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I give up America. I don't even have the words to explain just how stupid everything and everyone has gotten. Over the last 24 hours there have been some huge stories, some of which were buried in the avalanche of bad news that seems to happen with alarming, daily regularity. The Democrats lost again and with good reason: they have NO MESSAGE! Syria is now being attacked from all sides and chances for a serious error have multiplied ten fold. Otto Warmbier being an idiot may plunge the world into nuclear war. Lastly, in a story that I have no idea why it isn't bigger news, Hezbollah operatives were found on American soil and planning attacks against both Israeli and American interests. The escalation potential of that ignored bombshell is off the charts, yet the media has said noting and, even more inexplicable, Donald Trump didn't use this story to legitimize his travel ban.
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Let's start with the dumbest story and no I am not talking about Warmbier's insane lack of common sense but the democratic party. We could be witnessing what can only be described as the dissolution of a major party. Jon Ossoff, in a direct repeat of the last presidential election, raised a record amount of money and then proceeded to squander that windfall on an ad campaign and message that resonated with no one. STOP ACTING LOCAL! Democrats keep losing because they refuse to go national in EVERY election. Ossoff barely mentioned Trump, instead of using words he should have like IMPEACHMENT and TRAITOR at every instance. He should have moved toward single payer, which like the rest of the fucking democrats won't accept, instead of pushing for Obamacare which contrary to what the left is saying, IS NOT sustainable and never was. Without price controls on drugs and hospitals, prices will never go down. The far worse Republican plan guarantee a huge price increase beyond what people will be able to afford.

However, the fucking democrats won't say that for some inane reason. Instead they talk in wonky adjectives that Idiot America is too stupid to understand. Keep it simple stupid. Use words like YOU WILL DIE or HUGE TAX CUT FOR THE RICH AS YOU SUFFER and the like. Instead, they give some long winded power point presentation that no one is listening to. Start using fear and emotion instead of facts. They no longer matter and the fact that you have lost every election since 2016 does not bode well. It doesn't help that the democratic leadership are the same fossilized assholes that have done nothing for the party yet keep getting reelected by a retarded public.

Voter turnout sucked again with what appears to be only about 30% of the voters showing up. It's not like the world is at stake or nothing. And it's not like either side showed up regardless of the stakes. You suck America. When everything comes crashing down, which it is going to very soon, we are all to blame for our apathy, our lack of vision and voting to literally kill ourselves rather than those "danged" democrats. Sad.
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But that pales in comparison to the war drums being leveled against well everyone it seems now. Syria became a hot box with the US shooting down a Syrian plane who, depending on what you read, was either attacking rebel forces or ISIS protected for some reason by Americans, which the latest conspiracy is that they are American born. I find that hard to believe but as we have armed terrorists in the past and recently at that, us doing something we know doesn't work wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. It appears to be the Democratic game plan lately. Russia responded that they will start targeting our forced now as well, which could lead to a war if they shoot one down. Russian planes have been hot-dogging over the Baltic, coming within five feet or a reconnaissance plane this week and buzzing another. We in turn shot down an Iranian drone that has also started firing missiles into the region because why not I guess. This whole area is a disaster waiting to happen.

Two things I refused to put to paper this week for fear they would actually come true. One was my fear that Ossoff was going to lose because the Democrats suck at messaging. Check. The second, and even worse, was that the Otto Warmbier death could lead to the end of the world. That is indeed what seems to be going on. If dumbass had just stayed in China or not ripped down the poster he wouldn't have been tortured to death which seems to be what happened. He was most likely given sodium thiopental over and over again (truth serum) probably wanting to know why he took the poster and was he a spy. This went on and on until his brain turned to mush. We would have a better idea if his idiot parents didn't want an autopsy for some inexplicable reason. If that was my kid, I would want to know everything that happened to him, while these two morons seem to have an incredible lack of curiosity on the subject.

Now it seems there are some in the White House whispering attack scenarios into Trump's ear. If this was anyone else, I wouldn't worry. But as Trump has the brain power of an overripe pumpkin, I wouldn't be so sure. One of the things he is debating is a travel ban there. I can't believe one ISN'T in effect right now. No one should be going to North Korea for any reason ever so am I hoping he goes through with that. Another thing I would tell the North Koreans is that we no longer recognize the Geneva Convention in dealing with the country. As foreign prisoners can no longer be trusted to be held in safe conditions, we should offer no assurances to them to ANY North Korean prisoners we wish. If we do have some, and we must, ten should be executed on live TV as a warning. For every one you kill, we kill ten. Blow up a news stand, we bomb a city. There is no such thing as a fair fight in war. Until we realize that, we will never win a war again, which if you noticed, we haven't. We do have to worry though, that as North Korea appears to be prepping for another nuke test, that could be the catalyst to all out war if the warmongers in his office get their way.
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Lastly, here is one of the most under reported story of the year. Two Hezbollah operatives were arrested in NYC this week, planning a major terrorist attack on Israeli and American interests. Ali Kourani and Samer El Debek were arrested earlier this month on conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack. They were part of an offshoot of the group, the IJO, or Islamic Jihad Origination, a world wide version and a major escalation. Hezbollah/IJO has never attacked anyone other than Israelis before and other than an attack in 2012 in Bulgaria against Jewish tourists, they have failed every time including this one. But the fact that this group is now attacking our interests as well ups the ante and makes Palestinians enemies of America. Do you really think it is a good idea that the one nation preventing Israel from just annihilating the Palestinians is now being attacked by those same people? Genocide is coming at this rate when a fed up public, regardless of government intrusion, take matters in their own hand and just start mowing innocent people down, as happened in Britain this week.

Here's the worst news: one was a sleeper agent sent here with the specific purpose of causing the US harm. Kourani was trained as a terrorist since he was 16 and came to our colleges to use our own knowledge against it, getting degrees in biochemical engineering (yeah that can't be good) and a Masters in business management (What?) Debek was a naturalized US citizen who became radicalized and joined in 2008. He was even detained by the IJO for six months fears he was an American spy and he still stayed with them. That's commitment. Isn't this exactly the thing that Trump keeps telling us is happening and the reason for his travel ban? Then why is he NOT screaming about this from his Twitter feed. The fact that Hezbollah is now moving into foreign targets and that they are funded by Iran, which the GOP has a hard on to remove from the chess board, escalates this to another level, like everything else.

Things are coming to a head. The world is readying for war. Trump is tweeting about something stupid I am sure as the democrats hide in their holes, afraid to do much of anything it seems. We are so screwed and we have no one but ourselves to blame. We keep voting in people who will do us great harm because the democrats have made themselves irrelevant. Wonderful. Someone wake me up when the shooting starts.

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