Sunday, March 20, 2016


If you are a die hard Republican I am guessing a lot of you are pulling your hair out. Between the Trump supporters beating anyone who gets in their way to Mitch McConnell's obstructionism to several Texas lawmakers that are blatantly racist and proud of it, the numbers suggest something dire. Over the last few weeks, several elections that should have been solid red are now turning blue in greater and greater numbers. Regardless of the big turn out from the GOP side you keep hearing about in the primaries, this may be dwarfed by the electorate when the election actually happens, losing them the Senate and even perhaps the House. Way to go guys. Keep up the lousy work. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Otto Warmbier- The college kid on the worst Spring Break vacation ever broke down in tears when it was announced he would spend the next 15 years breaking rocks for the North Korean government. Awesome. Dumbass got caught on video stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel and immediately became a pawn of the state. First off, for anyone even thinking about going to North Korea, don't. Why go to a country known for oppression, anti-American sentiment and rampant paranoia? They have beaches everywhere you know. Enjoy your prison time idiot.

9)Jared Fogel- This pedo douchebag got the crap kicked out of him in prison because that's what happens to these guys all the time. They serve their sentence in medium security prison, which means this not a place of the warm and fuzzy types and they love beating up child molesters. It scores them points with the other inmates. It also turns out that without Subway, he's back to eating whole boxes of Little Debbie and has put on 30 pounds since going in. To be honest, I don't know who has it worse, Fogel or Warmbier.

8)Carol- Just watched the Big Short again and can't believe how great a film it is. Trumbo, for which Bryan Cranston got an Academy Award nomination, was far better than I thought it would be. Then came Carol, one of the most over rated boring pieces of nonsense I have seen in some time. This film was dull, dull, DULL. Two women, one older, one younger, fall in love in 1950's America. That's the whole film. From that one sentence, you can extrapolate every single thing that happens the entire film. There are literally no surprises at all. As a matter of fact, you have already seen this movie before on shows like Mad Men and Masters of Sex, only done way better. How did this get any Oscar nods for anything beyond costume or set design (which was very good)? This was a terrible film that robbed some much better actresses out of Oscar nods. Between these two, Mara and Blanchette, along with Jennifer Lawrence, three spots should have gone to someone else. I am sure there was at least one minority woman better suited than these terrible picks.

7)Madonna- This woman is having a full melt down on stage almost every night of her tour lately. She has shown up way late, to half empty arenas, drunk and belligerent, slurring her way through songs while bitching about her ex husband, Guy Richie, and their son together who wants to stay the hell away from his insane mother. These outbursts are not helping, Most recently she pulled the top off of a 17 year old female fan, said something about sexual harassment and then told the girl she could do the same to her, which she thankfully didn't, as no one wants to see a woman's breasts in her late 50's, especially Madonna's. The fan was not fazed by the action, which was the best news Madonna would get as otherwise that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. This bitch has lost it.

6)Gawker- This week, the website lost a $155 million lawsuit filed by Hulk Hogan for putting up a stolen sex video of Hulk Hogan and his friend's wife. First off, who the hell wants to see Hulk Hogan naked? I can go through life happy knowing that I don't have that knowledge. And why would Gawker air a tape they got through fraudulent means? They do know stolen means STOLEN, not legal to do with as you please. This may put them out of business. Good.

5)Liberal Protestors- You guys are not helping. This week, these hippies decided to block a road leading to a Trump rally, making lots of non-Trump supporters mad as they just wanted to get home or to work or wherever. And disrupting the rallies inside is just going to get you beat up, not to mention a little dickish and anti-first amendment. Trump has a right to speak and you have a right to protest, but doing it OUTSIDE the rally is smarter where you can loudly berate any idiot coming or going. Stop helping their cause by making you guys look like the assholes.

4)Banks- The banks are fucking us again. All the signs that pointed to an epic collapse are pilling up again, just like in 2007, not that economists or the MSM have told us. They are using sub prime auto loans, renamed CBO's and other accounting tricks to steal billions of dollars from us every day. And sooner than later, this whole house of cards is going to fall down again and this time, it is going to be far far worse. Three of our major banks bought over a trillion dollars in derivative debt from the fading Deutsche bank, which may be insolvent soon. By doing this, if they fall, the derivative market exposure won't be catastrophic. However, if some other unforeseen action happens like another housing crash, we'll be stuck with that unmanageable debt and the end of our economic system. This is another shell game that eventual is going to backfire on all of us.

3)Trump- He is becoming more and more Hitler-esque by the day. His rallies are becoming violent with a black Trump supporter beating the crap out of white protester caught on video. Now mind you he was dragging an American flag while wearing a KKK hood, but that still doesn't give you a right to stomp someone. This is America where free speech, even offensive speech, is protected. Even for some idiot asking for a beating. Trump is dividing this country and ultimately the GOP. Sadly, he's the best thing going right now to burn this system down.

2)Mitch McConnell- Turtle man is going to lose a lot of races if he continues to be the obstructionist he is. His no hearing stance is showing to be mighty unpopular and may be dragging races the GOP should have won into losses. More on that later. But between him and Orrin Hatch, their logic is no hearings, unless Clinton wins and then they will honor an agreement to the nomination during a lame duck session. So what they are saying is we want the people to have a voice in the Supreme Court nomination, forgetting they already did by voting for Obama twice, unless we lose in November and then we want to pick the judge over the people. Fuck off comes to mind. If they don't nominate someone by November and Hillary wins, along with a big Senate takeover, the Democrats will take Merrick off the table and nominate someone like Liz Warren, the gayest, blackest person they can find, or, my personal favorite, Barack Obama. How great would that be if the right had to deal with Obama for the rest of his life? I may not like the guy a lot but this would make me happy. Mitch McConnell is sending the GOP into a tailspin with his very unpopular obstructionism.

1)Republicans- The numbers are coming out and over the last two weeks they are starting to look very, very weak in a lot of elections coming up. Here in NH, there has been a barrage of ads attacking Kelly Ayotte and tying her to McConnell and Trump at every minute over the Supreme Court nomination. Even worse, her opponent is current governor Maggie Hassan, who won big two years ago and is expected to upset Ayotte. Mark Kirk of Illinois is going up against war veteran and double amputee, Tammy Duckworth. Chuck Grassley is fending off current LT. Governor Patty Judge. And even John McCain is neck and neck with his opponent. There are 12 races too close to call or leaning blue. Only two democrats are in that range and one of them is Harry Reid's retirement which Sharon Angle is running again for even though she lost badly the last time she tried and is quite insane. That one could definitely stay blue if she is the nominee. The Democrats only need five seats to get back the Senate and that is very do able. If the Republicans have a meltdown, however unlikely it may be, the left could have a sizable, even an unbeatable majority. And in that scenario Judge Obama is not so out of the question. Their inability to attract independents other than for Trump spells doom for the party, now on their last legs. This group will not survive intact beyond November and that could be good news for us all. The fact that the House went from eight seats vulnerable for the GOP to 18 over the last few weeks does not bode good tidings for them. They are losing support for many Americans turned off by their childishness attitude and their base will suffer for it. So congratulations guys, you are killing yourselves and are indeed douchebag of the week,

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