Sunday, March 27, 2016


You wouldn't know it from watching the news, but Muslim extremists have killed or injured nearly three thousand people over the last three months, mostly fellow Muslims. Today, 200 perished in Pakistan. Yesterday it was 25 at an Iraqi soccer stadium and 26 dead at a security checkpoint in Yemen. Three days previous it was the Brussels attack. And that's just recently. Other than February where there were zero attacks anywhere for some inexplicable reason, January had an attack almost every day somewhere. If you read some studies, Latinos, left wing groups and Jewish extremists kill way more people than Muslim terrorism. That is quite simply not possible unless you make the definition of terrorism something it isn't. Muslim terrorists are killing people in mass numbers world wide and no group is even close to them. And it's getting worse. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Death- Comedian Garry Shandling died this week at the rather young age of 66 from a massive heart attack. Thanks a lot death. Bill Cosby is a million years old and begging for sweet release and instead take someone funny and kind. I am positive no one would have missed some like Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson or Tom Green. Was there no one else you could have taken from the wide world of comedy who would have been more deserving?  Fuck you death. Just Fuck You!

9)The Tay AI bot- Google unleashed a new AI program designed to talk like a 14 year old girl. And then they unleashed her on Twitter and Facebook. You can guess what happened next? Designed to mimic human activity, she lasted all of an hour before becoming something horrific. She started with a tweet about how Bush was responsible for 9/11 and then went further down the rabbit hole into a litany of anti-Semitic and genocidal prospects. Good job guys. I don't know which is worse. The fact that the AI become a deranged Holocaust denier real fast or that it got it from our collective psyche. Either way, it does not bode well for our future.

8)Ten Cloverfield Way- I haven't been this torn on a movie since Halloween 3. I remember waiting that whole movie for Michael Myers to show up and he never did. And while I liked the movie, I couldn't help feeling ripped off none the same. If they had called it Season of the Witch and not Halloween 3, I would have been fine with it. But by calling it Halloween they made it into something it wasn't and felt like a cash grab more than anything else. I felt the exact same coming out of this film. While it was a very good movie, it had NOTHING to do with the 2008 film Cloverfield. Nothing! So why call it that if there is nothing tying the two projects together? Money and tricking people to see something it wasn't. Fuck you JJ Abrams for this. I won't forget it.

7)North Carolina Police at Trump Rally- North Carolina has not had a good few weeks. More on their idiocy and soon to be not elected governor later in this column, but for now let's turn back the clock a few weeks to a Donald Trump rally gone wrong. An old redneck, John McGraw, elbowed a black protester as cops were leading him out of the venue. And the cops, in their infinite wisdom, did nothing to the guy who attacked him, arresting the protester instead. All of this was caught on tape, and the public cried for blood which they unbelievably got. All five cops were disciplined immediately afterward, with three getting demoted and with it, the end of their career. Once disciplined like this, no one ever gets promoted and you have a permanent black mark on your file. Whatever station they are in, that's it for them. The other two who were suspended have some chance of advancement but their culpability was far less than the three whose career just hit a wall. Way to go guys in adding just one more black eye to a police force most of us fear and hate.

6)Emory College- Just when you think Millennials can't get any dumber, then this comes along. Some student wrote Trump 2016 in chalk around the Emory College campus and you would have thought he was strangling puppies on TV. Students freaked out, saying they needed counselling because "they feared for their lives," and demanded the culprits be found and, most likely, hung from the highest tree on the quad. All for a Trump support statement written in the Earth's easiest form of communication to erase. What is wrong with these brats? They do know the real world is going to eat them up right? None of these little bastards will last one day in an office when the boss yells at them for something trite, which happens all the time. Grow the fuck up!

5)Rashad Turner and BLM- I'll say it again for the cheap seats: I agree in the prime mission of BLM but fucking hate the way these assholes go about it. This latest stunt is beyond belief because once again we cannot have a rational discussion about anything if race is constantly thrown in our faces for every perceived slight. This time a teacher, Theo Olsen, in St. Paul is fighting for his job for a post in which he complained that his kids were unruly little pricks who never listen and are just readying themselves for prison. He is not alone in this as I have talked with several teachers across the country who have either left their job or are seriously thinking about it because of it. When kids have no fear of punishment, what reason do they have to obey? And because of this, see the above paragraph to where it leads to: a generation of children not equipped to deal with modern society and a lot headed for the Big House, race aside. Turner is screaming RACIST at the top of his lungs and he is totally wrong as the quote in question never mentions race once. The only person implying race is Turner who says the quote "school to prison pipeline" is racist." Except it isn't as I know plenty of white guys in prison for the exact same reason. Crappy schools are NOT just inner city problems. Rural white schools are no better in a lot of ways, just with far less violence. That is not racist but fact as inner city schools are more prone to violence than any in Appalachia and those are some of the poorest people in the country and mostly white. Our school system is broken like everything else and idiots like Turner are making it worse by failing to recognize the problem is bigger than racial.

