Thursday, July 17, 2014


In a classic case of overreach, hubris or just bad luck, the three mentioned in the title above are all about to have very bad day. The ground war I have been telling people was imminent in Gaza is now under way. Malaysia lost ANOTHER plane today as it was shot down over the Ukraine, most likely by pro-Russian separatists. And Vladimir Putin looks extra-douchey for arming retarded sheep farmers in the first place. No on is walking away from this unscathed.

Let's start with the freshest story, the attack on Gaza. I listened to many a pundit yesterday demonstrate their complete lack of knowledge about the situation when they kept insisting that Egypt would have to be careful not to piss off the public sympathetic to Hamas and the Palestinians. When protests arose, the new leader, General Sisi would have to respond. The only problem with that prediction is that ignored every piece of info out there right now. Egypt is becoming less militant Islamic by the second and with good reason. When the power was given to the extremists, under the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, things were even worse than under Mubarak to such an extent that the people overthrew him next. The end result is a very public souring on extremist views and, as a result, Hamas has become persona non grata.

According to The Washington Times, Egypt has become a whole lot less tolerant to these idiots as social media has increased awareness over how bad these groups really are. This is what they write about today:

Amira Seif El-Din, a 45-year-old housewife, said she is fed up with militants harming ordinary people to gain traction politically or spread dangerous ideologies that don’t represent Islam.

“Everybody in this region has paid [a] high price because of the spread of terrorism and extremism,” she said. “The problem is very deep.”

Samir Ghattas, director of the Middle East Forum for Strategic Studies, an Egyptian think tank, said that perspective is common in Egypt. Although the vast majority of Egyptians dislike Israel and sympathize with the Palestinians, they think Hamas is provoking the violence.

“Everybody here in Cairo and in many Arab cities knows that Hamas is behind this wave of violence in order to earn some sympathy,” Mr. Ghattas said.

In other words, Hamas crying foul one too many times may have finally let them be crushed by a world getting tired of their nonsense. Make no mistake over who the real victims are here and it is not the poor Palestinians who had their chance for peace. They choose war. Now they are going to see what hell really looks like.

Speaking of being in hell, I kind of doubt Putin doing any dancing anytime soon, not that that stick in the mud appears to be able to doing anything like that. Dumbass gave weapons of mass destruction to a bunch of uneducated dorks. What could possible go wrong? Oh that's right, you gave a Bak Missile launcher to the cast of Hee Haw. That'll work well.

So some yahoo decided a Malaysian airliner, which looks nothing like a fighter jet or cargo plane, fired a surface to air missile at the jet flying at 33,000 feet. I feel bad for the Malaysian Airline CEO who is having a really rough year. I imagine him going to the ringing phone in his office and thinking, "maybe it's something new about our missing jet," only to discover it's about another downed plane. Awesome. The stock for that company is going to be dog food at this rate.

The good news about this is that it makes pro-Russian separatists the bad guys now, which also makes one wonder about false flag potential, which we all know will be all over the Internet faster than a cute, cat video. If the US wanted to make the other side look bad, fire a Russian rocket from their territory at a civilian plane. But that is pure speculation and, most likely, not true.

Putin looks like a giant douchebag anyway you want to see it. With new sanctions being levied upon them, you have to wonder if the whole BRICS debacle going on right now isn't involved with this somehow. They push one way economically, we push back. Ultimately, I don't think there will be any winners in any of this as when push comes to shove, someone is going to kill someone else and then all hell is going to break loose.

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