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The Republican party got a huge wake up call this week and learned nothing nothing from it. You will notice that James Hodgkinson is NOT on the list. There has been a lot of misinformation about this guy this week. He wasn't insane and, contrary to the usual crap news, was never convicted of "domestic battery" as the actual story had more to do with an overprotective father manhandling a rebellious daughter and NOT spousal abuse as was alleged. This was a guy fed up with Republicans and I for one can't blame him. The GOP has a boot on our throat and they are telling us to chill. Fuck that. If Mitch McConnell gets that awful health care bill somehow (not likely at this point) tens of thousands will die and the entire system will collapse within three years. When old people's health insurance becomes as high as 300% of their total income (which is what will happen if you live in Alaska or Hawaii), what do you think people are going to do? They are going to shoot people like Mitch McConnell and contrary to what our retarded public thinks. the left has guns too. And if everyone's health care sinks, both sides of the aisle are going to have murderous rage. The Republican party is trying to kill you. Wake up to that absolute fact. Let's see those runner ups that this week had to be dialed up to 11.
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11)Michelle Carter- A teen who defines the word resting bitch face was found guilty of convincing her suicidal boyfriend to finally do it. What kind of monster talks someone into dying? I hate Republicans and even I would rather not see them dead but in prison, which would be far worse and way more funny. Even worse, two of my ex-girlfriend killed themselves by suicide, mind you years later after I ruined them for all other men and that's why they died (I know that's not the real reason but I can stroke my own ego). Had I known, I certainly wouldn't have convinced them to do the deed, even though they both broke my heart at the time. I am not evil. This bitch, on the other hand is and has one of the most sour pusses I have seen. She now faces 20 years in prison. That's funny.

10)Otto Warmbier- The North Koreans let the 22 year former college student return to the US in a sign of goodwill and signs of a lasting peace between the two nations. Of course that didn't happen. Otto came back but in a coma and from one in which he will never recover from. The worst part is he did ALL of this to himself. Dumbass was touring China when a tour group convinced him it would be an adventure to go to North Korea which he and his friends did. Allegedly he stole a poster but the footage is so grainy it could be anyone. Didn't matter because he was tried and convicted and sent to the gulag for hard labor. It is not surprising he didn't survive as I have read dozens of books and papers on what goes on there and it's horrifying. His father was pissed at Obama for not doing more but what was he supposed to do? Should we got to war because your son is an idiot? Hardly, he knew what he was doing and the price for it. If there is one thing we should install in ALL Americans it's one simple statement: NEVER go to North Korea for any reason. If you do, our government will tell you that you are on your own. Moron.

9)Megyn Kelly- Jeff Zucker ran CNN into the ground from which it is only starting to recover. NBC than decided that he would make a great President which so far, he hasn't. Their sitcoms have been toilet water, with the so unfunny Powerless at the top of that heap, along with such doomed from the start shows as Aquarius, the Blacklist spin-off, Redemption, Chicago Justice, Emerald City, and a few others that were so bad they never even made it to air. So hot on the heels of some high priced failures, Zucker decided to hire lightweight interviewer Kelly, whose interview with Trump cemented her status as a shit reporter. Her debate questions sucked and even on Fox she wasn't the greatest reporter, once claiming that Jesus was white and there was no debate, even though Jesus WASN'T white and anyone with a brain knows that. The image everyone knows as Christ is actually an actual warrior king who may have slept with his own sister. Let that tidbit sink in. For some inane reason, she is interviewing Alex Jones tonight. I have a few problem with Jones, like calling Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing hoaxes, but some of his stuff is not wrong. The problem here is you have a former Fox News host who peddled Republican crap on a regular basis now interviewing someone the left sees as the devil. Not wise and this may be the death knell for this show as any left leaning person is not going to watch this. Her ratings were already terrible, but this week may be it for her. Way to go Zucker. Anymore bright ideas loser?
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8)Deray McKeeson/Minnesota police department- BLM has shit the bed at this point. Their actions are directly leading to the end of our civilization. Are black people being shot by cops though? Way to often. Even worse, in the case of the Minnesota police department, the shooting aftermath of Philando Castile was captured on tape showing a near hysterical officer and a calmer than I ever though possible black woman watching her boyfriend die. If that was me, I don't know if that cop wouldn't have had to shoot two people when my fiance would have lunged for him. Because our jury system is crap (Bill Cosby is another example of jury idiocy), the cop walked. Trial by jury needs to go. Our justice system will be better without it. But wait, how can you agree with BLM on this but still be on the list you ask? Because it's not just black people getting shot by all races. We are being told this by a less than on honest media which seems to be directly conspiring to keep us separated. And because black people ONLY seem to care about their own, their inherent racism against whites is keeping them from actually getting justice. Worse, if I hear one more person of any race use the words "cultural appropriations" I am going to hit them very, very hard. This is how societies operate. It's why this country is called the melting pot. It is the single most unamerican thing to say and I won't have it. Here's the funny part, if you come across some idiot screaming about this, see what he/she is wearing and if it is not some ethnic garb, tell them their clothes are cultural appropriations and only by either getting naked or wearing the proper wear can their point be taken seriously. Also remind them that they can never eat almost anything every again as most food is taken or altered from the original country sources. Have fun being naked, cold and hungry for your beliefs.