4)Ted Cruz and Donald Trump spat- What a week these two had. If you were trying to lose the general election versus Hillary (or a slight possibility for Sanders who has won five of the last six contests and has eaten into her lead) then this would be a prime way to do it. After a grade school spat about who's wife was more fuckable, the National Enquirer ran a story claiming Ted Cruz was a serial adulterer with at least five women. Because the Enquirer did such a shitty job pixelating the woman in question, all five were outed almost immediately. And while three of the them are questionable due to close ties to the Trump campaign, two others may actually be true. Marco Rubio tried to get this story advanced for weeks and it is only coming out now, most likely to derail Cruz once and for all (the Inquirer editors are Trump supporters). There is allegedly tape to prove some of the details accurate and it is likely that this will convince some not to vote for him. It's still all sleazy in a presidential run besieged by it.

3)Washington Times- After one reporter did his job too well, Drew Johnson was fired for confirming two of the women being accused of cheating with Ted Cruz was accurate. WTF? To make matters worse, the newspaper then went on to deny he even worked for them, unaware that there are back issues out there, not to mention paychecks, that confirm the Times is lying. The job of any reporter is to find out the truth where ever that may go. Apparently the Times is just like most MSM which only wants to report the news it likes. Fuck this newspaper and the editors who work there.

2)North Carolina and Georgia anti-gay laws- This is just getting ridiculous. Much like trickle down economics, a proven failure, the governors of these two states just decided that discrimination against the LBGT crowd is far more important than the tens of thousands of jobs each state stand to lose and billions in lost revenue. North Carolina went first with their anti gay, minimum wage killing bill, all but guaranteed to bankrupt the state. Way to go. As a result, every major corporation there has come out massively against it. Even worse, Marvel, Disney, the NFL and the NBA have all said they will not be filming there or holding upcoming tournaments if this law continues. The governor, Pat McCory is up for reelection in November which now looks like an issue if this continues. How do you win when six billion in lost revenue disappears along with the state economy? Georgia is looking at a similar bill but is looking at what happened with their neighbor, along with the failed law in Indiana, before signing it which is good. The Walking Dead said they will take a hike if this passes along with Marvel, Disney  and 21 other companies that may leave because if it, including TBS, Delta and Coke. This will turn Georgia into a third world country over night. Think long and hard before signing that bill Georgia because in doing so, you'll be living in a world that resembles the Walking Dead instead of having it filmed there.

1)Muslim Extremists- These guys are on a tear lately. Over the last few months they have killed thousands and wounded many more. Most you don't hear about because they take place in Muslim countries and our MSM would rather discuss Kim Kardashian's latest haircut or some equally stupid story. The big story covered was the Brussels's attack, and that's only because it affected Europe and the US. Most never heard about the soccer stadium bomb yesterday or today's huge death toll of 200 dead in Pakistan. Much like BLM,we need to come together instead of insulating ourselves from one another. We need to leave religion behind as an archaic device for frightened people centuries removed from modern life. I have a feeling a lot of people who live in places like Pakistan would agree. But they are going to have to fight to get that. If they don't start attacking Muslim extremists in all forms, like we do here with our Christian extremists, then there is no hope going forward. We don't treat the Westboro Baptist Church with anything but total disdain. If they started killing people, they wouldn't last the week. Muslim countries have to start doing the same. If someone goes too far, call them out on it. And if they try violence to counter your argument, wipe them from the Earth,. Burn their mosques, destroy their parishioners and end this madness. It has to be up to you. The end result is one of these assholes gets a hold of a WMD, kills tens of thousands, and then the genocide against your people begins and nothing will be able to stop it at that point. You are fighting for your survival. Ignore this at your own peril. So congratulations Muslim Extremists you are indeed douche bag of the week.

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