Thursday, June 15, 2017


Talk about a bunch of pussies. These assholes have spent the last few decades talking about shooting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, lifted common sense gun laws so any psycho can get a gun and then are shocked, SHOCKED, when those same weapons are used against them. WWWWAAAAA! Cry me a river. Here is a prime example of actions having consequences.
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Here's the really funny part: this is just getting started. This country is being taken over by right wing douchebags intent on destroying us all and then act surprised when people who may be true patriots start shooting them. Say what you want about the shooter, James Hodgkinson, by taking out Scalise from voting and if Ossof wins the special seat in Georgia, passing their evil health care bill becomes that much harder. This is good news because if it does pass, tens of thousands will die. Is is possible this guy sacrificed himself for the good of many? Good can do evil to further their cause the same as evil doing good can further theirs. If the health care bill does pass, there is a 100% chance that more Republicans will be shot in similar fashion because that is where we are as a society. When people stop listening, bullets start flying.

We need to stop trying to destroy the planet, but as Republicans keep holding their hands over their ears while screaming "NANANANA!," that seems impossible. Because of this, I truly believe a civil war is coming And contrary to what the right wingers think, the left is not all filled with panty waisted pussies, afraid of a fight. A lot of us have guns too. We just don't masturbate to them. Truth be told, there are actually a lot more of middle of the road people like myself who don't go for the extreme. We will be the ones to smack down a lot of you yahoos who can't see how dangerous everything is getting.

Now we hear from the right that because of Kathy Griffin holding a severed Trump head or the play of Julius Ceaser with Trump as the lead, the left has lost their mind and now are shooting indiscriminately. The truth is none of that had anything to do with it and the constant push to do things like make abortion illegal always, ban gay people from living, take all the money and give to rich people, polluting the earth so we can't survive and removing Dodd/Frank which is why we aren't eating dirt right now is why. Anyone who supports these notions, which means anyone voting Republican right now, are traitors to this country and the planet. How else can I view this? These fuckwads are telling us to get busy dying and stop complaining about it. I have two words for you: you first. If these morons want a war, they are going to get one. Voting Republican is an affront to anyone who holds this country in high regard and should be treated as such. I tell anyone who is a Republican now to fuck off in no uncertain terms. There is no room for negotiation or debate. Your side is an evil entity that is hell bent on the destruction of this country. How else should I view you?
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It's not like Trump and company are making it any easier to not hate him. After weeks of hearing things like WITCH HUNT and HOAX and I AM NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, we find out it isn't a witch hunt and that he is indeed under investigation after all, which after the Sessions disaster in Congress is hardly surprising. Sessions committed perjury, obstruction and contempt of Congress the other day. He lied about the reasons for firing Comey. He lied about not remembering everything short of his first name. He refused to answer questions not bound by executive privilege. That is contempt and he should be brought up on charges.

The sad fact is NO one ever does. A few weeks back Dan Coates has been proven a liar for what he said about not being pressured by Trump to end the investigation has been refuted by people who have said that is exactly what happened. He should be brought up on charges immediately if the rule of law has any say anymore. James Clapper faced a similar non-action under Obama when he lied to Congress about surveillance on Americans. This means precedent has been set and now if you are called into Congress and refuse to answer questions, even though you must, use the same standard they gave to Sessions, Coates and Clapper. I would love to see how that plays out in a court of law but the 14th amendment here gives them the advantage to tell Congress from now on to fuck off. Way to go guys, you just diminished your own power due to petty greed and partisan politics.

Trump is in real trouble and thanks to Sessions, may be facing impeachment sooner or later. Rumor is that a grand jury is being convened to impeach Sessions for lying to Congress otherwise known as perjury. It is also telling that Trump's announced investigation came 24 hours after Sessions testimony which may have inadvertently set the stage for impeachment charges for obstruction of justice. Sessions' reason as to why Comey was fired was piss poor at best and everyone saw it, including Mueller. Trump himself said he fired Comey because of the Russian scandal, which means he admitted to obstruction, yet the spineless democrats act as if he said nothing. The democrats could still lose in 2018 due to the fact that seem even more clueless than the Republicans on a regular basis. However, Trump is the gift who keeps on giving as every single thing that has happened has been his fault.
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There would be no special investigator if he hadn't fired Comey. Trump wouldn't be under suspicion of obstruction if he hadn't given that interview to Lester Holt, compounded by Sessions' piss poor testimony. It's hard to find fault with anyone else when every error is self inflicted.

Trump is dangerous as is the GOP at this point. Understand this, history shows those that side with fascism, which is where we are so headed, don't live long afterward when things fall apart. Actions have consequences, like voting Republican anymore. Go ahead if you want, but if bullets start flying your way, don't cry and whine that you don't know why this happened. When you act like a bully, people push back hard.

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