Monday, March 7, 2016


Many conservatives are horrified by the vitriol being given to people like Scalia and Nancy Reagan hours after the deaths, completely unaware that these two fuckwads, and thousands more just like them, have done real and lasting damage to this country that literally killed millions of people. No one looks back at dictators like Pol Pot or Hitler fondly, why should their compatriots not suffer the same fate? Does anyone look at Herman Goering or Joseph Goebbels and think "if it wasn't for Hitler, these guys wouldn't have been such monsters?" Of course not. They were pathological regardless and so are a lot of the Republican party which at this point aren't even trying to disguise their contempt for American values and their desire for a fascist takeover. Who is voting for these idiots?

A lot of polls are starting to show people turned off by the schoolroom antics by the front runners and this could lead to a shellacking in the 2016 election for them. The funniest part is that poll after poll in even the most Republican state show that they HATE the idea of further obstructionism on the Supreme Court with even a large majority of them supporting Obama on this. Let that sink in. Mitch McConnell approval ratings have sunk back into the barely double digit range, hovering around 11-15% nationwide because of his behavior. It is also crippling eight close races where Republican approvals are sinking fast. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte are just two of eight vulnerable seats now that shouldn't have been competitive, even a cake walk, but GOP interference is sinking their chances. Way to go Mitch McConnell. Who need Trump to destroy your party when you guys are doing a bang up job on your own.

It is still way too early though to predict victory for the democrats when there are still so many variables to take into account. An economic crash or terrorist attack could swing the dial red, just as whoever the nominee for the left is, Hillary unfortunately it looks like, their pick for VP will make or break them. One of the reasons Liz Warren may not have endorsed Bernie or Hillary is she is waiting for the winner to emerge and ask her to be VP which would be the smartest thing either could do. It would all but guarantee a landslide victory for the democrats as people would come out of the woodwork to vote for a double women team (or a double progressive bill if Bernie pulls out a miracle) with an establishment person and a progressive on the ticket as well as a vote against whoever the other sides goes with, most likely Trump. This scenario could lose them the Senate and even the House and maybe give the democrats enough rope to hang themselves with. This will be their chance to show they can fix things that the other side flamed out when they held all the cards. Why does no one remember that?

It is this level of divergence that is truly frightening in today's society. How can no one remember how bad things were under Bush? Does no one read history to see how awful Reagan's policies were? Some of us grew up under Reagan and while he did do some good, most of his domestic policies were the worst. He should have been impeached for Iran/Contra which had it happened today, especially if Obama did it, the other side would have been sharpening their knives for the execution. The democrats are giant pussies when it comes to this, ignoring Bush's impeachment for war crimes that should have gone through had it not been Pelosi not wanting to get her hands dirty. Meanwhile the Republicans scream TRAITOR for the even most innocuous action. This has to stop.

We have to look back at history not with rose colored glasses but with sober reasoning. Nancy Reagan and her husband were not some conservative's wet dream that ushered a new era of prosperity and peace into our lives. His economic actions bankrupted this country to such an extent that we are still feeling the effects today. His tax plans of trickle down economics, otherwise known as the pissing on you theory, is a proven failure not having worked anywhere on Earth where it has been tried. Corporations and rich people started grabbing all the money they could while telling people not a billionaire that their riches were coming any day now. We've been waiting for that fantasy for forty years now and at least people on the right are tired of hearing it, thus the rise of Trump. There is no economic recovery and there plan will not usher one in anytime soon. Trump for all his faults, is better than anyone else on the right for recognizing that.

Nancy Reagan started that crap "Just Say NO!" action which helped lead to more and more draconian laws that were cruel and unusual for drug users. Worse, we spent trillions of dollars doing this abstinence only program. The end effect has been zero. And, millions of people, mostly black and Hispanic have lost their lives over it these past few decades. Thank Nancy for that. You helped kill more black people than Hurricane Katrina, Papa Doc and diabetes combined. On top of that, you helped destroy minority families by incarcerating tens of millions which we the tax payers got to subsidize.

Here's the kicker: if we had just legalized pot in the first place and decriminalized the rest, we wouldn't have a black lives matter movement, we almost certainly would have created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and raised tax revenues rather then depleting them. We know this because in places like Portugal, this is exactly what occurred. Instead, we spent a fortune that worked every bit as well as sex abstinence programs which studies show lead to HIGHER teen pregnancies.

Because of legal weed in some states and medical in others, Mexican drug cartels are shipping less into the country and losing a lot of money in the process. Isn't that what we should be doing? We know from history that legalizing alcohol again destroyed the mob's power that they never fully recovered ever again. Arresting people just creates a vacuum. The new El Chapo is out there as long as there is money to be made. Get rid of the supply however by taking it for yourself, and eliminate them once and for all. But that makes way too much sense for our idiot, greedy politicians who are making a fortune off our backs because of this. Nancy Reagan was every bit as bad as her husband and I for one am glad the old bag is dead. I just wish she could have taken someone like Mitch McConnell with her.

Then there is Colin Powell who came out and called the current GOP candidates childish and immature. Whatever this man's opinion is matters not one whit to me. My parents knew Colin Powell and have met with him many times. They say he is intelligent and personable. I also think he is a traitor to this country who should be behind bars for war crimes. His lies to the UN convinced me that invading Iraq was a good idea. While I hated W., I also knew Powell to be a man of honor and would never lie this blatantly to the American people, so I backed it. I was wrong and this asshole was responsible for it. Almost everything he said was a lie. So his opinion means squat to me. He should just go away and like Nancy Reagan, I will dance when this fucker dies.

We should celebrate when some atrocious individual goes belly up. Scalia was a human stain on the Supreme Court who single handedly destroyed this nation with his rulings and fostered an incompetent president on us for greed and power. Nancy Reagan helped kill and ruin more black people than any gun violence stat could. And Colin Powell broke the world with his lies. We need more people willing to tell the truth, thus the rise of Sanders and to a lesser extent Trump. These career pathological liars, on the other hand, have to go.

Vote Bernie and Trump in all upcoming elections. There is no other choice. And then pray Bernie wins for all of our sakes.

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