Thursday, March 17, 2016


A recent study came out that showed the best and worst places to live on the planet. The results are hardly surprising. The 10 best are ALL democratic socialist ones, otherwise known as the same countries Hillary and the Republican party keep telling us suck hard. I have even come across some spoil sports that may or may not actually live in these places to bitch how bad it is. But it would seem that most of these places a majority of people are happy. The US did finish 13th, which isn't bad, and let's face it, there are far worse places than here. On this particular list, every single one was in Africa. That is no surprise as there is no country in Africa that is particularly well run. So explain to me why places like Canada and Denmark stink and instead we should be leaning towards being like super corrupt ones on the Dark Continent? Because that is where we are headed.

Tell me Trump and Hillary don't both remind you of some two bit African dictator bent on power. That is EXACTLY why both of these retards are running. At least Bernie is doing it for a form a self sacrifice and not blatant self interest but the lazy Millennials sat this election out, even though their self interests are at stake, and black people just voted themselves back into slavery, along with the rest of us. Thanks, guys. The end result from all of this ends badly no matter how you slice it.

Hillary will be the next President, barring some unforeseen circumstances and assuming Trump runs uncontested.. She has the black vote completely sewn up, more than half the women, at least 75% of Hispanics and 80% of young voters. White men will probably go Trump but the above demographics will dwarf that electorate and there is no guarantee he will get even a majority of that vote across the board. There is a strong possibility that Hillary, if she picks the right VP like Sanders or Warren, could be an unstoppable force and not only get back the Senate but the House too as Republicans stay home in droves and Democrats run to the polls. This is not impossible. This would erase a lot of her negatives, and as Hillary is all but certain to raise well over a billion dollars from pretty much every sane democrat, as well as establishment sponsors desperate to keep the status quo, she would obliterate her opponents in a flood of negative ads that would drive a stake through Trump's heart. There is no hope for the Republicans in this scenario, effectively destroying the GOP for years, possibly forever.

However, this is only one scenario, of several, but barring a terrorist attack, Hillary's arrest or an economic meltdown, I see little hope for Trump beating anyone in the general election. The numbers just are not on his side and the Clinton war machine is a formidable one. If Trump has anything to hide, they will find it and who thinks he doesn't have some big skeletons in his closet?

This is why the GOP is in panic mode because they can read the tea leaves just like me. Thus the talk and hope of a brokered convention, which is still a real possibility. I have been reading up on the rules for this and there are ways to get around even the first ballot rule if they decide to go that route. Delegates are supposed to vote the first round for whoever they originally voted for. But due to byzantine rules and some clever reading of the bylaws, there is a way around that that is way too complicated and boring to describe here. The point is if they can steal the nomination away from Trump, they will due to the fact that the party is coming across at the seams and they know it.

The sad part is that genie is not going back into the bottle. The lower class has finally wised up to the GOP lies and have said in one loud voice ENOUGH! A lot of people aren't voting Trump because they believe in him. Some are doing so because he's the best chance to end everything and be done with it. In other words, some people want the world to end and I can't blame them. We keep hearing how great the economy is and how the only reason we don't have more money is all our fault and being lazy. The truth is there are no jobs that pay anything anymore and education does not guarantee employment but it does give you a house mortgage sized loan to pay off while working at Chuckie Cheese, which you could have done before the giant debt you now possess. I know people getting their Masters and PHD's and their job prospects are not great. We can't keep shipping all our jobs overseas and then wonder why no one is working or has any money.

The end of every civilization follows a predictable pattern: apathy, anger, revolution. We are headed full force for the last one regardless of who wins this November. What is certain is that the path there is going to be a rocky road. Trump supporters ARE going to riot regardless of what Trump says if he doesn't get the nod. There is equal likely chances for riots by minority groups if he DOES get the nomination. You see the dilemma here and a damned if you, damned if you don't scenario. There is a good reason the Cleveland police department is gearing up for trouble at this year's RNC convention there. There is going to be trouble regardless of how this plays out.

No matter what move the Republicans do, all roads lead to chaos, short of either a secret plan or a terrific coincidence and even then, success is not guaranteed. What is certain is this is the last election the GOP stays together. It will fracture spectacularly after the convention as it can no longer house as many disparate beliefs anymore. The democrats face similar prospects but not nearly as much, and if Hillary is smart, and she certainly is, she will pick a good progressive on the ticket to cement her win. At least if Bernie is there, he can still force the situation further to the left, even if in a diminished capacity. It would still be better than any Republican sinking us back to the Stone Age.

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