Sunday, July 20, 2014


It was a close race between Hamas and Putin over who could out-stupid the other, but Putin won in the end with the his laughable "what happened?" routine, knowing full well he was ultimately responsible. Hamas was a close second with their classic bit of trying to destroy Israel and then crying foul every time Israel fights back. These skits never get old (picture sleepy-eyes with that statement). Let's see those runner ups in a busy week.

1)Dick Cheney- The should be convicted war criminal (torture, treason, embezzlement, outing a CIA spy) struck again this week when he called Obama "the worst president ever." I may not like Obama, but he wouldn't even crack my top five, which would be in order from 5 to 1, Reagan, Carter, Harding, Woodrow Wilson and then W. Each one of these douchebags did something so heinous it changed this country, and the world, for the worse. Obama sucks but he has yet to destroy the planet. Republicans are doing that all on their own. Cheney, as he was the defacto President anyway, is basically talking about himself. I will dance when this ass finally goes to hell.

2)Megyn Kelly- This woman is capable of great reporting, like when she tore Dick Cheney a new one recently for blaming Obama about the destruction happening in the Middle East, which he had a direct hand in. And then she goes on an ill-informed rant about how Hobby Lobby should have religious rights as the items that they wanted to ban cause abortion. Then she want on to read statements from the FDA to supposedly support her views but in actuality showed she knew less about what abortion really is than most men. It's hard to prove your point when you inadvertently also demonstrate you have no idea what you are talking about. Corporations are not people and have no views, especially religious ones. Why are we allowing this? Because of garbage like this.

3)Femme Fatales- This week saw two women arrested for supremely callous behavior. Shannon Richardson, a small time actress, was sentenced to 18 years for sending ricin laced letters to Obama. Worse, she initially blamed her husband with whom she was going through a bitter divorce. I see why. This led to the information that the government takes pictures of every single letter sent through the system, which directly led to her arrest. Oops. And then there is Alix Richardson, a hooker with a heart of lead, recently on trial for letting a guy die. She and a Google executive did heroin together, and when he OD'd, instead of calling the cops, she stole some of his stuff and left. What a humanitarian. She is also being investigated for another heroin overdose that happened in her home in 2013. I am glad I am happily taken because there are some real psychos out there. I know. I used to date all of them.

4)CDC- You would expect the organization responsible for keeping the deadliest germs out of societies' hands, would be doing a better job at this. This week alone, they found live small pox in an unsecured locker from the 50's, lost influenza samples sent through the mail in a zip lock baggie and accidently exposed over 80 workers to anthrax. How are we becoming more retarded by the second? Is mankind meant to destruct because we cannot stop behaving like infants? Get your stuff together because if you have an accident, we all die. No pressure.

5)Aaron Huntsman- I have a special hatred for CT police. They don't all suck but I certainly found some real winners, like the guy who dragged me through the court system for two years solely on the word of a former friend who was at the time in a mental institution. Or the cop that beat the crap out of two of my friends for no reason and threw them in jail for the weekend. Now comes this idiot, Huntsman, 43, an ex-state cop and now convicted felon. Seems this dick stole money and jewelry from a dying accident victim. He now is going to get two years in prison and no hope of ever returning to law enforcement, assuming he survives his stay. Have fun, douchebag,

6)Bill Gates- This asshole is going to fire 18,000 people while asking for more guest worker visas. This is yet another attempt by the rich to pad the bottom line by getting rid of people who want a livable wage and will hire some foreign shmuck who will work for half the pay instead. Gates is no better than any other billionaire douchebag and this proves it. To quote the Joker: "This country needs a enema."

7)Politicians, citizens and the border- There is so much hate here I do not know where to start. Let's start with the public. We cannot deport them instantly as it is illegal and yes, George W. Bush is to blame as he signed the law in 2008. Republicans do not want to do anything to solve the problem as their base is screaming bloody murder about returning these people "back to Mexico," regardless of the fact that none of these people are coming from there. Democrats, who did try to reach a compromise only to have it thrown back in their face Hamas style, have hardened the other way, reaching out to Hispanic voters for the all important 2014 election. Because of this nothing is going to get done and these kids HAVE to go somewhere. It 's the law and that isn't going to change anytime soon. So stop blaming Deval Patrick and others for acting like a human and imprisoning these children here, which is exactly what is happened. They are not going to our schools. They are not walking free. And they are children. Have an ounce of compassion people.

8)Fed-Ex- Yet another company being accused of something that if a person was, they would be facing serious jail time. Apparently, they are being accused of conspiring with doctors to illegally ship prescription drugs, which kill more people than all other illegal drugs combined. The end result will be at best a huge fine and no jail time, even though their actions almost certainly killed people. Ain't this country awesome?

9)Hamas- Let's get this straight people, Hamas is the aggressor here. They killed three innocent teens and then fired a non-stop rocket salvo into Israel. When Israel returned fire, the world was shocked, SHOCKED, that Palestinians actually died as a result. Why does the world expect every confrontation to end in a short but silly slap fight? People die in wars, especially those asking for it. Israel has been the most patient country on Earth as anyone else would have committed genocide by now. Hamas had a peace deal and spit on it. They are demanding terms for starting this whole fiasco which Israel is under no compulsion, or in the case of the Egyptian border crossing re-opening demand, the ability to fulfill. If the Palestinians want peace there is only one way now: denounce Hamas and recognize Israel. Do that and give up the right to return, which Israel has said will instead provide compensation, and walla, war over. As long as you side with terrorists, you are going to be treated like one.

10)Vladimir Putin- This guy is something. All the evidence suggests rebel forces, with the aid of Russia, shot down another Malaysian airplane this week, meaning that airline is cursed or something. I am not superstitious but you would have to drag me kicking and screaming onto one of their planes any time soon. We know from satellite imagery the rocket was fired from the ground in a rebel controlled area by a soviet weapon. There is footage of these same launchers being moved back into Russia as they perhaps realized the public relations nightmare they are in. RT news, becoming every bit as laughable as Fox news lately, have poured the bull on so thick, one of their reporters quit this week, the second this year over allegations of propaganda news. Putin has stuck to his guns, blaming Ukraine but failing to explain why would Ukraine be firing at any planes when the rebels have no air force? Meanwhile, the rebels have shot down several this week. Right it was Ukraine (see sleepy eyes again). This has led the UK, France and Germany to demand more sanctions against Russia, something the US has wanted for some time. Because of Putin's attitude to all of this, some in Europe are threatening to label Russia a "pariah" state, like Iran, which would devastate their economy. The fact that the BRICS are trying to start an alternate to the IMF and World Bank should not be lost on this either, as Putin's stance now damages their credibility. This is from David Cameron who said: "If President Putin does not change his approach on Ukraine, then Europe and the west must fundamentally change our approach to Russia." This may be a game changer, just like Hamas' recent overreach that could even make things better. Go figure a warlord and a bunch of terrorists may be the best hope for mankind. So congratulation Putin, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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