Monday, June 12, 2017


There are a lot of stories that are not getting the coverage it deserves because Commander Apricot Douchebag won't shut up for two fucking seconds. His constant tweets are taking valuable time away from horrific things occurring that both the public and MSM cannot be bothered with, even though two of the biggest stories could kill a whole lot of people, and this country may be doubly screwed.
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Let's start with the bad health care bill that the GOP is trying to force through before the deadline of September 30th when budget reconciliation laws go away. Rumor is the Republicans are close to a vote that may make it pass but as no one has actually seen the stupid thing yet, it's all up in the air. It is certainly no better than the crappy one passed by the House, but may contain just enough sweeteners to get some of the proponents against it to vote for it instead. States like West Virginia, Ohio and a few others may get some sort of Medicaid waiver that will protect citizens in those states only. If you live in say Texas however, you are going to get fucked. Mind you, none of this is cast in stone as it could still die in the Senate or become unpassable in the House due to changes. But my problem is that all of this is being done behind closed doors and rushed through, which is exactly what they said the democrats were doing with Obamacare, even though they actually didn't. This is passage of a wildly unpopular bill to just get a bill passed. If it does pass, watch out.

The worst case scenario for the GOP is to actually pass this monstrosity. If they do, 2018 will be a bloodbath, assuming that they survive that long. When people start dying and their bills start doubling overnight, people are going to be murderously pissed and there is a 100% chance that some Republican gets shot dead, probably on camera. Those that cower and hide until election day will find no solace when they get voted en masse out of office. There is a solid chance in this possibility that Democrats not only take the House and Senate, they do so in huge numbers. If that occurs, Trump and Pence are toast and than we most likely get President Pelosi which equally fills my heart with dread. Considering multiple videos show her either drunk or senile giving speeches doesn't make me think she would be that much of a step up. However, there is also the possibility that voters will wake up to the fact that this diseased mummy should be put out to pasture and someone will beat her in the primary. I know for a fact I am donating money to whoever her opponent is.
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There is also the possibility of a massive economic crash as signals point to a huge correction on immediate horizon. Home loans have fallen off the map, which means the latest home buying run is being caused primarily by rich people buying property, most likely to act as rental properties and not lived in homes. First time home buyers have been at rock bottom for years now but no one says anything about it. Add on to that student loan debt that is going bad quick, auto loans dying as the market has been saturated and the bad car loans are all coming back to haunt them, aka the 2008 housing market. Because no one bothered to notice that because corporate America has not given any raises to their workers in almost fifty years, tax returns have fallen to catastrophic lows. The main reason we are running out of money is because of unions being decimated instead of expanded, caused by utter morons in unions voting for Republicans who then get rid of their jobs. Brilliant.

The most likely scenario has a massive stock crash sometime this fall. It could be sooner if the FED idiotically decides to raise interest rates later this month, relying on faulty data the government keep telling us. The unemployment rate and inflation are lies and blatant ones at that. Meanwhile the MSM keeps parroting these false facts and then daring anyone to find fault with it. I can add you fuckers. Math is math and facts are on MY side not yours.The inflation rate has been manipulated for years to prevent raises to things like social security and wages. The end result has been the ultimate finality of this country, with many voting for just that. God, people are morons lately.

I watched a bunch of Trump supporters in Ohio say they believe him more than the media which is shocking as almost everything he says is a proven lie. They then went on to still support him, call the Russian investigation a "witch hunt," directly parroting Trump, and say everything is going great right now. They may think differently when their health care bills, which will rise hugely for older Americans, come due. Something tells me their support may wane when they realize they are all going to die as health care will be a luxury they can no longer afford. This is what happens when you vote without understanding the ramification of why.

But again, that might not even matter because right now, happening quietly as there has been little to no reporting about it, but the Middle East is gearing for war and we are caught in the middle of it. Saudi Arabia, most likely pushed by their relationship with Trump, have decided to blame Qatar, where we have a military base, for terrorism, links to Iran and other malfeasance. They have cut off all ties with the nation, imposing an embargo of food and natural gas as other countries like Iran and Turkey strengthen their ties with Qatar instead. Iran is sending warships to protect it's interests which cannot be good for anyone. Sunni and Shia Muslims appear to be headed for the big conflict we all knew was coming. Unfortunately, as we have close ties to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who is also a NATO member, as well as Russian and Chinese involvement in the area, and the idea of a shooting war gets ugly and world war three-ish fast.
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This is bad for everyone on Earth. We are already knee deep in Syria, with conflicting interests from all sides. One wrong shot here and it's game over Earth. The sad part is that war may be inevitable at this point. The reason I say this is that for the first time since the beginning of the last two world wars, people world wide are PISSED about something. It doesn't matter what they are angry about, the fact that the world is set to broil is beyond troubling. Everytime this occurs, war begins and this next war will be out last. Because Trump is destabilizing the planet and his madness apparently infectious, there is little hope we get to the end of the year unscathed.

I told you if you put Trump in office, it would be the end of everything. A lot of you scoffed at that saying "we survived Bush, we'll survive Trump." I am sure the dinosaurs would have thought the same about asteroids, until that one that wiped them out. It's all good until it isn't. And right now, it's not. Whoever gets the laser focus of hate is going to die. Whether it's Muslims, black people or Republicans, one of those groups is going to face a deadly future if they continue down their dark path. Muslims have to enter the 21st century and we as a society have to put clear limits on them like killing people for drawing Mohammed and the use of the burka. Neither are acceptable in a free society anymore. Governments ban religious nonsense all the time, like weed (Rastafarians) or polygamy (Mormons). So why don't we do the same for Islam? Likewise black people better shut the fuck up about calling ALL white people racist because you know what happens when you keep calling people savages? They become savages. You're doing no better making white people racist and there a lot more of us than you. Black people ARE getting a raw deal in a lot of ways but blaming all white people for all your issues is bullshit. As for Republicans, if they pass this health bill, still a real possibility, they will be telling half the country to get busy dying. If that isn't a declaration of war, I don't know what is.

Death and destruction is coming. You voted for it or stayed home, but either way it's the same ending: you're fucked. So if you have an escape plan, get it ready because chances are solid the world will be very different by 2018. This is what you wanted so enjoy America. I am going to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and dream of a better world.


  1. A coming recession? I guess what goes up... But the damned stock market is breaking records and moving into uncharted territory every day. Makes one wonder.

    I've never been good at predicting things but if a recession would drop real estate prices then that might be a good time to buy that house in Florida...

    No, I don't give a shit about sea level rises because by the time it happens I'll be long dead. lol

    1. Maybe not. There is a possibility that a huge uptick in temperatures could swamp low level areas by 2030. Unless you are at death's door, then it WILL affect you in your lifetime. Recessions come every four to seven years. We are on year eight. It's coming.