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I've worked for all sorts of news organizations for both TV and print and I can tell you a lot of these people are hard working, good at their jobs and don't get the respect they deserve. That being said I have also witnessed corruption, buried stories, corporate malfeasance and just plain old incompetence. Those all seem to be in full force now, some terrible and some just attacks on our media by a fascist right wing push.
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Let's start with the one channel that, let's face facts, is pretty much the worst news channel on TV. If you think I am talking about Fox, guess again. I know they are party hacks who should get a lot more flack than they do, but no one epitomizes failure like that of CNN. And this week was pretty bad with one story demonstrating a horrendous lack of doing a job even half assed and another, perpetrated by resident alt-right loser, James O'Keefe, whose Project Veritas (Truth? Fuck you!) is at best yellow journalism and at worst, terrorism without the bloodshed.

James O'Keefe is a hack who deceptively edits videos to prove his point. In the past, he eliminated ACORN by targeting them unfairly and used his videos to destroy them. He then went on to attack things like Planned Parenthood, voting booths, and straight out of Watergate, broke into a Senator's office to bug her phones. He got probation for that one. Now, he has videos showing a CNN producer talking to some unnamed individual, illegally taping him by the way, mouthing off about how the only reason the station is going after Trump is for ratings and that is probably nothing more than a witch hunt. Moron. Turns out, this so called "supervising producer" is actually John Bonifield, a producer for health and science out of Atlanta. His opinion in no way means anything as he has no knowledge of what the political wing would be doing, especially as those offices are run out of NY and DC. As someone who worked in places just like this I can tell you as fact, if you aren't in the loop, you don't know jack. And this guy wouldn't know nothing about what was going on in that part of the company. Don't believe me? Think of your job. Do you know everything and every decision made there, unless you are the boss of course? Of course not, and neither did this guy whose opinion is garbage for all  tense and purposes.

But that is was just the tremor before the earthquake when for some inane reason, CNN allowed a story to be published suggesting a Trump aide had nefarious tied to a Russian bank. Great story if it was true, which of course it wasn't. Three reporters were fired from CNN's investigative wing which leads me to ask, who in the blue fuck are you hiring to do these jobs? You NEVER print a story unless you have sufficient evidence that said story is true. Until you have verified it, YOU DON'T PRINT IT! That is Journalism 101. It would be the equivalent if your auto mechanic used milk instead of oil. I've worked as a journalist and still am and I don't put anything on this blog unless I VERIFY it first. The comes just weeks after another retraction involving James Comey and another against Jeff Sessions. WTF? Is anything that comes out of the CNN network accurate anymore? As a result of this massive fuck up, any stories involving Russia and Trump have to approved of at the highest levels. But considering the news across the board, and not just CNN, are woefully inadequate, this means little.
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If you live under a rock, you might have missed this story in which Trump just threatened Syria, Iran AND Russia, because there's nothing like a big World War to disguise the fact our president most likely has a tiny penis. I don't know it for sure and I don't have proof, but allegedly, his penis is really, really small. If you're going to make up fake news, let's at least get creative. This all stems from the chemical weapon attack a few months back that DID NOT HAPPEN! This is not some conspiracy theory that cannot be proven without a doctorate in missile strikes and chemical weapon disruption. Any idiot who can read a weather report will see that the wind that day when Syria allegedly dropped a bomb filled with sarin gas on civilians was going THE WRONG DIRECTION! I don't care how big that bomb was or where it landed, the laws of physics work there like everywhere else on Earth and knowing that, there is zero chance that the story we have been told (and one that changes depending on the country telling it) is accurate. Now the news media must know of all the same things I do: the science by renowned expert Dr. Tom Postol, the investigative report just done by Seymour Hersh and even facts provided by the Russians, who I know we can't exactly trust but their explanation sounds a whole lot more plausible than ours, all tell us this story is a lie. But night after night, I head the MSM tell us that Trump's version is the right one. WHY? Does no one who works in journalism anymore look stuff up to make sure it is right? It certainly doesn't seem that way with all the missed opportunities that they have had and the constant mistakes they keep making,

And then there is the NYT getting sued by poor Sarah Palin, that puts her in both the right and wrong here. A recent editorial alleged that the reason we had a shooting against Republicans at that baseball game was because of Palin, who used gun site cross-hairs over Gabby Giffords and others when she was running, which is why the Congresswoman was shot. None of that was true. Now she is suing for libel. Good luck on that but, more importantly, she did score a big PR win that makes the newspaper look bad. As it was an editorial, and not reported as news, libel will be a hard sell. The fact the paper issued a retraction a day later also works in their favor. But here is the big issue: why was that story allowed to run at all? That should have been fact checked before publication and it obviously wasn't because even a rudimentary Google search would have revealed that column was inaccurate. This is why cost cutting is such a bad idea. I guarantee if we went in and looked at who they don't employ anymore, I would bet hard money that things like managing editors, who would have caught this, or fact checkers, are no longer part of the workforce there. When you get rid of people you need to please stockholders and CEO's bonus pay, eventually the ship sinks when you hit a very small iceberg.
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The media, all media, are lying to you. So is Trump, the Republican party, and the Democrats. If that doesn't depress you, I don't know what will. There is a hard fall coming, whether it be war, which is getting more and more likley by the day in several hot spots (Syria, Qatar and North Korea are on standby for destruction) or economic as we are way overdue for another recession. This next one is going to be really, really bad because they will have no concept how to fix it this time and with people all ready poor and pissed, this could erupt into a civil war. So buckle up everyone. This roller coaster is just getting started.

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