that the detergent was loaded with SLS. Oops. She is also facing a lawsuit by people who used her sunscreen and apparently it did nothing but burn these people to a crisp. Maybe you should stick to acting because this looks bad.

6)North Korea- This ass is going to get himself and a lot of other people killed. This week he threatened the West with a pre-emptive nuclear strike, and even though chances are good most of the missiles would either blow up on the launch pad or fall into the sea, he would still face nuclear annihilation by a pissed off US. He doesn't know when to quit. Photos of him around a "nuke" look staged and the bomb appears to be a relic from the set of Dr. No. There is also a missing sub, which is presumed to have sunk somewhere as it is basically a toy with a two man crew. Allegedly, he can fire missiles from these things, but experts say the footage looks fake. But it has gotten so bad that even the Russians told Kim Jung Un to shut the hell up or risk a certain death as the Chinese joined in a unanimous vote at the UN to put even more sanctions against NK, including the stopping of all ships to and from the country. These guys are on borrowed time.

5)Ted Cruz- I understand why people are voting for Trump. He may be Hitler come to life but that is also why he is so appealing. Hitler didn't just show up and take over power. He was voted in. However, Trump is nothing compared to how dangerous Cruz is. Turns out his father is a Pentecostal Minister and possibly a Dominionist, which is a scary offshoot of Catholicism like Opus Dey. The Dominionist believes that the US should be a theocracy, using the Bible rather than the rule of law to decide people's fates. They also think the rich are better than the poor as "god" has blessed them for some reason and the poor are the way they are because of sin. They are one of the worst forms of religion on the planet, way worse than your average Muslims or Jew, regardless of what you think about non-Christian religions. Not only that, but this week, douchebag hired Neil Bush to his financial team. This is the same brother of W. that caused the Savings and Loan scandal back in the 80's and cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Great hire. Who's next? Bill Cosby for your anti-rape campaign, maybe? Bristol Palin for an abstinence PSA? If this ass somehow gets into the high office. we will have months before the country is a ruin. Stop voting for idiots, America. It's literally killing us.

4)Mitch McConnell- Speaking of douchebags that should have been voted out of office had Debbie Wasserman Schultz not given the election to the GOP in Kentucky, this dork is back in the news again. Turns out, McConnell has not only been stalling the Supreme Court nominee, he's been doing the same for Federal judge-ships for years. One such opening in TN has been vacant since July 2015 overtaxing the poor people who have to pick up the slack there. As a matter of fact, turtle-man has only allowed 16 postions to be filled over the last 14 months and have stalled the rest. This is not what America wants yet he pays no price for it because idiots are reflexively voting for a D or an R without really seeing what it would mean. To be fair, democrats are more likely to vote Republican than vice versa showing at least some common sense, rather than utter retards who keep putting people like Brownback, Walker and Scott back into office even though they ruined the states they ran. Mitch McConnell has an approval rating of 11% nationwide and even Kentucky people seem to regret the fact they voted for this ass and a Tea Party moron for governor. Enjoy eating dirt when your economy collapses dumbasses.

3)John McGraw- This 79 year old asshole sucker punched a black protester at a Trump rally recently. Even worse, he was quoted on camera saying that next time, people like that should be killed. Really? For protesting someone who should be protested against? In America where protesting is part of our culture? You sir, are a dick and the first asshole who should be deported. I hope you spend some time behind bars to see what black people think of you there.

2)Hillary Clinton- What a train wreck candidate she is turning out to be? After a stinging loss in Michigan, we can only hope that smarter minds have prevailed and this is the beginning of the end of her Highness. This week, she derided Bernie Sanders for not sticking up for her when she tried her ill fated health care plan back in 1994, killed effectively by Republicans who feared that it working would undermine their credibility (sound familiar?). Unfortunately for her, video, her archenemy, showed Bernie standing behind her as she delivered her speech about the new plan. Oops. Then, she keeps harping about ending gun liability laws that if enacted would bankrupt not only the gun industry, but any organization that had no shield laws. Hit by a drunk driver? Sue Ford. Choke on a cornflake? Sue Kellogg's. This has no good end and her insane desire to be President is obvious, turning to ideas that even Donald Trump isn't for. This is why primary voting is so important people. If our final choices are this douche and Trump, it's not much of one. Either way, this country probably ends quick.

1)Donald Trump- The fact that Trump is still the best candidate says lots of how bad the GOP is. Republicans complained for months how much they hated everyone, and instead on listening that the party had moved too far right, they went even further. And now Trump has crossed the line from extremism into fascism with his out of control crowd attacking protesters and behaving like racists. One picture has an old woman doing the Heil Hitler at a recent rally. Really? McGraw, from above punched a guy for no reason and wasn't even arrested until later even though several cops saw the whole thing. To roughly quote At the Mouth of Madness "When does this become religion to his supporters? And are his followers dangerous?" Allegedly, leftist protesters in Chicago shot a black Trump supporter as well showing escalation on both sides. The left and the right appear to be on a collision course with destiny. Trump riles up his crowds with dangerous talk and then acts surprised when they act on it. You can't tell people to hurt protesters and then act like it wasn't your fault. Earlier this week, Trump acted like such a shill talking about all his great products that are still for sale (in response to an attack by Rubio) and that he owns 100% of all the products, none of which turned out to be true and ignored by the MSM something fierce. Trump steaks are long gone, his magazine is only found in his country clubs and is nothing more than a high end Sky Mall, and his wine is not owned by him in any way. Thanks to shows like Full Frontal and the Daily Show, doing real investigative reporting, discovered all of that as the TV news went on about some cat who could cry like a baby. That is not more important than this, even if it was adorably cute. No Republican can win the White House, but I am equally dismayed that Hillary will be in there either. If Bernie falls the nomination as I expect, I honestly can't say I won't vote Trump at that point if for no other reason than that he may end this country quicker than her. It may be time to burn this country to the ground and voting for either of these two losers is a good start. So congratulations, Donald Trump, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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