7)Bachelor in Paradise- Herpes Island had to be shut down this week after a girl was raped in a hot tub by another contestant as the cameras rolled and the producers said keep going. Yuck. The entire series, including the Bachelor and it's female counterpart were nothing more than PG-13 orgies cut to commercial TV length. This is why society is ending. Even a casual perusal of this show leads me to believe that even the smartest person, if they appear on this show, actually is quite stupid and led by hedonistic desires rather than bettering mankind. If that doesn't sum up our existence I don't know what does.

6)The London high rise fire- First off, let me just say, that building is still standing making it another in a long line of skyscrapers that gave been gutted by fire and didn't fall, which makes the 9/11 story even harder to swallow. That aside, it turns out that the building was coated in what was environmentally friendly materials that also apparently were highly flammable. Worse, there didn't appear to be any working fire alarms or sprinklers. Oops. The fact that this was low income housing can not be lost and echoes what I have been telling people here. The conservatives worldwide are trying to kill you. In London, they have figured that out and current beleaguered PM May is thankful England doesn't have the amount of guns we do because I have a feeling someone would have shot her by now. She is so unpopular that they are really afraid of mass rioting breaking out. The world is set to broil.
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5)Newt Gingrich- Someone tell the Pillsbury Doughboy's dick father to go the fuck away already. I have HAD IT with Republicans this week contracting themselves like this moron does regularly. Assmunch had the gall to say no president can EVER be guilty of obstruction of justice, a sentence so stupid a three year old must have said it. For a fucking historian, he certainly doesn't know anything about the subject, even history he was PART OF! Not only is that crime listed in the Constitution, almost word for word as has been repeated forever, he himself presided over the charges he leveled against then president Clinton for exactly that. Fuck off Newt and take your mannequin wife with the crazy eyes with you.

4)Dan Coates/Mike Rogers - It was revealed this week that these two ass clowns LIED to Congress when they appeared under oath a few weeks back. That is a CRIME! Because we have had so many lie to Congress with impunity, their power has been effectively diminished, If you are called in from of Congress and just refuse to answer questions, they can no longer use contempt of Congress as a crime anymore. All you have to do is point out false testimony from half a dozen people these last six years and not one was punished for lying to them. Just use the 14 amendment and they can't touch you. Way to go morons.

3)Trump- Trump was officially investigated for obstruction this week and that still didn't get him the top spot. Now his lawyer is denying all of this, but named sources have come forward to say he IS under investigation, so obviously the lawyer is lying. Shocker. The walls are closing in as Trump already admitted to obstruction of justice on camera so I don't understand how everyone is shocked by this turn of events. Chances are good, he won't last the year at this rate.

2)Jeff Sessions- The evil munchin had a shit week and it just got worse when he testified in front of Congress. His terrible answers, including a bunch of bull about future executive privilege which isn't a thing, may have been what caused Mueller to start looking at the president officially. Sessions answers as to why Comey was fired were all over the place and made his boss look guilty of obstruction. Rumor is a grand jury had been convened to look at charges against him, which if true, is bad for the whole administration. He isn't winning any friends by actually wanting to go after medical pot which has a 93% approval rating. Needless to say even the reddest Republican balks at something like that and they did, telling him to pound sand. This guy is the WORST AG ever and considering his past predecessors, that's one tall order. The only good news is that we have finally hit bottom as NO ONE could be worse than his guy. God, at least I hope not.
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1)Mitch McConnell- I FUCKING HATE, HATE, HATE this man. If he got shot last week by Hodskinson I would have applauded. He is without a doubt, one of the absolute worse politicians in all of DC and is trying to convince the world I am right. This asshole is trying to sneak a health care bill through Congress with no debate, no meetings, no public input and no democratic help. Even fellow Republicans are having a fit as they have no idea what is in it. So a bill that covers one sixth of the entire GDP of the country is being railroaded through and may kill tens of thousands if passed. Yeah that won't lead to more Republicans getting shot. Wait a minute, if this does pass and tens of thousands face death, that is EXACTLY what will happen. And contrary to what a bunch of right wing douchebags keep shouting about on line, the left not only has guns too, this bill will affect all Americans regardless of party, most likely hurting hardest those that voted for Trump. If you over fifty, you're health care will be unaffordable. That will play a big part in the election of 2018 if we get that far. The good news is this bill appears to be way short of the votes needed to pass with at least three hard nos and two more likely nos. That's game folks as they can't lose more than two votes total to pass. Even if it did get through, it's passage in the House is even less likely with Scalise out and, hopefully, Ossoff winning on Tuesday. If South Carolinians pick a person who has said she doesn't believe in a livable wage of health care, they deserve whatever hell comes their way. Their lives are at stake and they still voting instead for letting gay people become second class citizens. Priorities people. So fuck you very much McConnell, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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